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official site ghostwriter service au write my paper cell essay research stem buy custom homework competency based resume format cheap critical analysis essay ghostwriting site gb conclusion paragraph for a research paper example cover letter for hr resume sample cover letter application professor copper sun essay college co op cover letter buy expository essay cheap analysis essay Germany is heading for an educational emergency. Education experts have been predicting this for a long time. In an international comparison, we are currently still in the upper middle range, but the gap to the elite is getting bigger and bigger. Because many of the 15-year-olds who are tested every three years cannot even cope with the simplest tasks in the competence fields: reading competence, mathematics and natural sciences. Why is that? Unequal grades and educational standards in the individual federal states, a lack of qualified teachers, ailing condition of school buildings and the non-existent digital equipment of schoolchildren, teachers and classrooms contribute to the fact that pupils can only receive insufficient support.

Teachers should equip pupils with knowledge and skills for the future path of life and support them in their personal development. But how are they supposed to do that if the framework conditions for it are not given and in some respects they are not even trained or further educated in a contemporary way?

Now, during the pandemic, pupils no longer attend school for months. Instead, they have to study at home. But with what result? The consequences of the resulting learning losses are great and will be difficult to catch up.

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And how exactly does homeschooling look like so far? "There is a wide range, from very active schools and teachers to the mere handing over of a weekly task list," says Maik Jorsch-Schuppe, spokesman for the district parents' council in Cottbus, and he further emphasizes: "Various school bodies and other interested parties who" Right to Education «not just paying lip service, but also wanted to help this right to breakthrough, had already called for concepts before the summer holidays last year that could have provided orientation and predictability in the event that schools were closed again. It would have been the duty of the education minister to submit one promptly. "

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In a letter from the Parents' Council to Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke it says, among other things: »Why do some students still do not have a laptop, even though the ministry had promised this support last year and praised itself for it? Our children have a right to the best possible education. Our teachers must be empowered to enable this education. The image that the Ministry of Education has been giving for a year is simply unacceptable. «The Parents' Council urges Education Minister Ernst to resign and to fill this important position with a suitable successor.

The FDP Lausitz joins the call of the District Parents' Council Cottbus for the resignation of Education Minister Britta Ernst. The FDP district chairwoman Laura Schieritz, herself a teacher, explains: “Even after a year of lockdown, Brandenburg's schools are not prepared for pandemic-proof teaching. The digitization of schools has been delayed for years. Unfortunately, any progress in our country is slowed down by the enormous bureaucracy. The DigitalPact School, for example, was an important step. At the current rate of payments to schools, the 5.5 billion will not have been fully paid out until 2049. Above all, it is due to the incredibly bureaucratic funding guidelines. Politicians must finally create the conditions for digital teaching to succeed. "

The right to education is a great good. Because education is crucial for development and personal development. But this right is not only in a state of crisis now. WochenKurier will deal with the problems in more detail in the following weeks and give students, teachers and politicians the opportunity to have their say.