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What is Reiki? Where can i learn?

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Reiki means something likeHealing by the laying on of hands. It is not a religion, a denomination or a cult. Reiki is often practiced by energetics or natural healers, but there are also lawyers, teachers, craftsmen and athletes who have the first or second Reiki degree. I personally had my initiation into a Reiki course for children when I was eleven. And today I want to tell you what Reiki is and how it works. You will also find out who offers Reiki treatments in Austria and how (and where) you are Learn Reiki can.

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What is Reiki?

The Reiki master I learned from hovers anything but three meters above the ground. She is a small wiry woman with consistently red painted lips who drives a blue Beetle and has a crush on America. And during the breaks she didn't feed us children with sunlight, but with gummy bears and yogi tea. The only thing that is "different" about her is the fact that she deals with the so-called energy field: Reiki is a method around this To influence energy field.

By the way: Although this method has been known and practiced for thousands of years, it has only been named since the 19th century Reiki.At that time the Japanese monk attackedMikao Usui the ancient knowledge of energetic vibrations and developed it into an independent method. The original teaching developed by Mikao Usui was called Usui Reiki Ryōhō. The first known Reiki master outside of Japan was Hawayo Takata from Hawaii, who brought the Reiki teaching to the western world.

Reiki - how does it work?

The word Reiki is the union of the Japanese characters for Rei (= the undivided / the universal whole) and Ki (= Life force, life energy), thus designates, as it were, the universal life energy. Conceptually, this roughly corresponds to that chinese chi, the hindu prana and the so-called Energy field.You can imagine this as a subtle level that pervades everything and everyone. Our actions and thoughts do not “happen” in empty space, everything we do and think influences the energies around us.

He who practices Reiki can channel these energies and in this way, for example, ensure that himselfSelf-healing powers and immune defense activate. Reiki is also used to promote health, activate healing processesto achieve inner balance and to harmonize body and soul.

Who can offer Reiki?

From a legal point of view, both commercial treatments with Reiki and training to become a Reiki teacher or Reiki master are in Austriaperfectly legal. The Japanese healing method is not yet represented in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, but practitioners have the opportunity to join the professional association of qualified Reiki therapists (ÖBRT). Many Reiki masters or teachers also practice with a trade license for Human energetics.

What is a Reiki treatment?

The expression is often read in connection with Reiki treatments Reiki massage. However, this is misleading, because a classic Reiki treatment does not involve any massaging movements. Rather, such a treatment is characterized by the gentle laying on of hands at certain points of the body, whereby the Reiki master not only releases energetic blockages, but also provides you with a plus of energy. The Reiki giver acts here as a kind of Medium of life energyflowing into your body through his hands.

Usually an information meeting takes place in advance of such a treatment. Here you can describe your problem (this can be physical as well as psychological, spiritual or energetic) and tell the Reiki giver what you would like to achieve through the treatment. The treatment itself is then often aimed at the seven chakras (Energy centers). These are the junctions between the physical body and the subtle plane.

What does the Reiki treatment do?

A classic Reiki treatment lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and primarily has a deeply relaxing effect and serves to harmonize the mind. The aim of the Reiki treatment is to release blockages. Blockages are problems of the body with the flow of energy.

Many clients report that they feel like they have slept for several hours after treatment. The touch of the laying on of hands is often described as a feeling of cozy warmth, which, however, has nothing to do with body temperature. The warmth is created by the energy that flows through the Reiki Master into your body and directly to the source of the imbalance in order to restore the inner balance. In addition, the Self-healing powers activated, which is why the effects of a Reiki treatment can often be felt long after the actual session.

What should I wear for treatment?

Reiki treatments will belaying performed (you are lying down) and are often supported by relaxing music and soothing scents (essential oils). The temperatures in the treatment rooms are pleasantly warm. You should yourself comfortable clothing Take with you (for example training pants and T-shirt) so that nothing can pinch or pinch.

Vienna: Who offers Reiki treatments?

The costs for a Reiki treatment including a preliminary talk are around between 50 and 100 €. The wide price range results from the differences in quality. Many energetic practitioners or physiotherapists have the first or second Reiki degree and therefore offer, in addition to their other services, also Reiki treatments. However, you should make sure that you are only treated by someone who has the full Reiki power (third or master degree). The following providers of Reiki treatments are available in Vienna:

Reiki training: can I learn Reiki?

In Austria there are still Reiki trainings no uniform standard. It also makes a difference whether you want to learn Reiki and practice it privately, or whether you want to teach other people after your own training. For the latter, you not only need a master's degree, but also a teacher’s degree. Anyone who has the first degree and whose “Reiki channel” has been purified and activated can practice Reiki. With each additional Reiki degree, there is an initiation into further so-called Power symbolsinstead, through which the intensity of the energy work is multiplied.

The Reiki symbols

In traditional Reiki there is four symbolsthrough which the practitioner connects with the life energy. The pupil is instructed in the first three symbols in the initiation to the second degree, the fourth symbol is only passed on in the initiation to the master. There is disagreement among Reiki practitioners as to whether or not these symbols can be written and made available to the public.

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Originally, the Reiki symbols were considered to be Secret knowledgewhich could only be passed on orally to the initiated. For my initiation into the second Reiki degree, Christiane, my Reiki master, drew the symbols on the palms of our students with the index finger and we were only allowed to write them with chalk on a blackboard in order to memorize them. Today, however, the Reiki symbols are multiple printed in books and there is widespread agreement that there are no ill effects in giving access to those symbols to the uninitiated.

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How many Reiki degrees are there?

In traditional Reiki there isthree degrees (or four if the teacher and master degrees are separate). With the first Reiki degree, which children can already do, the “opening” of the energy channels takes place. Actually, everyone comes with us open energy channels to the world. Unfortunately, it is a byproduct of growing up that our innate spiritual abilities are more and more buried over time. The initiation into the first Reiki degree cleanses these channels and brings the energy to the Flow. From this point on, you can transfer the energy to other people, animals and plants by the laying on of hands.

In the initiation for the second Reiki degree you will become in the symbols BE KI (amplifies the energy), CHO KU REI (creates harmony) and HON SHA ZE SHO NEN (overcomes spatial distances, creates the connection for long-distance Reiki). Through this the energy increasesthat you can work with many times over, and you are also able to, too without direct physical contact Giving Reiki. With the third symbol you are even able to give Reiki over unlimited distances.

The fourth symbol (DAI KO MIO) will begin with the initiation into the Master degree transmitted. With this symbol the full power of Usui Reiki opens up to you; it is also a powerful symbol for the meditation.

Where can I learn Reiki?

Just because someone offers Reiki does not mean that he or she can train. Reiki trainings are often in the form of Seminars that sometimes last for two or three days. The Prices are between 200 to 300 € for the first, 400 to 600 € for the second and 600 to 800 € for the third degree. The advanced training for Reiki teacher additionally costs between 150 and 300 €. You can be initiated by the following Reiki masters:

Is Reiki more than hocus-pocus?

Some scientists have tried that in the past To prove the effectiveness of Reiki through studies. It has already been proven several times that the healing of illnesses and the relief of pain were accelerated after treatment with Reiki. However, skeptics argue that in these cases (as with homeopathic medicines) it was always about the effect of the placebo effect. However, there are also studies that want to prove that Reiki promotes health beyond the placebo effect. Out of a total of 13 of these studies, 8 showed that Reikiworks more effectively than placebo.

Conclusion: All in all, there is unfortunately very little scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Reiki.

Here you can register for a Reiki treatment near you:

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