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Trunk volume: The ADAC tests the manufacturer's information

When buying a car, the size of the trunk plays an important role. But do the manufacturer's specifications always keep what they promise? The ADAC checked the trunk volume in a car test of 150 current models - with serious surprises.

  • The manufacturers' measurement methods are different

  • ADAC measured value up to 325 liters lower

  • Premium brands "round up" generously

From station wagons to limousines to van or SUV: Car manufacturers often advertise the size of the trunk - especially for vehicles that have that Trunk volume plays an important role. And the size of the luggage compartment is often the argument for or against buying a vehicle.

The ADAC is therefore reviewing the Manufacturer's information continuous in the autotest. Are the values ​​in the brochures, which are usually in Volume liters are given, actually? The Measured value the automobile club then publishes it in the data sheets of the ADAC car tests - and for 150 current models here.

From station wagons to SUVs: the ADAC check

In general, a comparison of the trunk volume shows that the car models in cheaper segment there are rather minor differences between ADAC measured values ​​and manufacturer information. Car brands with very cheap models such as Dacia usually provide quite realistic information about the trunk volume. The ADAC measured almost the same value on the small SUV Dacia Duster: trunk volume according to the manufacturer 413 liters, according to the ADAC check 410 liters - exemplary.

The situation is different for larger vehicles with more spacious luggage compartments high-priced segment out. It is particularly noticeable, for example, with the SUVs the Volvo XC90, where the difference between ADAC measured value (475 liters) and manufacturer's information (721 liters) is over 240 liters. In addition to Volvo, the information given by German premium manufacturers is particularly striking in the high-priced segment. Both Vans The manufacturer's specification of the VW Sharan stands out: Here the maximum difference in trunk volume between the ADAC measured value (630 liters) and the manufacturer's specification (955 liters) is as much as 325 liters.

Pleasing: With the Limousines shows that, according to ADAC measurements, individual models even offer more storage space than the manufacturer promised. In general, the hatchback or notchback sedans are the differences in the measured values less than with vans or SUVs, where there is often no clear separation between the trunk and the space above.

Those who go on vacation by car often load the trunk up to the roof. Of course, you should then pay attention to the correct load securing: For example, the load compartment must be divided from the passenger compartment by a partition grille. The ADAC has that too roof-high loading Measured: Here the Volvo XC90 in the overview of the SUVs with 1935 liters trunk volume by far the largest volume, in the vans with 2190 liters each the VW Sharan and thus the identical Seat Alhambra.

ADAC measured values ​​are more realistic

The Measurement methods to the trunk volume are unfortunately not uniformly regulated and not binding for the manufacturer. As a result, the manufacturer's information can only be used as a rough guide and is therefore only of limited use when buying a car. The ADAC therefore offers one practical reference when determining the trunk volume. For this purpose, everyone in the ADAC technology center in Landsberg variably adjustable components, such as a sliding rear seat bench, a variable trunk floor or a roller blind, into one uniform position brought.

The Position of the seats For example, a measuring dummy is used to adjust to a driver who is 1.85 meters tall. The trunk comes with Foam blocks defined size (based on ISO 3832). To determine the normal volume of the trunk, this is to the lower edge of the cover or load the roller cover with the foam blocks. If there is no cover, it will be loaded to the bottom of the rear window.

This can be done via the number of foam blocks actual volume of the trunk be calculated. The uniform procedure means that the trunk volume of all vehicles can be compared with one another.

Conclusion: control is better

The ADAC check of the trunk volume shows that the Prospectus information of the individual car models due to the non-binding and thus different measurement methods of the car manufacturers only little comparable are. The measurement methods recommended by the industry associations are also formulated in a relatively general way and do not pay sufficient attention to details such as the exact position of seats or variable trunk floors.

For example, some manufacturers calculate the Spare wheel well under the trunk floor to the trunk volume. Or how high do you measure? If the trunk is not structurally limited at the top, some measure up to the roller blind, the other measure up to the lower edge of the window.

The rear seats can also make a big difference if the vehicle has an optional third row of seats offers: If the third row is folded up under the trunk floor, this reduces the volume. And many vehicles like vans or SUVs these days offer sliding seats in the second row - but moving it inevitably also changes the trunk volume.

Tips for buying a car

  • The manufacturer's information can only be viewed as a rough guide

  • Actually comparable values ​​can be found in the ADAC overview for all car brands and models

  • Check your individual needs and also consider the space requirements for vacation trips

  • During the test drive, try out whether larger objects such as the stroller fit in the trunk

  • When loading the vehicle, always pay attention to the maximum permissible load

ADAC demands on the car manufacturer

  • The information on the Storage volume a trunk must be realistic

  • For better use of the trunk are low loading sills and wide loading openings important

  • Practical detailssuch as storage compartments, sensible trunk lighting and bag hooks should be integrated into new models

Which car is the right one?

If you want to know which car is the right one for your individual needs, you have to consider other aspects in addition to the trunk volume. You can find an initial overview in the ADAC buying tips.

Technical advice: Maximilian Bauer, ADAC Technik Zentrum.

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