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A little village full of fools


1 AD DEADLINE for issues on March 9th: Friday, March 4th until 1pm for designed advertisements until 8pm for classified ads For you as an insert! In our assortment KLEVE GOCH EMMERICH REES KALKAR BEDBURG-HAU KRANENBURG EVERY WEEKEND 8TH WEEK SATURDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2011 OUR TOPICS LOWER RHINE Roland Pofalla comes to the apostolation ceremony Roland Pofalla is a very busy man. Nevertheless, the head of the Federal Chancellery always likes to come to his home country. Now the Federal Minister for Special Tasks spoke at the detachment ceremony of the Sanitary-Heating-Air-Conditioning Guild. Page 6 A feast for the eyes on the Gallic stage. The Sparkmariechen of the Gocher Prinzengarde inspire the prince reception of the NiederNN photos: Theo Leie rhein Nachrichten the fool people with a successful performance. Rudolf Röhrl and the information highway PFALZDORF Armin Rosen is the new pastor in Pfalzdorf Armin Rosen was pastor in a small community in the Westerwald for ten years. Now the Xantener has returned to his homeland and is the new pastor of the Protestant parish Pfalzdorf-Nierswalde. Tomorrow the 43-year-old will introduce himself in an introductory service. Page 19 YOU CAN REACH US Verlag Distribution Small ads 02831 / / / You can find more contacts in the imprint A small village full of fools Every month in many houses valuable energy escapes through the roof. With a suitable system, roof insulation can be carried out efficiently in both new and old buildings. At Teutates: Over 400 carnivalists from all over the catchment area at the prince reception of the NN NIEDERRHEIN. The small village (publishing house) of the Niederrhein Nachrichten has never experienced such a rush. Over 400 carnivalists accepted the invitation to the traditional prince reception. In the logistics center, the tollies and their entourage are greeted by Asterix, Obelix and Co. This time the NN employees dressed up as brave Gauls. You have once again outdone yourself, not only enthuses Christoph Laakmann. The manager of the Kapellener Carnival Community should know. After all, the KKG has been part of the Prince's Reception of the NN (since 2004) from the start. This year they are represented by the princesses Anika I Gehnen and Kira II Schmitz. However, the Xanten child prince couple marched in first. Christian I and Valentina I are accompanied by their pages Tobias and Pauline. The child princes of Geldern enjoy home rights. Roderic I and Lena I spontaneously pick up the microphone and sing their session song Wir sind das Prinzenpaar. Then presenter Obelix, who long ago exchanged his menhir for a microphone, can greet Prince Dirk the traveler. The head of fools of 1. KG Rot-Weiß Borth swings the scepter for the second time. The Rhinberkse Jonges came to the prince's meeting with Prince Lars I, the keeper. At KAG Ossenberg, Princess Angelika, the tender one, has succeeded her husband, who appeared as prince at the NN last year. And the Elferrat St. Ulrich Millingen is represented by Princess Dagmar, the steering party. The delegation of the VFR BlauGold Kevelaer is without regents, but no less welcome. The association headed by President Egon Kammann has been organizing Wind Nässe Michael der Flammende as the youngest Clever Prince of all time in the Gallic village. Pilgrimage of the carnivalists. Fire and flame are the revelers as Michael the Flaming and his guards march in. At 28 he is the youngest Klever Prinz of all time. The somewhat different prince traditionally comes from Issum. The Ko & Ka brought Prince Pöksken back with them. Monika the Fröhliche rules with her husband in Haldern. Improvisation is called for when the child prince couple Weeze is called. Brian I and Hannah I have brought reinforcements with them. The little dance mariechen (from three years) want to give a dance to the best. But suddenly the CD goes on strike. No problem for real Gauls. Immediately there is vigorous clapping to the beat and the youngest perform their dance skilfully. Then it gets loud in the small village. The GKG Narrenschiff Straelen with its drummers and fanfare corps moves in. Although Princess Birgit I has to pass due to illness, the guard won't come off the stage without their popular guard song. Willi Girmes had already conquered fools' hearts there by storm. When the entertainer picks up the microphone, there is no stopping them. The Gocher also come up with a successful demonstration. The Funkenmarichen of the Prinzengarde present a great dance. And Prince Marcus I and Princess Anna I are looking forward to be part of this event. From the other side of the Rhine, Prince Helmut Alemannia from the road guard and Princess Monika the Happy have set out for the Gallic village. The Haldern prince couple is at this fool's meeting for the first time. But we'll be back, promise the two greats. Manfred Rundholz was an integral part of the Gallic village for 30 years. He retired three years ago in order to return to his old place of work as Prince Manfred II. Together with Princess Beate I, he rules the Krefeld jesters as a member of GK Grün-Weiß Grönland. In any case, his former colleagues are very happy about the guest appearance. The Wachtendonker and Hartefelder are also welcome guests at the Prince's Reception. The triumvirate of the WKG with Princess Gisela and the ladies-in-waiting Ute and Monika came with the guard. Princess Claudia I is accompanied by her western guard from the marching band Blau-Weiß Hartefeld. The Tulip Sunday princess from Bedburg-Hau brought smurf power with her. Carina I is accompanied by a delegation from the BTK. And it gets really hot again shortly before the end. The Veerter Princess Nicole I has also dedicated herself to the motto fire and flame. The last attack of the evening comes from attack. The Twistener Original intoxicates the audience again with foolish songs. The small village continues to celebrate happily afterwards. Tonmannix provides the necessary sound all evening (Troubadix was locked away as a precaution). Cervesiae is sponsored by the Diebels brewery. And the food (exceptionally no wild boar) comes from the lake park. Heavily laden, the brave Gauls then go to sleep. All the madnesses didn't come empty-handed. Cheffine (Beate Aßmann), Gibtermine (Andrea Kempkens) and Madame Methusalix (Steffi Deckers) were awarded medals, as were Schadnix (Verena Schade), Jellosubmarine (Kerstin Kahrl), Ingelix (Ingeborg Maas) and Fotografix (Theo Leie). And even Gaulish adventurers like Asterix (Helge Engelien), Obelix (Heribert Gabriel), Falballa (Beyhan Tuerkseven), Idefix (Nina Meyer) and Miraculix (Lorelies Christian) have never experienced such an intoxicating festival. Krakelix (Ch. Schmithuysen) picture gleanings on page 16 up to and including the thermal roof Insulating with a system - saves heating costs - for old buildings, new buildings, roof renovation cold - as basic or additional insulation - constructive wood protection according to DIN, windproof, rainproof - balanced room climate - temperature equalizing heat - improved storm security - free of any pollutants - rotten comfort - eligible for KfW CO2 building renovation program - over 30 years of experience roofing for over 50 years The commercial areas of the city of Kleve now have a data highway. The city signed the corresponding contract last year with the help of the economic development agency of the city of Kleve with head Rudolf Röhrl. Page 11 Save heating costs KLEVE Ziegelstraße / Spyckstraße 214 / Kleve Telephone / Fax / Specialist trade for technical and medical gases Liquid gas and accessories Exclusive gas stoves, heaters, gas grills from Outdoorchef Inexpensive: Gas filling station LPG Gas delivery service with our own tanker The specialist for gas and accessories! Exclusive cookers for hobby cooks, e.g. from the award-winning manufacturer of range cookers Falcon. Contemporary gas fireplaces provide warmth and comfort. We carry models by Wanders and Oranier. Propane gas and your own bottling for household or caravan - flexible and environmentally friendly energy. Household tanks and gas supply with tank trucks. Acceptance according to industrial safety regulations, etc. Fast, reliable and inexpensive. We offer you the best conditions and individual service. Call them. We would be happy to inform you personally. Kleve summer dike

2 02 NIEDERRHEIN NACHRICHTEN SATURDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2011 Am Hochwald 12.de Uedem Tel. 02825 / Creativa Dortmund including map ... e 24, day Ahrtal opening trip, double room, half board including program ... e 155, Steyl monastery refreshment day. ..e 12, Kuikenhof Flower Parade ... without ticket e 20, day Berlin double room, breakfast ... e 155, day Erzgebirge double room, half board, excursions extra ... e 128, Koblenz BVGA incl. map ... e 49, Giethorn orchids, complete program ... e 45, Tg.Flandern, double room, half board ... e 229, Peter Maffay Arena Oberhausen ... PK 4 e 89.00 PK 2 e 99, Mainz, ZDF TV garden. ..Incl. Map e 46, Banneaux Belgium Pilgrimage ... e 19, Adler Fashion Week + Warsteiner Brewery ... e 39.00 We are happy to offer you interesting day and multi-day trips in 2011 for groups and clubs. Extra brochure. WA Plus 614 DI washing machine, 6 kg, rpm, 1 button operation, hand wash and quick wash program, program sequence display, automatic quantity control, remaining display, start time preselection, multiple water protection 399, - 11 x monthly 36.28 * Please note our brochure in this issue! Communication and information technology Bahnhofstrasse / Lust auf Eis Lust auf Eis Bus-Reisen 2011 Giethoorn, the Venice of the North, 4 days from the price p.p. in a double room 312.00 e single room surcharge 60.00 j Hamburg and Altes Land, 4 days from South Tyrol, 9 days from the price p.p. in a double room 351.00 e single room surcharge 33.00 j price p.p. in a double room 581.00 e Single room surcharge 85.00 j Old country and city tours, 7 days from the price p.p. in a double room 565.00 e Single room surcharge 95.00 j Please ask for detailed brochures! MEETING POINT TRAVEL Norbert Daniels Dorf Uedem / Uedemerbruch Tel Fax My Favorite Ice Cream The largest artificial ice rink in North Rhine-Westphalia The largest artificial ice rink in North Rhine-Westphalia with an open-air ring, open-air ring, ice-skating tent Ice-skating tent and ice-skating hall Ice-rinking school arrangements for children's birthdays, group, group excursions and free ice skates for companies from Schlager to folk music to and folk music and to Holiday on Ice Holiday on Ice schedule and and service phone Service phone (02158) (02158) Opening times How to get to Carnival A40, exit 3 Wankum / Grefrath March A61, exit 5 Nettetal / Grefrath daily in the ice season from September to The AG RV-friendly Niederrhein presents the new RV catalog ReiseMobil - Stellstellen am Niederhein 2011/2012. Photo: Agency Berns ReiseMobil Parking spaces on the Lower Rhine 2011 / Parking spaces for motorhome enthusiasts on the Lower Rhine in the special LOWER RHINE catalog. Motorhome-friendly Lower Rhine - the region between the Rhine & Maas wants to defend this title in 2011 as well. The new special catalog for motorhome enthusiasts with the title ReiseMobil - Parking spaces on the Lower Rhine 2011/2012 contains the whole range of parking spaces and leisure opportunities on the Lower Rhine. The new catalog, 64 pages long, was published in the edition of pieces and is again valid for two years. In the KLEVE CIRCLE. After every turn of the year, the region’s tourism and business promoters wait with expectant looks for the statistical data from Information and Technology North Rhine-Westphalia, the former State Office for Statistics. In the focus of their interest: the fresh figures on the overnight stays and the length of stay of the guests in the district area. And for 2010, too, we can say that the wait was worth it. The numbers are satisfactory. The location marketing, the broad-based event management in the cities and municipalities, the pronounced cultivation of contacts with the multipliers such as the bus tour operators, and the third tour flyer will be published next year. On April 30th and May 1st the Niederrheinischen Reisemobiltage will take place for the fourth time with all kinds of activities and attractions and lots of information from dealers and parking space operators for the motorhome enthusiasts. And there is also a colorful supporting program to entertain the guests with the mobile pedestal. Everything you need to know about the Niederrhein Motorhome Days will be available shortly at www. Lower Rhine motorhome days. de evident. The current motorhome catalog is available free of charge from all cities and municipalities in the NT area or from the Niederrhein Tourismus GmbH office, Willy-Brandt-Ring 13, Viersen, Tel /, or under Further information is also available at de, under and at www. Lower Rhine motorhome days. de. The guests stayed in the Kleve district for 1 day longer. WfG Kleve district recognizes positive influences of the airport in Weeze on the number of overnight stays Easter holiday fun in the Lebenshilfe Center Registrations are possible until March 7th REES. The family support service of Lebenshilfe Unterer Niederrhein is offering childcare for the first time during the Easter holidays in the new Lebenshilfe Center in Fallstrasse. Anyone who would like to register their child for group care during the Easter holidays still has the opportunity at the moment. From. From April 21st until April 21st and / or from April 26th to April 29th, Lebenshilfe Unterer Niederrhein offers group care for eight children with disabilities between the ages of six and thirteen from 9 a.m. to a.m. Parents have the option of registering their child for one or both weeks of the holiday. There will be different offers in the fields of exercise, art, music and housekeeping as well as KURZ & KNAPP Dutch: The Katholisches Bildungswerk Kleve is offering a Dutch course for beginners with previous knowledge in the Kalkar family education center from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 17th. The participants in this course have already gained experience with the language. Registration and information are possible at the Katholisches Bildungswerk by phone: 02821 / or at de / kleve. Travel journalists as well as maintaining personal contacts expressed in positive numbers. Guest overnight stays were recorded for the houses with more than nine beds - only these are statistically recorded - in 2010 for the Kleve district. That is overnight stays or 1.2 percent more than in the previous year. The number of guests arriving from abroad rose by 3.5 percent and thus settled on countable and measurable overnight stays. As in the previous year, the guests stayed in the district for 2.1 days (so-called length of stay) - values ​​which, for the economic development of the district of Kleve, also indicate the recognizable positive effects of Airport Weeze on the number of overnight stays in the district. The service providers in the hotel and catering industry will appreciate the flight movements in the vicinity of the airport, says district economic developer Hans-Josef Kuypers. In step with the marketing activities in the cities and municipalities of the district area, the convincingly effective concepts of Niederrhein tourism - the latest example is the hit Niederrhein-Rad - and the niche offers of the district WfG for the segments of coach tourism, motorhome -Parking space marketing and advertising for the steadily growing number of almost 300 domestic holiday homes is still just as much a job engine as the airport as it is a booking accelerator. According to the Kreis-WfG, the willingness to invest on the part of the bed providers is pronounced and therefore particularly noteworthy, which is particularly noticeable against the background of the recently slacking demand for conference contingents. There are examples of this in Bedburg-Hau, Geldern, Kalkar and Kleve. As part of the most recent business evenings with the Kleve district economic development agency, the participating company bosses were also given the opportunity to take a look at the long-term statistics of the state office. There were astonished glances here and there for the fact that the number of recorded overnight stays in the district has almost tripled from the late 1980s to today - i.e. in a good 20 years. Excursions offered. The children are looked after and cared for by four members of the Family Support Service. Breakfast must be brought from home, lunch and drinks will be provided. The cost is 140 euros per week, including a deposit of 26.60 euros for lunch, drinks and materials. The remainder of the care costs of 113.40 euros can be settled with the care fund for additional care services or preventive care. Binding registrations by March 7th to Linda Steinkamp, ​​Head of the Family Support Service, by phone: 02851 / Diabetes-Treff: The Diabetes Type II self-help group invites all those affected and their relatives as well as anyone interested in the topic to the meeting on Tuesday, March 1st , from until 9 p.m. in the AOK, Kleve branch, Hoffmannallee The topic: Measure blood sugar yourself: how and when? Sigrid Striezel will go into the subtleties of measuring blood sugar and the interpretation of the results. The contribution towards expenses is two euros. Job center with new numbers REES. The employees in the Reeser job center on Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse (Hartz IV) can now be reached under new telephone numbers. This change was necessary due to modifications to the local telephone system.In the future, the job center employees will also be connected to the telephone system in the town hall, so that callers can now also be connected via the town hall number 02851/510. The corresponding extension numbers of the job center employees can be found on the Internet on the city's homepage under the heading Family, Education and Social Affairs, subsection Social / Job Center. While the old telephone numbers will be switched off shortly, both the addresses of the clerks and the central fax number of the job center Fax: 02851 / remain unchanged. New service in Goch Vilola Cornuta from0. 39 d Narcissus cold frame box Juwel / 60/40 95 d Professional edging, furniture quality from0. 79 d Delivery in normal household quantities While stocks last GOCH Am Bössershof 2 Mon.-Fri. Sat. 8 am KLEVE Ludwig-Jahn-Str Mon.-Fri. Sat. 8 am

3 SATURDAY 26TH FEBRUARY 2011 NIEDERRHEIN NACHRICHTEN 03 The pitfalls of everyday life REES. Social scientist and author Dr. Torsten Reters in his latest book. How Your Life Succeeds is the title of the book presentation, to which the VHS is inviting you to the Reeser Bürgerhaus on Tuesday, March 1st at 6:00 p.m. Based on Carl Rogers and Paul Watzlawick, he explains how painful structures emerge from normal strategies for coping with life and can be dissolved again. The knowledge of philosophy and psychology up to modern happiness research offer assistance. With its often amusing observations, the event offers spiritual nourishment for bon vivants and those who would like to become one. Dr. After studying history, Protestant theology and education, Torsten Reters, born in 1964, works as an adult educator, poet, exhibition organizer and publicist, preferably on the subjects of love, togetherness and the art of living. Tickets for the lecture are available for four euros at the box office. Further information at or VHS info phone: 02821 / advice on all life questions UEDEM. A psychologist from the educational counseling center of the Caritas Association at the Elterncafe in the Lebensgarten family center in Uedem will advise you on all family, marriage and upbringing issues. On Monday, February 28th, at 8:30 a.m., all mothers and fathers are invited again. Individual counseling is also possible. Appointments can be made by telephone on 02825 / Every Wednesday there is an open consultation hour in the Lebensgarten family center from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on all questions relating to life and upbringing. The family center in Uedem also offers specialist advice. The ergotherapists and physiotherapists are available here. As well as specialists from the fields of nutrition and health. Through a cooperation with the women's counseling center Impuls, the family center can also mediate here. Offices at Carnival UEDEM. The offices of the Uedem municipal administration are closed all day on Thursday, March 3rd, from 6:00 p.m. and on Shrove Monday, March 7th. The pension consultation appointment on Thursday, March 3, has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 1, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. From girls and technology to the chess teams Large crowds at the open day at the Hanna Heiber School Chicken Eggs KALKAR. The teachers and students of the Hanna-Heiber-Schule in Kranenburg did not expect so much rush at their open day: From the information booth for girls and technology to German-Dutch theater offers - the visitors crowded everywhere to find out about the educational offerings of the school . In addition, former students, representatives from trade and industry and a representative of the HAN from Nijmegen reported on their experiences with the school. The new cafeteria saw its premiere, in which class 10 A next to the cafeteria provided refreshment for the guests. There were many awards for the students of the Hanna-Heiber-Schule: Willi Holtermann, department head of the VHS Kleve, honored Jana Prauß and Angelina Peters, grade 10 B, who have acquired the XPert certificate this year, Angelina Peters being one of them with the highest possible score did particularly well. There were also prizes for the school winner in the reading competition, Vivien van Veen. The newly put together chess teams of the Kranenburg school were happy about a good schest place at the district championships, as did class 7, who collected 330 euros in donations within the framework of the Action-Kids teaching project within the religious class through voluntary work in their free time and on weekends Donated the sum to Kindernothilfe for children in Haiti. The information stand for girls and technology as part of the school's scientific MINT program attracted visitors of all ages. Jana Prauß and Angelina Peters achieved their Xpert certificate with great success. VHS division manager Willi Holtermann and course manager Sabine Gräfe are happy with the pupils of the Hanna-Heiber-Schule in Kranenburg. The welcome bag also contains a voucher from the library. Children can use the city library in Emmerich free of charge. EMMERICH. All newborns in Emmerich can be welcomed with a baby bag. Inge Jessner, chairwoman of the German Child Protection Association, Emmerich local association, and her staff have been successfully practicing this for two years in the Child Protection Association. Parents are provided with vouchers and useful information via the bag. In addition to a voucher from the family home, the bag now also contains a voucher from the Emmerich am Rhein city library. For three months, the young parents can get books, magazines, comics and games from the city library free of charge. Magdalena Janßen-Koeller, Head of the Emmerich City Library, is convinced that it is very important for babies and toddlers to gain their first experience with books and to combine beautiful experiences with books. After all, reading is the basic cultural technique par excellence. All learning is based on that. And children can even use the Emmerich am Rhein city library free of charge. New parents will also find a baby bath towel and care products in the dark blue welcome bag, which are provided by Stadtwerke Emmerich and shops. The bag also contains the guide to Growing Up Healthy for the First Years of Life, the city's brochure for new residents, the childcare offers brochure, a flyer on the Emmerich Alliance for Families and the telephone number for the AOK baby phone. The bag itself was made by the Emmericher R.W. Stahr Social and Cultural Foundation donated. Parents receive the bag if they agree in writing to be visited by an employee of the child protection association when their child is registered at the registry office. A trained employee makes an appointment and brings the useful and exciting bag with her when she visits. Cherry, willow and forsythia twigs Free goulash Gänseeier1 Red cabbage Boskoop Savoy Chicoree Bislicher Insel 1 Xanten Telephone 02801 / Visit us on the Rhine March 2011 Daily breakfast until o'clock For all fish lovers! Every Friday in February and March fish buffet from 9:00 a.m. Shrove Monday, March 7th 2011, open from 10:00 a.m. Bring this advertisement with you, it corresponds to a value of 5, -e (only valid from March 1st to 31st, 2011, Tuesday to Saturday ) (1 voucher per person to redeem in connection with a main course from 11, -e) Reservation requested FARM MARKET Uedem - Am Lindchen 3 () fresh from the smoke ... Mettenden 1 pound of homemade egg noodles for each bag 30 farm eggs from barn eggs Unit price 6.8 ct. 30 pieces 10 2 pieces 34ct. Goch Kleve Uedem Kalkar Daily Sat. Opening times: Tues.-Fri. from 10 a.m., Sat., Sun. and public holidays from 9 a.m., warm meals from 9 a.m., closed on Mondays Your specialist for equestrian sports We also have Equitana prices from February 28th - March 5th% on winter blankets from March 8th % on all riding clothing from March 14th% on the entire range (excl. food and books) from March 26th% off boots, custom-made boots, ankle boots, chaps (other promotions cannot be combined) also lindchen.de Closed on Rose Monday Reiterwelt Kleve Emmericher Straße Kleve Telephone Fax Opening times: Mon. - Fri., Sat. We guarantee the origin of rhubarb juice 0.7 liter bottle approx. 2 pounds 1 tulip bunch 1 pound 39 ct. Emu, ostrich, quail, duck eggs, pickled cucumbers Take 3 glasses and pay 2

4 04 LOWER RHINE NEWS SATURDAY 26th FEBRUARY 2011 Kitchen house Albers Wet walls? Damp basement? Mold growth? The good feeling of being in the best of hands. Successful renovations in the ISOTEC Group. We proceed systematically - from analysis to renovation. For a healthy living environment and the increase in the value of your property. Give us a call. We are happy to help! ISOTEC specialist sealing technology foot Tel, or makes your house dry! Markt 5 D Kalkar Tel. Free viewing on Sundays, no advice, no sales Heiner Fuss Election of delegates and outlook for an eventful year The SPD local association Kalkar met for the annual general meeting KALKAR. The local SPD association in Kalkar met for the annual general meeting followed by a kale meal. The event was well attended and turned out to be a complete success. Chairman Marco Van de Löcht was pleased to welcome the new managing director of the Klever SPD, Johanne Stracke, as a special guest. I am looking forward to a constructive and profitable cooperation with the Kalkar local club, which I immediately gave a hearing. In addition to the elections for the delegates for the sub-district party congress, the agenda also included reports by the parliamentary group leader Jochem Reinkens and the young socialists. Jochem Reinkens found that important issues for Kalkar's future had to take a back seat to the main political issue of the marketplace redesign. This includes, for example, the future of the Kalkar schools against the background of the medium-term demographic development. The school committee is currently oversleeping the topic. We will put pressure on this and put the issue on the local political agenda. The SPD parliamentary group will also accompany the developments on the NHG site in a critical and constructive manner, with particular attention being paid to the prospective efforts of the investor Schoofs to stimulate supply on Monrestrasse. Unfortunately, the already minimal design leeway for the city has developed due to the reduced key assignments towards zero, whereby the accusation of clientele politics by the CDU has to be rejected, because it hits the CDU / FDP state government, on the contrary, which has the last basic data adjustment (Hartz IV knows this GFG so far) on the basis of 1999 - clearly a preference for rural areas and blatantly in contradiction to the instruction of the NRW constitutional court, according to which the municipal financing law should have been updated by 2008 at the latest. For the Young Socialists (Jusos), chairman Frank Thon looked back on a successful year. Last year we were able to inspire eight new members to join the Kalkarer Jusos and have thus made a considerable contribution to the district-wide membership success of the Young Socialists of a total of almost 100 new comrades. Local association chairman Marco Van de Löcht gave an outlook on upcoming events in 2011. A lot is already planned, including a summer party and an event on equality for women with Katharina Oerder, member of the Federal Working Group on Women's Policy of the Young Socialists and the state board of the NRWJusos. During the kale meal that followed, there were still enough opportunities for mutual conversations and discussions. One of the largest bathroom exhibitions on the Lower Rhine over 80 bathroom suggestions Action of the month Braukmann house water filter with stainless steel filter insert, pressure gauge, rotatable flange 1 "79 towel heating element 600x1690 white incl. Fastening NA 558 mm, 1013 watt 75/65 / TECE cistern dry construction element incl. Connection set complete. The SPD local association Kalkar met for the annual general meeting followed by a kale meal. Photo: private New career opportunities. 129 tel-inform.de/jobs The church choir of the Protestant parish of Haldern celebrated its 30th anniversary with a festive service and singers in the Gasthof Tepferdt. where long-term members were honored. NN-Photo: Heiner Frost Everything from a single source Advice, planning, assembly Katharinenstr Weeze Tel .: () Fax: () Opening times: Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 30:30 a.m. : 00-13: 00, Sun 14: 00-16: 00 (no advice, no sales) POLICE REPORT Started: On duty at night ag, unknown perpetrators smashed the side window of a black VW Passat parked on Drostendick in Haldern and stole the built-in navigation device VW RNS 510. On the same night, unknown perpetrators broke into a silver VW Passat parked on Klosterstrasse and stole the VW- Navigation device and personal papers of the owner. Exhibitionist: On Wednesday at 6.40 a.m., a man pulled down his pants in front of a bakery on the market square in Elten and manipulated his genitals in front of a 13-year-old girl and a 27-year-old woman. The man is around 40 years old, around 175 to 0 centimeters tall and of normal stature. He has short brown hair and was dressed in dark clothes. Dead: On Tuesday, the Emmerich and Hüthum fire brigade set out to a fire in five calf huts on an agricultural farm on Steinackerweg. Presumably one of the animals hit a heat lamp and the falling lamp set the straw on fire. The farmer could only save one calf. Four animals perished. The fire brigade quickly got the fire under control and prevented it from spreading to other buildings. Canceled: From Monday evening a week ago to Thursday evening, an exterior mirror was broken off on a white truck parked in a truck stop on Marie-Curie-Straße in Emmerich. In all cases, please contact Kripo Emmerich by phone: 02822/7830. Looking for a green truck: A 52-year-old woman from Bedburg-Hau was driving her silver Toyota Yaris on Uedemer Straße (L 362) in the direction of Uedem on Tuesday afternoon. At Berkhövel, around 250 meters from the Westerhof bus stop, a green truck with yellow rectangles driving in the opposite direction overtook a small white car and forced the Toyota driver to take the right green verge. Your vehicle skid and came to a stop on the road. Home Emmerich still committed to South India The association has been involved since 1975 and moves a lot of EMMERICH. The campaign Home Emmerich - Help for South India recently held its general meeting. After the chairwoman, Marianne Bolle, had done the formalities, the reports of the board members produced a very positive result of the work last year. A huge thank you went to all donors. Despite the economic crisis, they continued to support children’s projects in one of the poorest parts of India on the Bay of Bengal, so that around euros could be transferred. Individuals as well as schools, service clubs and associations have donated. The funds are mainly used for the new Emmerich Centrum Madurai project. Since it was founded in 1975, thanks to tireless advertising and the work of countless donors, euros have been raised. 23 schools, a number of orphanages and other social projects with around participants annually were created as a result. Cell phone stolen: A -year-old from Xanten was approached by a stranger on Thursday at around 2 p.m. on the station forecourt in Kleve and asked to surrender his money. The young man initially refused, but were then threatened by the perpetrator and finally gave him his Nokia E65 cell phone. The perpetrator fled towards the city center on a white mountain bike. The -year-old followed him, but lost sight of him on Grosse Strasse at the Kaufhof. The alleged perpetrator is 20 to 30 years old, about 1.75 to 1.80 meters tall and of strong stature. He has short black hair and is described as probably coming from Turkey. Penetrated: From Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, unknown perpetrators broke into a former sales room of a nursery on Anton-Heuken-Straße in Kalkar. Here they stole a high-quality, unlocked women's bike from the Gazelle brand. Shortly after the crime was discovered, the woman's bike was found locked on Kesselstrasse in Kalkar. Information in both cases to the police in Kleve on 02821/5040. Fire in the kitchen: On Wednesday at around clock, a passer-by noticed smoke from a house on Weseler Landstrasse (B 8) in Rees and alerted the fire brigade. The fire-fighting trains Haldern, Rees and Millingen were able to put out the kitchen fire with their combined forces and prevent the flames from spreading to other rooms. Due to the use of emergency vehicles, Weseler Landstrasse had to be partially closed in both directions for extinguishing work from clock to clock. The traffic was diverted by police officers at Bahnhofstrasse in Haldern and the Honecker intersection in Mehrhoog. The cause of the fire investigators of the Kalkar Criminal Investigation Department determined that the cause of the fire was a crimped current-carrying cable running in the kitchen behind the freezer. There was material damage of at least EUR. Bernhard Bolle submitted the cash report, which was found to be flawless. The board of directors was unanimously granted discharge.It still consists of the chairwoman, Marianne Bolle, as well as the members Pastor Peter Kossen, Andrea and Bernhard Bolle along with Heidemarie and Dr. Wilhelm Pfirrmann. The association will present itself at the Christophorusemeinde congregation day in March. New remuneration models. tel-inform.de/jobs We are also thinking of an India evening in the Alegundisheim. At the beginning of May, a four-person delegation resit the client of the 100th anniversary of the partner organization in India. Of course, all participants bear their own costs. Home Emmerich does not charge any administrative costs. The members of the Board of Management cover unavoidable expenses from private funds.

5 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH 2011 NIEDERRHEIN NACHRICHTEN 05 Prince against alcohol at the wheel Kleves Prince Michael and his guardsmen are ambassadors of the DAK campaign Don t drive drunk. They were greeted by Volker Dorissen, the head of the service center, and representatives of the Kleve police station. Our accident statistics speak for themselves. Around 137 traffic accidents in the Kleve district were caused by drunk road users in 2010. The share of young costumes at the last minute GOCH. Carnival is just around the corner and you haven't found the right costume yet? The fire brigade's carnivalists can help and invite you to the costume fair on Monday, February 28, between 5 p.m. and p.m. in the basement of the fire station on Höster Weg. Whether uniforms wolves, monsters, monkeys, spacemen, angels or glittering combinations, there should be something for every taste. These are mainly costumes for children and teenagers. Adult costumes are available individually. Many costumes are also well suited for the street carnival, because you can wear warm clothing underneath. The prices of the costumes are between 5 and 15 euros. The driver is still high, said chief inspector Bruno Derksen, head of the Kleve police station. Knowing how much suffering happens to those involved in accidents, our request goes primarily to young people to use alcohol in a controlled manner. Extensive controls have already been announced for the great days. Prince Michael and his guard let themselves be driven during the entire session. Carnival in the community center REES. Today, Saturday (admission 11 a.m., start) the traditional carnival event Bunter Abend will take place again in the Bürgerhaus Rees with great performances by various groups, individual artists, comedy shows and the Haffener Tanzgarde as well as the live band Public Affair. This session guarantees a fireworks display of good humor. Everyone is cordially invited to this public carnival event. The best costumes on the Lower Rhine will be rewarded in the final award ceremony. Entry costs six euros. Advance tickets are available from Reinhard Ufermann, Wannwickerstraße 14, Rees, phone: 02851/7850. When Helmut and Monika come for breakfast Important guests at breakfast for people with time in Haldern HALDERN. Breakfast for people with time is one of the best offers of the Protestant parish in Haldern. Once a month around 70 people with time meet in the large broadcasting hall for breakfast and a lecture afterwards. The lecture guests speak on a wide variety of topics. At the carnival wedding it goes without saying in Haldern to invite the prince couple and from the side of the madmen the matter is just as clear: the invitation is accepted. So this year Prince Helmut and his Princess Monika made their way to the parish hall for the home game. Your Highnesses don't have far. The two had brought plenty of stamina with them. Main disciplines for the couple: swaying, handing out hearts, giving kisses - the latter mostly involving a division of labor. The prince takes over the ladies, the princess concentrates on the gentlemen. But carnival is carnival - everything doesn't always run according to strict rules. The Haldern couple hand out lapel hearts. There are three motifs to choose from: Sweet Heart, Love, or Miss U - that stands for Miss You, but is sometimes translated as Miss Universe. When the couple bends through the ranks, the lip tension can be a little less after a mission has been completed. Note: Carnival kisses are threefold. (The left-right-left combination. Or was it the other way around?) Helmut and Monika had two invasions. First the appearance for breakfast. (Prince's buffet.) Then: Get out of the hall. Because: Who doesn’t The prince couple moving into the jam-packed hall of the parish hall in Haldern. From there we went straight to the prince's reception at the NN. NN-Photo: Heiner Frost is outside, after all he cannot get in. The pastor drives the hallamash off the tape. That doesn't detract from the mood. Helmut and Monika walk into the broadcasting hall a second time to greet them and do two laps at the same time. Then: address to the prince. Schunkellieder: You cannot be faithful. And - of course, the Hawaiian beer. During the refrain, the breakfast party voluntarily turns into a polyphonic good mood chorus. The prince talks about Johannes Heesters. It is now to be declared a World Heritage Site, explains Helmut and notes that the audience here in the hall is still very much alive. In between, pastor-directed Helausalven. Then: The Büttenspeaker. After the excellent buffet, you can now laugh enough. Diagnosis: The mood is perfect. And when it's at its best, you should stop. Around two hours after the start of the event, breakfast is over for people with time. The guests go home. The day is just beginning for the prince couple. In the afternoon the two are with the guard - well where? At the NN prince reception in Geldern. P.S. In between, the prince is happy that he can take off the headdress. It is really stimulating. It's incredibly warm under the hood. But the good piece is part of the outfit. From Ash Wednesday, the prince's hair is then regularly ventilated again. Heiner Frost Sporthotel Restaurant Schravelsche Heide Our offer until March 31, 2011: 3-course menu Latte Macchiato of leek with rosemary croutons Rump steak under a pepper crust on shallot jus with fresh vegetables and rosemary potatoes Crème brûlée with berry ragout per person 24, - e incl. 1 glass of sparkling wine Grotendonker Straße Kevelaer / 80551 Buffet evening Saturday, March 26th, 2011 from E 22.90 per person Culinary calendar New menu card Rose Monday buffet on March 7th, 2011 Enjoy as much as you like! from 11.00am E 14.90 per person Easter Sunday, April 24th 2011 and Easter Monday, April 25th 2011 breakfast buffet from 8 11am E 11.90 per person Sunday buffet from E 24.90pm per person You value hospitality and an appealing ambience and sumptuous delights? With us you can celebrate your parties in a relaxed manner! Our team looks forward to your visit! Our reservation hotline: Landhaus Beckmann Römerstraße 1 D Kalkar-Kehrum Club house Griethausen was completely on fire The wolves celebrated in the sold-out hall with the prince from their own ranks KLEVE. A devastating major fire occurred in the Griethausen clubhouse, which was completely on fire in the evening hours. The cause of the fire was quickly clarified: It's carnival in the Altrheindorf. Under the motto We are Prince - Griethuise celebrates Carnival, with Füür ann Flamm in the Wölfeksstall, the Carnival Association De Wölfkes offered a six-hour program and thrilled the audience in the sold-out town house. After being welcomed by the conférencier Dietmar Daams, the youngest offspring of the Wölfkes made their debut. The newly formed Ströpkes under the direction of Yvonne Kup and Nina Thyssen danced themselves disguised as dwarfs into the hearts of the audience and got the first encore of the evening. Two firefighters (Kirsten and Jürgen van Acken) came back from work, but not yet settled down. When they were quenched, they talked about something that marriage and village life can bring with it. Prince Michael the Flaming could hardly wait to return to the wolves' den. The audience gave him and his guard a terrific reception and visibly touched with tears in their eyes it was the most emotional reception of all for him so far. Afterwards, the prince troupe mingled with the audience and stayed true to the event for the rest of the evening. The Töpperkes then provided an African flair. Under the direction of Birgit Dirmeier and Silke Cornelissen, they showed that the Wölfkes' offspring are in good shape. As an annoyed princess, Ludger Jansen stood in Low-Heals his wife in the Bütt. As a counterpart to the Clever Prince, he made himself Princess of Griethausen. With a drama in three acts, the Schanz-Live troupe cast a spell over the audience in the usual elaborate manner. In the fight between Prince Michael (Heinrich Maaßen) and his adversary Prince Poldi (Petra Maaßen) for the favor of the beautiful Princess Tussnelda (Rainer Bos), not a single eye remained dry. After the well-deserved break, a fairy tale aunt (Sascha Merling) announced the heartfelt story of a lonely prince (Michael Wasser), who cannot cloud a little bit of water and is washed with all waters. In the playback he shone just like his stage partner Jens Kup as an enchanted frog. For Matta Tebartz (77) the boards are her life Matta Tebartz climbed the stage as a surprise guest. The oldest active at 77 years of age was back in Bütt for the first time after years of abstinence and proclaimed The boards are my life. She shared a few anecdotes from the same as well as from village life and had the laughs on her side. More offspring announced themselves and the Great Eight under the direction of Iris Merling and Maren Dahms delighted the audience with their guard dance - encore included, of course. As the icing on the cake, they gave a further sample of their skills together with the Löschis. Infected by so much enthusiasm, Prince Michael the Flaming, also a member of the Löschies outside of his rainy season, topped it all off by storming the stage and dancing another encore. As a substitute, Heiner Evers climbed the Bütt and to the delight of the audience, he proved that he has long since been more than just a filler. In addition, he received, among other things, this year's Order of Prince for his extraordinary achievements around the Griethausen Carnival, which he always fulfills down to the smallest detail as technical director. Willi Bogner brought it to the screen years ago the old Rhine mermaids made it ready for a show and brought it to the stage: Fire and Ice was the name of their grandiose dance performance under the direction of trainer Julia Jansen. Theo (lein) Reintjes felt at home in the role of a prince and mistrusted the technology, whereupon he brought his own piece with him in the form of an oversized role of a prince. The Löschies marked the end of an atmospheric evening that will probably not happen anytime soon in Griethausen. The well-known Griethausen Heimatlieder formed a successful conclusion to the finale and the audience joined in with the old folk tunes. Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Winter break pansies instead of 0.50 pieces. only 0.30 Buxus ball Ø approx. 25 cm instead of 12 pcs. only 5, - Salix (willow kitten) approx. 150 cm high instead of 9.50 pieces. only 5, - All offers only while stocks last. Open from Monday (Sat Sun) Italian herbs in pots 14 instead of 3, - pieces. only 2, - cherry laurel approx. 60 cm high instead of 5, - pieces. only 3, - waterfall - orchid at the arch instead of 19, - only 10, - pieces. Opening times: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m., Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sonsbeck Kevelaerer Str. 58 Open from Sunday! Tel / horned violet traffic lights or thick decorative pots instead of 6, - pieces. only 4, - Large box pyramid approx. 90 cm high instead of 59, - only 25, - pieces. Geldern Krefelder Str Tel / strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear! Strong as a bear!