How does krillin come back to life

The story of Dragonball begins when the little hermit Son Goku meets the beautiful city girl Bulma. Bulma reports to Son-Goku about the Dragonballs and that two are in her possession and one is in Son-Goku's possession. Son-Goku decides to follow Bulma and goes on an adventurous search for the other 4 Dragon Balls. If you collect all the dragon balls and recite the correct incantation, Bulma reports, the sacred dragon Shenlong appears and fulfills every wish. The two are looking for the dragon balls with a radar that the technically gifted Blma built.

One morning Son-Goku helps a sea turtle back to the sea, and so they meet Muten-Roshi, the master of the turtles, the strongest fighter of all time. Muten Roshi is only after Bulma's feminine charms and when she gives in, he gives her another dragon ball.

On their search they meet the shape shifter Oolong, the desert warrior Yamcha and another shape shifter, namely Pool.

Son Goku fights against the gang of rabbits, which terrorizes whole regions, and defeats them. Later they look for a dragon ball at the frying pan hill and meet the beef devil there. Son-Goku fetches Muten-Roshi, who is supposed to put out the fire on the frying pan mountain, and on the way meets ChiChi, the daughter of the beef devil. However, Son-Goku cannot yet differentiate between girls and boys and so he grasps what ChiChi sees as a marriage proposal.

They get Muten-Roshi, who, however, destroys the whole mountain of frying pan with his KameHame-Ha. Son-Goku is so impressed by the KameHame-Ha that he tries it too, and smashes Bulma's car with a mini-KameHame-Ha. Muten-Roshi promises to accept Son-Goku as a student if Son-Goku wants to, but he wants to find the 7 dragon balls with Bulma first.

Later the 6 friends get into the hands of the evil Prince Pilaf, who wants to rule the whole world with the dragon balls. He has the last dragon ball, but when he has called the dragon and wants to express his wish, Oolong gets in his way and instead wants a pair of panties. The 6 are captured, but Son-Goku mutates into a monkey under the full moon and destroys the prison.

The 6 escape and Bulma and Yamcha fall in love, so they don't want to go looking for the 7 Dragon Balls again. Since the balls have only been round stones for 1 year anyway, Son-Goku decides to start training with Muten-Roshi. There Son-Goku meets the somewhat weird Kuririn and they are supposed to bring Muten-Roshi a "Sexy Girl" together before they can start training.

You find Lunch, a woman who has a split personality and changes her personality when she sneezes. So it creates some confusion. After 3 years of hard training, Muten-Roshi decides to register the two of them in the great martial arts tournament. The two make it to the final round without any major problems, but Kuririn loses in the quarter-finals to the mysterious Jackie Chun.

Jackie Chun is the disguised Muten-Roshi, who doesn't want his two students to become champions and runner-up, when their success goes to their heads. Son-Goku also loses in the final and decides to go looking for his dragon ball.

In the further course of the story, Son-Goku repeatedly encounters squads of the Red Ribbon Army who are also looking for the dragon balls. In the quince forest he meets Upa and his father. This, however, is killed by the hit man Tao-BaiBai and Son-Goku only barely survives.

Son Goku decides to climb the Quince Tower and train with the master of the tower. He learns a lot from Master Quince and when Son-Goku and Tao-BaiBai face each other the next time, Son-Goku kills Tao-BaiBai. Son Goku now collects all Dragon Balls to bring Upa's father back to life.

On his search, Son-Goku destroys the entire Red-Ribbon army and fights against Uranai Baba's warriors to find out from her where the last Dragon Ball is. The last warrior is Son-Goku's dead grandfather, who was brought back to this world by Uranai-Baba. He almost defeats Son-Goku because he exploits his weak point, his tail, but it rips off and Son-Gohan (grandfather) gives up.

Later he fights again against Prince Pilaw, who this time uses his robots and tries to exploit Son-Goku's weak point, but his tail is torn off and so he defeats her. So now he has all the dragon balls and revives Upa's father. Then Goku goes out into the wilderness and trains, and the friends don't see each other again until the next tournament.

You get through the preliminary round again, but in the final round Yamcha is defeated by Tenshinhan, the evil disciple of the Lord of the Cranes. Jackie Chun also loses and Kuririn is almost defeated by the other student Chao-Zu. Kuririn only uses a trick to exploit his opponent's stupidity and defeat him.

In the finale, Son-Goku and Tenshinhan face each other, who recently betrayed his master. Tenshinhan wins the fight and Son Goku is only runner-up again. Then Kuririn is killed by a monster created by the devil Piccolo, who somehow escaped from his prison. Son Goku pursues the monster and is knocked out by him. A little later he meets Jajirobi, who then kills the monster. later Piccolo shows up in person and almost kills Goku.

He flees with Jajirobi and asks him to carry him up the quince tower. Jajirobi does this and Goku drinks the holy water, which makes him even stronger. Meanwhile, Piccolo kills Muten-Roshi, who tries the Mafuba, an ancient technique that Piccolo has already put in his place, but misses the prison, a rice cooker. Chao-Zu is also killed and Piccolo wishes for eternal youth and kills Shenlong.

Later, Piccolo and Goku face each other in a fight in which Piccolo is killed, but he can lay down his brood beforehand. Son-Goku returns to Master Quince, who shows him the way to God's palace. There he trains and Shenlong is also revived. After 4 years, Son-Goku and Piccolo face each other in the final of the big tournament.