Do you know lidar

The Proxitron LiDAR team

We are a global company in the field of sensor technology - with almost 40 years of experience in development, production and sales. We develop and manufacture our proven products exclusively in Germany. Quality “made in Germany” is a matter of course for us. This is the only way we can guarantee you the highest possible standards that meet even the most demanding requirements. If necessary, we also adapt our proven series products to customer specifications. Whether prototype, custom-made product or series product: We implement your wishes for you.

We are pleased to have found a reliable partner in LeddarTech®, whose modules meet our own requirements. Out of conviction, we integrate the LeddarTech® modules in housings and give the devices numerous options with intuitive software that enable you to put the device into operation quickly.


We take our time for you

We rely on personal service from our specialists. We are convinced that a specific on-site inspection and the trained eye of one of our employees is indispensable and expedient in finding a solution. We can only offer you optimal solutions if we know exactly the surroundings of a sensor. If necessary, a specialist will come by and familiarize himself with you and the area of ​​application - free of charge and without obligation.

A further and more in-depth possibility to determine the feasibility of a project is a one-day Workshop on the subject. We get to know your application comprehensively and you get to know our sensors and modules.


Certified quality

We are ISO certified. When it comes to quality, we don't compromise. When selecting the material, the design and the manufacture of our products, we place the highest value on quality assurance. This consistent focus ensures the extraordinarily high reliability and longevity of our Proxitron products - even when sensors are exposed to the most extreme conditions.