What are Mitochondria and Chloroplasts


- outer membrane includes chloroplast

- Then comes the thylakoid membrane

- the inner space is filled by the stroma, which is also called the matrix

- on the thylakoid membrane there are stacks of thylakoid, these are called grana

- The matrix also contains ribosomes and the circular DANN

- Strength is also stored in the stroma

- The chlorophyll is located in the thalcoid membrane

- outer membrane includes mitochondrion

- This is followed by the cristae and the intermembrane space

- The matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčlocated within the inner membrane

- In the matrix are the ribosomes, circular DANN and RNA

- In the outer membrane there are tunnel proteins, which are responsible for the exchange of ions and molecules with the cell plasma.


- Light is absorbed by chlorophyll

- Oxygen and glucose are formed while carbon dioxide and water are consumed (this is photosynthesis)

- the main place of photosynthesis is the thlakoid membrane and the grana

- Mitochondria are responsible for cell respiration

- There are many enzymes on the inner membrane such as the ATP-enzyme complex, which produces energy from glucose and oxygen. ATP is adenosine triphosphate

- the inner membrane is very often folded to create a large surface

- because the larger the surface, the more ATP can be produced by the cell