How to say Hoot in Turkish

Translation of "hot dog" in Turkish

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I'll make him one now hot dog.
Gidip, şimdi ona güzel bir sosisli yapacağım.
Look, Dolly Parton eats you hot dog.
"Mommy, I want one hot dog."
That's practical like hot dog for the brain.
Cold cuts from the pan, tastes like n hot dog.
Salamı kızartırsan, sosis tadı verir.
OK. One hot dog, You're welcome.
No, I find one hot dog screams for ketchup.
Hayır, bence bir sosisli ketçap diye bağırır.
Yes, I need one for my wife hot dog to fetch. Sauce and onions.
Evet, ben de esime sosisli almalıyım.
I find one hot dog and a hamburger are too similar.
Bence sosisli ile hamburger çok benzer şeyler.
Looks like he's packing Chuck hot dog in the bread roll.
Galiba Chuck sosisi ekmeğin arasına koyacak.
When I'm with a hot dog want to get, then so be it.
Bir sosisli almaya gitmek istersem giderim.
Saad, do you want one hot dog?
If you look at us together, you say ... there are Andy and Jules! hot dog and stick.
İnsanlar bizi gördüklerinde "Bizim Andy ve Jules", ... "Sosisli ve çubuk "diyorlar.
Okay, how about that, one cocoa and one hot dog to share on the ice rink in Central Park?
Tamam, Central Park'taki bu pateni pistinde cocoa ve sosisli paylaşmaya ne dersin?
Easy, it's not one hot dog!
You haven't eaten for 24 hours, how about one hot dog?
24 saattir birşey yemiyorsun, Sosisliye ne dersin?
You want him to be with her hot dog and propose beer?
Sosisli ve birayla mı teklif etmesini istiyorsun?
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