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As in previous games, the dazzling pocket monsters return in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. So if you want to grab a different-colored Pokémon, there are again a selection of different options available.

In contrast to Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and let's go, Eevee! are Shiny Pokémon, however can no longer be recognized directly in the overworld, but only after the encounter in the fight screen.

We have put together everything you need to know in this article for you.

New shiny shapes


In Pokémon Sword and Shield, there are two different Shiny forms of Pokémon for the first time, differing in how the Shiny Pokémon shines when it enters a battle. So there is the possibility that a shimmering Pokémon has asterisks in the animation, or squares. The chances of different versions of the Shiny animation are different: the chance of hitting a Pokémon with squares is 1: 65536, while the chance of a Shiny Pokémon with stars is 15: 65536.

left: stars | right: squares (source)

While the square Shinys seem a lot rarer than those with stars, the chance of the square animation is also increased by the game if the trainer ID overlaps with the PID of the game. If this is the case, the chance of a shiny with squares is 65520: 65536; a large part of the Shimmering Pokémon are thus those with squares.

Shiny rate

1:4096 / Schillerpin 1: 1365
The shiny rate in sword / shield with and without Schillerpin

Also in this generation, the rate to encounter a dazzling Pokémon is as usual 1: 4096. With the help of Schillerpin can also increase the rate again to 1: 1365.

tip: The You will receive Schillerpin after completing your Pokédex from the Game Freak project manager, who you can find on the upper floor (left side) in the Hotel Ionia in the city of Circhester.

Masuda method

1:682 / Schillerpin 1: 500
The shiny rate in sword / shield with and without Schillerpin in the Masuda method

Anyone who receives a foreign-language Pokémon via the online game functions and uses it to breed eggs in the Pokémon boarding house can have the chance again to 1: 682 and with Even increase Schillerpin to 1: 500.

tip: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have two Pokémon Hoards (originally known as Pokémon Boarding House) located on Route 5 and in the Natural Zone.

Fought Pokémon

In the Pokédex you can now find a count under each Pokémon type that shows how many copies you have fought so far in the course of the game. This proves to be useful, because depending on the number fought, the chance of encountering a Shiny of this type increases increasingly.

1:585 / Schillerpin 1: 455
The shiny rate in sword / shield with and without Schillerpin in the combat method

Maximum opportunities

Fought Pokémon
(= Total number of one
Species according to Pokédex)
Without SchillerpinWith Schillerpin
1 piece1:20481:1024
50 units1:20481:1024
100 pieces1:13651:819
200 pieces1:10241:683
300 pieces1:8191:585
500 pieces1:6831:512

The standard chance of finding Shiny Pokémon is affected by the presence of Pokémon of the same species. The more Pokémon of the same species encountered, the higher the chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, it is not necessary to make special Pokémon chains in which you defeat many of the same species in a row.

Natural zone

Wild Pokémon in the nature zone that exceed your own trainer level cannot be caught until you have received a certain number of medals.

These Pokémon cannot be found in their dazzling version through a code in the game until you meet the requirements for catching them, so that collectors of Shinys don't have to worry.

Exceptions are the special features of an area. The special appearances are always the Pokémon that have a special appearance in the areas and are not listed under the normal spawns. According to reports from players, these can be glitzy due to a bug in the game and cannot be caught if they are above the maximum level at which you can normally catch Pokémon with your current medal level.

Shimmering Pokémon of the Snowy Crowns

All of the Pokémon that can be fought and caught in the Dynamax Adventures can also be obtained in the Iridescent Form. This also applies to all Legendary Pokémon. The chance of Shiny Pokémon is particularly high in Dynamax adventures:

The base chance of a Shiny Pokémon in the Dynamax adventures is

1:300 / Schillerpin 1: 100
The shiny rate for Dynamax adventures in sword / shield with and without Schillerpin

This chance is applied not just to the Boss Pokémon in an adventure, but to any Pokémon encountered during the adventure. Thus, from the 4 fights, there is always a chance of 1 in 300 or 1 in 100 of a Shiny Pokémon with each fight.

All information about the Dynamax adventures can be found here with us:
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Unavailable Shiny Pokémon

Free Pokémon like Chimpep, Oops Memmeon and Type: Zero, but also the free ones Meowth, Pikachu and Eevee, capable of giga dynamics, cannot be obtained in their dazzling version in-game. The "soft reset" known among gamers, a self-induced restart in order to regenerate the random values ​​of the game for a shiny, is not possible.

The following Pokémon are non-dazzling in Pokémon Sword and Shield: