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“I had already had nine months of lessons in a swing dance school with various trainers before I tried Lindy Hop 2 with Dirk. Already in the first lesson I understood some things that I was never aware of before. ”- Robin

Here you will find trial lessons, workshops and courses if you first start dancing with “Swing-out! What else? ”Think and are no longer afraid to invite strangers to it at parties. If you are unsure, you better go to the get started page! It often makes sense to repeat courses for beginners in parallel to continuing lessons.

You don't need a permanent dance partner, but it usually helps if you bring one with you.
With every registration, please state whether you want to dance leader or follower (or: it doesn't matter).

Hamburg-Nord / Ohlsdorf, Hummelsbütteler Sportverein, Sengelmannstr. 50. You don't have to be or become a member of a club! *** NOT April 9th!
ATTENTION LEADER: for the current course (16, 23 April, 14 + 28 May) we offer 2 guest leaders cheap participation! Prerequisite: you can do the basics incl. 8count triplestep and swing-out = 4 x 2.5 hours = 25 €! Prerequisite: you are an experienced dancer, you can establish safe + relaxed connections, impress with triplestep swingouts at any tempo = 4 x guest leader FOR FREE. ***
A rhythmic and coordinative basic training in connection with typical and traditional Lindy-Hop moves as well as more demanding aspects of jazz-oriented swing dancing: ALL IN 1. 150 minutes per appointment. It's not just 1 dance!
Take a look at the idea behind it -> click!

Is that my level At ALL IN 1, the entire Lindy Hop tradition is on the agenda: Basics, typical moves, variations, combinations, traditional routines, elements from Charleston, Shag, Bal Swing, Blues, Peabody, Authentic Jazz and other dances. You will also learn to teach. This is part of your lesson - because you can only really do what you can teach others! That is why you will train together with beginners - it will help your dancing. Much will be as new to you as it is to her. *
"If you want to get more out of dancing and have better, more fulfilling dances, revisit your basics again & again & again!" *** Simon Selmon, Swing Dance Professional since 1990

The current course block is expected to run until May 28th. We still have space for career changers with suitable prior knowledge! *** Trial dancing: anytime in the “Basics” part from 7pm to 8:10 pm.

The upcoming course block "Triplesteps" course block (probably 6 to 8 dates) starts on June 4th, as soon as at least 12 binding registrations are available (suitable leader / follower ratio)

Costs: Consciously low - so that as much as possible everyone can participate! *** 8 x approx. 2.5 hours = 20 hours: € 100 (reduced € 50). Directly following courses -20%. If you do not want an extension, please inform us up to 4 weeks before your last training evening! *** 1 x basics part (trial / sample / drop-in) € 7 (reduced € 4) *** Those who have more are invited to give more. Then we can be generous where it is necessary ... in the sense of the authentic swing spirit!
*** Special offer for 1 to 2 leaders for the current course (see above) *** Registration: by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please state whether you want to participate as a leader or a follower.
Do you still dance swing? Or already Lindy Hop? I used to miss this dance training - now I'll do it for you! *** "Didactically really excellent!" - Peter S., teacher

In manageable exercise groups you will improve your basic movement and thus your dance. You will receive personal attention and tips. You also expand your repertoire.
Small, motivated group for participants who want more and do something for it. One size fits many, but: Good previous knowledge and “fearless” social dancing required. A challenge for experienced intermediate dancers; even more experienced dancers get new perspectives on the apparently well-known!
Thematic blocks each over several weeks. Here you can take part in individual appointments as well as over several weeks. Or grow regularly and into a committed group that wants to dance continuously better, more diverse, more expressive and musical swing. The content and the training style offer different levels something new, fun and challenging. *
Current topic: Balance! Basis for every dance, every movement - learn to improve balance, how it affects your dancing and moves that signal your progress.

Cost: Pay as much as you can! (Click for more information) For example: For 8 x 90 minutes from € 38, standard € 70 per person. We'd love to come to a trial lesson!
In the culture shop St. Georg, Alexanderstr. 16
Please register in good time by Wednesday, 12 noon at the latest, by email or phone! You can also register using the contact link in the bar on the left. Please indicate whether you want to dance leader or follower. The dance partners are continuously changed in turn. Maximum of 16 participants!
Powered by Dance Devils e. V.
“What you get in price / performance in Dirk's lessons in the St. Georg culture shop is great without exception. I even accept a long train journey to be there. ”- Gaby H. Free trial lesson without registration. Solid previous knowledge required!
Here you will learn: rhythms, frame, connection, isolations, contraction / release, balance, rotations
*** Partner dynamics and timing *** Basics, variations, figure repertoire *** Musicality
Requirements = Swing-out, Circle, Triplestep, Lindy-Charleston, Connection, Momentum, Musicality (phrase, chorus, afterbeat, triplet): these are not foreign words for you - you know what is meant and what you need it for? Have you already tried your skills on the dance floor at swing parties? Can you dance typical simple exercises over a phrase and find the 1 of the next phrase? Join the fun! If you have any doubts, you'd better try the course at 6 p.m.! *** Please note these notes - without suitable (!) Previous knowledge you will unfortunately hold up the others!
Sports fun e. V. (€ 9.90 per month), in the commercial high school Eckernförder Straße 70 (Altona-Nord), auditorium
Open course mixed level (1 + 2) *** Entry at any time *** General knowledge of dance makes sense *** Authentic jazz is the indispensable basis for all swing pair dances *** is hellish fun - individually and together!
African-American jazz dance (vernacular jazz), funny routines, jams or the original Big Apple. In addition, exercises to get to know special movements better and to improve dance body awareness and control. My lesson structure offers you different levels of difficulty.
Current topics: Classic groovy moves, movement techniques and combinations. Development and completion of repertoire.
Sports fun e. V. (€ 9.90 per month), in the commercial high school Eckernförder Straße 70 (Altona-Nord), auditorium
"This workshop (musicality) is by far the best I have attended in this field."
- Robin Stam
Three concentrated hours to get rockstep, kickstep, triplestep, flow, groove, musicality and the typical swing feeling into your body - and to synchronize it with the music. The classic cars of the Savoy Ballroom say: “All dancing comes from the music. It's about rhythm and style! ”Here you specifically practice this“ true basic step ”, the foundation of swing dancing, which creates the special partner connection in the couple! Selected, simple figures help you practice. *

Who is it for? Everyone, with or without prior knowledge.
Kulturladen St. Georg, Alexanderstr. 16, Tel. 040-28054862. Registration required in good time by email or phone! You can also register using the contact link in the bar on the left. Please indicate whether you want to dance as a leader or a follower. The dance partners are continuously changed in turn. Maximum of 24 participants!
Costs: from 12 €, standard 22 €, cost information here
Powered by Dance Devils e. V.
Mike & Maeva improvise. Think away from the figures and just look at the rhythmic variations, inspired by the music and the dance partner: that's it!

The exact content depends on the course.
The courses and workshops take place with a minimum number of registered participants: Kulturladen and Kulturschloss from 6, HuSV from 12. No advance registration for courses at Sportspaß, just come.

Please register as early as possible. Not just to get a seat. But also to promote a course from the status “announcement” to the status “will take place”! It also simplifies planning - for example, to adjust the leader / follower ratio - and thus helps to enable the low costs.

For the couple dance offers, registration in pairs is recommended, but not required. Individual follower registrations usually clearly outweigh the individual leader registrations, so that individual followers unfortunately often have to reckon with a rejection. A small overhang is possible.