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Title (required field)How harmful are cigarettes?
Inquiry date01. 09. 2008
Question (required field) Hello, I'm 15 and I smoke a cigarette every now and then. my question is now whether there is a difference in how harmful a cigarette can be? With alcohol, for example, you can tolerate more if you weigh more, or if you drink a lot, you can tolerate a little more. is that also the case with cigarettes? and if so in which case?
answerDear jn It is good that you are worrying about smoking. It would of course be best if you didn't smoke at all, because every cigarette is actually bad because it is harmful to the body. You're right: if you weigh more, you can drink a little more alcohol without getting drunk. However, this does not mean that alcohol does less harm to the body. Every human liver is overwhelmed by a certain amount of alcohol and can no longer break it down as well. Drinking too much is definitely harmful, regardless of whether you are fat or thin. It's the same with our lungs and smoking. Every cigarette contains tar that settles on the cilia in your lungs. If too many of these film hairs are stuck with tar, shortness of breath or a strong cough will set in. At the same time, smoking increases the risk of cancer, causes colds and runny nose more often, and damages the skin. That means: No one can tolerate cigarettes better than other people, they harm everyone equally. If you have the feeling that you smoke too much and are wondering whether you might get addicted, you can find out how to quit on this page: -it-be-rauchstopp.html Greetings your Tschau