How do I find ghosts in Mumbai

Mystery: The cursed Aarey Milk Colony near Mumbai

During the day, the Aarey Milk Colony is a local recreation area near the Indian city of Mumbai. Families come to the lake and have a picnic in the meadows. But at night the area is deserted. Because then supposedly the ghosts appear.

There are numerous stories circulating on the Internet such as the following about a creepy hitchhiker who is supposed to make the Aarey Milk Colony unsafe.

The woman is dressed all in white. She stands under a tree on the street, and sometimes she has a child by the hand.

As soon as a car approaches, she runs to the middle of the street. If it continues, the woman follows the car, sometimes for miles. She screams loudly, her eyes are wide open. At some point she disappears again in the forest.

If a car stops, the woman asks for a lift. At first everything seems normal. The driver does not see anything unusual in the rearview mirror.

But when he turns his head and looks straight back, there is a screaming woman with a bloodied face and a demon grimace. When she takes another look in the mirror, the woman is again sitting unharmed and calm in the back seat.

Knocking noises and babbling babies in the back seat

There are numerous such stories. Sometimes it's about an old man who appears out of nowhere and then disappears into thin air again. Sometimes inexplicable baby screams should be heard.

Someone else said they heard strange knocking noises in the car while driving through the Aarey Milk Colony. Looking in the mirror, he saw a human-like figure in the back seat. After he left the area, the noise and shadow in the back seat were gone.

A taxi driver transporting two young women didn't just see the two passengers in the rearview mirror. Next to them sat a baby repeating words of their conversation. As he watched, the baby grew and got bigger.

Allegedly, black masses are also supposed to be held in the region, people have already been observed performing strange rituals on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Even corpses are said to have been tied to trees.

The spook begins in the night

The streets in this area are deserted at night. Because supposedly ghosts have been up there for decades. Locals avoid the area after dark.

During the day, the Aarey Milk Colony is an idyllic local recreation area. The 16 square kilometer area between Mumbai and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a green paradise with lakes, gardens, restaurants and a hospital. In 1951, the largest dairy in Asia was opened here, and there are still countless dairy farms to this day.

Families go there to picnic, athletes jog, film crews shoot in the idyllic landscape. But many actors allegedly insist on leaving the premises in the evening. Too many horrific tales of ghosts, corpses and strange accidents off the Aarey Road scared them.

It is not clear where the horror stories come from. However, the region is considered unsafe at night, and the police are warning of robbers and thieves. Perhaps this gave rise to the legends of ghosts and strange apparitions.

Harmless dissolution of a dreadful experience

Perhaps many people feel the same way as a blogger who reports on an observation he made when he was twelve in the Aarey Milk Colony. He explored the area after dark. The deeper he went, the colder and quieter it got.

At some point he spotted a car parked on the side of the road. Apparently nobody was in it. But then something strange happened: the car was moving up and down. The boy panicked and ran away. He believed he saw the notorious ghosts of the Aarey Milk Colony.

In fact, the story was probably quite easy to explain, as he discovered years later. Because when he watched "Titanic", his mystery story vanished into thin air.

A love scene in the film takes place in a car. No people can be seen from the outside because the windows are fogged up. But the car moves up and down due to the activity of the couple in it ...