Ingestion of semen can be harmful

Is swallowing sperm healthy?

Swallowing semen: calories, taste and the question of "why?"

We have taken up the explosive topic of swallowing sperm for you and collected important facts and questions. More here!

Swallow sperm or spit while giving a blowjob? That is the question. There are women who like to do it and many others who would not even think about it. Basically: Everyone should do what they feel most comfortable with. Whatever your personal preferences, these semen-related things might be interesting for everyone.

Key facts about semen

The Semen or ejaculate is the liquid that the man or his penis gives off during an orgasm. The word Ejaculate is derived from the Latin participeiaculatum (= to throw out). Synonyms for this are terms such as sperm, sperm, semen (liquid) and sperm cells.

However, this is not medically correct: semen is the man's seminal fluid. This in turn consists of sperm, epithelial cells of the testicular tubules and the actual seminal fluid, the seminal plasma. A man can produce up to 300 million sperm per day. Fresh A healthy man's semen is milky-cloudy, slightly shiny and has a pH value between 7 and 7.8. By the way, film sperm is made from starch and water.

Swallow sperm? Yes or no? Many women find it arousing to swallow the sperm in the heat of the moment, others find it just gross and off-putting. Everyone should only do what they think is right and not let anyone push them to swallow sperm. Having fun in sex should always come first, only then can the love life be fulfilling for both.

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We have addressed the explosive topic Swallow sperm accepted. Here we tell you how many women actually swallow sperm, how many spit, why it is important to some men and what you should definitely pay attention to during oral sex. Here are the things you need to know about swallowing cum:

1. Swallow or spit semen?

We asked our readers the question "swallow sperm or not?" and it came out: the narrow majority, namely 53 percent of women prefer to spit out after a blowjob and 47 percent actually swallow the male ejaculate. So women are divided when it comes to swallowing sperm.

2. How many calories does semen have?

It's actually not as much sperm as women often think: the normal amount of an ejaculate is between 2 and 6 milliliters. That's no more than a tablespoon of semen. For all figure-conscious among us, let it be said: Cum doesn't make fat either. A load of male juice has just about 5 calories.

3. Do men like it when women swallow their sperm?

Probably no man will complain about a blowjob and for many it is the absolute icing on the cake when she swallows his sperm at the end. For him it is obviously particularly flattering because she completely surrenders to him and a little bit of the feeling of power should also provide that special kick. Don't let him force you to do anything that you don't really want, even during a blowjob. Because there is still the matter of taste ...

4. How does semen taste?

The taste of semen differs from man to man and depends largely on diet and lifestyle. The color, texture, and amount of this protein charge also vary widely. Unfortunately, we've rarely heard of chocolate or strawberry-flavored semen.

Most women would probably agree if we said that the taste takes some getting used to. Something in between truffle, moldy or mushroom. Those who are disgusted with it shouldn't swallow either. Occasionally women also report in relevant forums that they get diarrhea from swallowing semen to have. However, this reaction cannot be scientifically proven!

5. Improve semen taste - is that possible?

Yes, it actually works, but unfortunately certain foods can also make the taste worse. Pineapple, for example, has a particularly positive influence on the taste of semen. The sugar contained in the fruit makes the semen sweeter. The gentlemen of creation should keep their hands off nicotine, alcohol and garlic - they have a negative effect on the taste of sperm.

6. Beautiful hair thanks to sperm?

In fact, sperm contains so many proteins that it can help give hair strength and fullness. Should we actually do without expensive hair treatments in the future and swallow the cum while giving a blowjob? We are a little skeptical whether it will really help ...

7. Swallow sperm = fewer wrinkles?

Researchers at the University of Graz came to the conclusion that the spermidine contained in the sperm can slow down the aging process somewhat. Is it really a miracle cure for radiant, beautiful skin? Supposedly, it also helps against blemishes and dry skin when we use it as a face mask. Why exactly? Because of the active ingredients such as vitamins, proteins, the already mentioned sperimidine and zinc. Okay, volunteer ahead!

8. Risk of infection through semen

Very important: You can also become infected with diseases such as the HI virus during oral sex. Therefore, it is imperative to rely on safe sex, use condoms or, if in doubt, do not put the penis in your mouth at the beginning and avoid oral sex and swallowing sperm!

9. Plea for fun during sex

Last but not least, it must be said: Having fun with sex comes first. Just try out what turns you on and what doesn't in bed - this is the only way that sex can be really good and fulfilling for both! Do you turn on swallowing cum? Then do it and don't be persuaded you are a slut for that. You don't want to swallow? Then let it go and don't let anyone persuade you that you're uptight. Sex is only as good as you make it!

10. What is sperm made of?

Sperm is made up of three parts. First there is the milky substance that is formed in the prostate and contains proteins, as well as zinc. The second component forms the main part of the sperm volume and comes from the vesicle glands. This component also contains protein to make the sperm fit for the journey they have to travel. Last but not least, the sperm cells come from the epididymis in the form of the third component.

Remove sperm stains: that's how it works

If you get a little sperm on bed linen or clothes while making love, there are home remedies that will quickly help remove the sperm stains. In order to be able to best remove the sperm without leaving any residues, it is advisable to act immediately and not wait until the sperm has dried up.

  1. Remove sperm stains with water: Make sure you use cold water when removing the sperm stains. If you use hot water, the protein enzymes contained in the sperm begin to break down faster and thus solidify in the textiles. This in turn ensures that there is residue in clothing or bed linen. You should also use the cold water on your skin to remove the sperm residues.
  2. Remove semen with lemon juice: The lemon juice is ideal as a cleaning agent - even if it was a bit messy. The acidity of lemon can also remove sperm stains. Simply distribute a few splashes of it on the stain, let it work for a short time and wash out with it.

Swallowing sperm for the first time

Do you agree with yourself that the next time you have a blowjob or sex you want to swallow the cum while he enjoys his climax? If you are not sure how to best proceed, we recommend that you discuss it again beforehand. After all, it is important to be able to talk to each other about it. You alone make the decision whether you want to swallow the sperm or not. Arrange a sign with your partner to give them to know when to react. It is also advisable to swallow the semen quickly and not keep it in your mouth for too long. If you spontaneously decide against swallowing, you just spit it out. Make sure that you have tissues, for example handkerchiefs or facial tissues, ready. A glass of water never hurts either!

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