What do Bettas need in their tank

Fighting fish attitude

What does the perfect fighting fish aquarium look like?

Basically, the fighting fish is easy to care for and therefore popular with beginners. Since it is relatively small, there is no need to get an overly large aquarium. A volume of at least 54l is necessary. It should be about two feet long. The smaller nano fighting fish can also be kept in aquariums with a capacity of around 30 liters.

Because of their large fins, the fighting fish often need plenty of energy and space to move around in the water. However, there are advantages to having a small basin as well. The Betta then has to defend a smaller area and the temperature of the water should be around 26 ° C. Above all, lower temperatures below 20 ° C are a problem for the animal. You will then hardly move at all. You can heat up the water in a 30l aquarium with a 25W heating element.

The optimal pH value for the Bettas is 5 to 7. You should never go outside this range. The optimal water hardness is described as 5 to 15. Under no circumstances should an artificial current be installed. In its homeland, the Betta lives in still lakes. The aquarium should also come close to these circumstances.

Which plants should be present in the aquarium?

Plants are also a must when keeping fighting fish. These are planted on the pool floor. Asian plants are always preferable to European aquatic plants. Fighting fish like quite dense plant forests and smaller floating plants. Nevertheless, there should be space on the surface of the water for the foam nests that the fighting fish build. The swimming plants make the pools a little darker, which is advisable for the animal. Red-green and white-green marsh plants provide optimal shade. Real stones and real wood can be used as decoration. The covering on the pelvic floor can be varied almost at will. Only bright or colored stones are taboo. Apart from that, everything from gravel and round stones to sand is possible.

Basically, there is no need for a filter. In this case, however, most of the water needs to be changed once a week. In this respect, smaller internal filters are definitely an advantage. They are quiet and usually adjustable. In addition, you can rely on water conditioners. The chemical additives remove any heavy metals that may be present. Too much of a good thing, however, destroys important bacteria that even a fish needs from time to time. These form in the aquarium after about four weeks. You should let the pool run in until you adopt the animal.

Fighting fish attitude at a glance

  • The fighting fish aquarium should be at least 60cm long and have a volume of 54l
  • The temperature of the water should be around 26 ° C
  • The ideal pH of the water is 5 to 7
  • The optimal water hardness ranges from 5 to 15
  • An artificial current is to be avoided
  • Pay attention to a relatively dense planting with smaller floating plants
  • Leave space on the surface of the water for the fish's foam nests
  • Asian plants are recommended
  • Real stones and wood can be used as decoration
  • Bright or colored stones are not suitable as a substrate