Who is the current CEO of Yahoo Inc.

Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! Inc.

I thought I wanted to be an electrical engineer, which I turned out to be. But I was always curious about other things too, and what if I got interested in history or the law?

Jerry Yang Chih-Yuan is an American entrepreneur from Taiwan. When he was 10, he moved from Taipei to San José, California. "Shoe" was the only English word he knew at the time. Still, as the co-founder and longtime CEO of Yahoo! Inc. has had a steep career.

Back then...

... in 1994 he founded the Internet directory "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web" with David Filo. It was created during her PhD at Standford University. At the electronics faculty, they worked together on a navigation aid for the Internet.

In the middle of the 90s, the number of websites listed in the web catalog became larger and more confusing. With the idea of ​​organizing the content according to categories, Yang and Filo developed an annotated collection of bookmarks. Your balance in autumn 1994 was impressive: within a few months you had booked a million inquiries from 100,000 users. It didn't take long for the student tracing service project to become an official company. And in April 1996, their search engine went public under the name Yahoo as one of the first pure Internet companies.

The Internet boom helped the pioneers rise quickly. Your concept of an Internet portal that integrates content and services was innovative at the time. More and more international portals were opened, from countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, China and India to Canada, all continents were "yahooned" by the turn of the millennium. A decade after it was founded, sales were over $ 5 billion.

Irony of fate: At that time, Yang supported an equally aspiring Internet company with $ 10 million from his private fortune, which brought him a return of 5,000%. Nevertheless, he will always regret this decision - it was Google Inc. While Yang viewed AOL and Microsoft as main competitors, he had hopelessly underestimated the search engine, which is now the undisputed number 1. In the field of online advertising in particular, Google was ahead of the game from the start.

Yahoo declined the purchase by Microsoft in February 2008. And the attempt to cooperate with Google also failed. Yang's independence strategies for Yahoo's future were unsuccessful. In November 2008 he had to give up his position as CEO, which he had only started in July 2007. Before that, he had held various other management positions in the company.


... Yang no longer works for Yahoo. Until January 2012 he had worked for "his" internet company and was part of the supervisory board. His current net worth is estimated at $ 1.7 billion.

Image: Jerry yang 2010 (4555102908) from Yahoo, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons, cropped