James Potter is a tyrant

James Potter versus Severus Snape - any official word?

In the deep structure, James Potter and Severus Snape can be interpreted as aspects of the same character.

As a child, Harry Potter had an admiring view of his father based only on his positive qualities - like most children did from their parents - and he disliked Snape because of Snape's apparent dislike of himself and because of the little knowledge of Snape's treatment of his father . As we now know, he has a justification for all three of these bases of his view, but that does not mean that he either looks at man with either adult wisdom or with sufficient knowledge to make a judgment. He still has a lot to learn.

As a full grown adult, Harry lends his own first son the first name of his father James as a first name and Snape's first name Severus his second son as a middle name .

In between, Harry searches for information about the past as a teenager and as he develops his own personality, and goes through tests in the present, and for one while will be the way he will both his father and Snape looks more negative. His attitude towards his father is drifting away from childish admiration, and his fear, and perhaps even his dislike of Snape, increases.

Significantly, his understanding of the relationship between his father and Snape played a role in maturing his attitude towards both of them.

Snape comes in as a negative, of course, even if the idea of ​​a caretaker who is likely an agent of evil, as recognized by the children's protagonists but not Dumbledore, is not one of the best executed themes in the series. Although he does not completely lose dark aspects, he does lose them in the extreme form Harry imagines them in, and of course he does lose them in what is essential : the question on which side Harry understands that he feels obliged, unwavering and even at the expense of his life. He is viewed as essential and deeply positive by Harry - a man to be admired, a man Harry names his second son after. As we all know, Snape's revelation is not a hostile agent, not even a double agent who fooled his own father figure Dumbledore - a grandfather figure to Harry - but a triple agent who has been steadfast throughout his tenure as a teacher at Hogwarts on the side of the good guys, is a dramatic moment in the seventh novel.

But we find that the son Harry names after Snape is his second. For reinforcement, we also note that it is the first name of his first son who is James and the second of his second son who is Severus. In a way, Snape is welcomed into the family. In another sense, blood is thicker than water. Harry's love for his father, which waned, is now regained and has moved to a higher level.

If James Potter and Severus Snape could meet at the end of the series, it would be obvious that they would meet as dear friends or, in my interpretation, as now harmoniously combined aspects of a single structural entity - not revered, not feared, but by Harry admired and loved as an adult. There will also be no bullying or resentment. The conflict between them was surpassed.

In the deep structure the question of which is the better man is the wrong one because it fails to get to the underlying features of the relationship between them as it manifests itself in the story - in the diachronism of Harry's experience it grows up - just that is the reason for the two men's own characters.

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The question specifically requires evidence of JK Rowling's opinion and not speculation on the part of the respondent.