Why do you think Justin Bieber has withdrawn

'Oh fuck, damn it,' I mumbled softly. Why the hell did every fucking day in Los Angeles have to start with a headache?

"Well, my unlucky one," I heard Kelly's voice from somewhere.

"What happened?" I asked her, opening my eyes. Immediately a terrible, stabbing pain shot through my head. I immediately noticed that I was lying in a hospital room.

"You snogged a concrete pillar," she revealed, and giggled.

> Do you think that's a bit funny? Kelly, I most likely made out with Justin Bieber, okay? And then he was standing right in front of me while I was wearing a bikini with him. His face on my left breast ... oh my god! The realization hit me pretty hard again. The very thought was absolutely absurd. There had to be another explanation. More likely, they just looked alike. Still embarrassing ...

"What nonsense, I mean to know," I said, and giggled too.

'What do you mean?' She asked me.

> How did I get the idea that I snogged Justin Bieber? What nonsense, "I laughed at myself now. Kelly looked at me confused. My accident seemed to have mutated into the purest minor matter.

'Are you sure the guy from the gas station wasn't your guy from the evening?' She asked, still confused.

"Oh yes, I'm pretty sure but it's rubbish that I thought he was Justin Bieber," I shook my head to get the mischief out of my mind.

'Well, whatever you think, but the guy from the gas station was Justin Bieber,' she said with conviction.

> How do you want to know? Just because he looks like him in your magazine? 'I asked, amused.

"No, because ... he's ... standing outside the door!" Was all she said. At first I stiffened up again, but then I thought about how absurd it was.

"What nonsense!" I said, and started to laugh.

> Why? He called the ambulance after watching you fall against the pillar! 'She said so convinced that I almost had to believe it.

> My God, Jo, I know how crazy it sounds but it's true, should I get him in?
'You are telling the truth!' I stated now.

> Just say! But I have to say, your stunt was really ready for a movie!
> Oh, by the way. Because of the party at the club ... <, she pushed around.

I asked suspiciously.

> You made out with Justin Bieber! I'm sorry! 'She laughed. I looked at her confused.

"How do you know that?" I asked her puzzled.

> I asked him if he was kissing a girl two days ago at a party. You don't believe what a caught face he made, "she revealed.

"And then?" I wanted to know curiously.

> Asked me how I knew that and then I said that I was there! <, She laughed and sat down on the bed next to me.

> And then? <,

'Then he asked if I knew you and if I had your number because you suddenly disappeared and I said he should ask you himself,' she laughed even more: 'You should have seen his face than you should have seen it Realization hit the face

"You told him I made out with him?" I asked her, shocked.

"Not directly!" She defended herself.

> You are so stupid, why did you do that? Oh MY ... I'm dying! 'I screeched.

> Take it easy, you would never have done it you shit <,

How could she! Why did she even tell me? Couldn't she have let me have my dreams? Instead, I now knew that I would never have a chance at my dream man. Funny kind of, when I saw Justin Bieber on TV, I never felt like that. That I hadn't noticed in the club !? But sometimes you couldn't see the forest for the trees! However, I suddenly remembered the strange feelings as soon as I heard his songs. As if my body already knew it itself.

"And what do you think I should do?" I asked my best friend anxiously.

'Talk to him!' She suggested to me.

"I can't talk to him, are you crazy?" I answered her, shocked.

> So you want to keep him waiting? Good tactic, you keep men waiting! 'She giggled.

> I was serious, I won't talk to him! That's Justin Bieber out there !!
"So what, is just a guy like any other," she replied with a shrug.

> A guy like any other? Do you really believe that? 'I asked her seriously.

"No, I don't, but you have to believe it so that you can talk to him!", She smiled contentedly. Now I laughed too, finally! Though my head was still throbbing. Did I have a lump?

"Oh what the heck, we're just going around in circles, I'll get him now," she said suddenly. I tried to stop them but with moderate success.

'Kelly ... Kelly!' I kept shouting.

"Damn bitch, you've been my friend until the longest time !!!", she didn't let that put her off and she was already gone from the room. I would have loved to scream and scream like a little child, even more would have loved to run after her and pull her hair back. Unfortunately, I didn't know where exactly Justin, slash, dream guy was and I didn't want to embarrass myself any more. In addition, I didn't really feel able to walk yet, so fleeing wasn't an option either!

So while I was wondering how I could best avoid it all, there was a knock on the door. My heart sank into my pants. I was afraid I would lose my language. I quickly turned away from the door, knowing that if I saw his eyes, I wouldn't be able to utter a word.

"Yes?" I gasped and quickly pulled my blanket down to my head. I tried to cover my face with my hair. I know, kind of stupid, but I was in real panic.

Anyway, I heard the door open and someone walk into my room. My heart was pounding with excitement.

"Miss Stratford?" My excitement fizzled out instantly, giving way to an uneasy disappointment. The fear of not seeing him anymore, even when I was so panic. So Kelly had screwed me after all. After turning around, I looked into the face of a friendly-looking older man in a white coat and just assumed that it was the doctor.

'Yes?' I asked disappointed.

"How are you?" He asked me kindly.

"It's okay, a headache," I replied curtly.

"You had a concussion and a small bump on your head!" He now explained to me. Hmm, Kelly could have told me too, but conversations about boys were much more important than my health.

"I do hope your friend has notified her family," said the doctor.

"Talked to my dad," I lied to him. I didn’t let myself get a concussion, ruined my first trip with my girlfriend.

"Well, I'll check on you again this evening," he said and smiled pleasantly: "You stay here the night, but you can go again tomorrow."

Annoyed, I looked after him as he disappeared through the door. I continued to look at the door in shock when a young man squeezed past the doctor. I stared at him in shock.

When he saw me he smiled shyly. He just looked hot and ... oh yeah, it was actually Justin Bieber ...

Slowly he came closer, he was still smiling. I swallowed nervously! What did he want from me anyway? I mean, he was one of the biggest superstars and I was just an Omaha country bitch.

'Hey, are you feeling better?' He asked me: 'It was a really nasty stunt!'

The only thing I could get out was a squeak. How could you be so nervous? I tensed up and clenched my hands in the bedspread. His mischievous grin suggested he noticed.

"Grrr," he suddenly growled and approached me like a vampire. I winced when he suddenly tickled me. I screeched out loud.

> Stop it! What are you doing? 'I shouted, laughing, I could hardly breathe.

> I wanted to bite you. Somehow had the feeling that you would expect that from me, "he explained playfully and grinned at me. At first I didn't buckle what he meant by that, but then the saying "I don't bite" came up to me! Thinking about it, I had to smile too.

"Joke!" I replied and laughed again.

'Can I finally find out your name now?' He asked to distract me from the subject. I looked at him in surprise. Should I?

> You still don't know him? Not even from Kelly? 'I asked him in astonishment.

> Hmm not directly!
"What does not mean directly?", Wow, how confident I suddenly was.

> Well, I already know it but would like to know it from you <,

He hadn't told me his name either, knowing that I already knew who he was!

"Sorry, but I think I remembered that I had to consult a magazine first to find out your name!" I joked, pouting. He smiled again, and he had a stunning smile. I had just re-inserted myself and he immediately threw me out of my orbit.

> Okay won! Justin Drew Bieber!
"Yeah," I just stammered out.

> Like Billy Bob? Thornton no longer fits, 'he asked jokingly. That immediately reminded me of the club night! Immediately I thought of the kiss too. My sweat glands seemed to overturn during production ...

> Yo ..se ..phine! <, I squeezed out further.

"I said I won't bite," he said with a smile. I wasn't afraid of him biting me either. More like that I would do something embarrassing at any moment ... I took another deep breath in and out.

"Josephine Gray Stratford!" I introduced myself, embarrassed.

> It's a nice name, nice to finally get to know you! <,

I almost wondered why he wanted to get to know me at all, or why he was so pleased about it? Fortunately, I was just barely able to hold back the urge.

"Why Jo?" He asked and sat down next to me on a stool. I had the suspicion that it was going to be a more intimate conversation. My heart started pounding again.

> It's just shorter. All my friends just call me Jo, 'I told him.

"May I call you that too?" He asked with a slightly indefinable undertone. Confused about the question, I simply nodded. Did that mean he wanted to be friends with me?

'Why did you disappear in the first place?' He asked me after a few minutes in which I was lost in his eyes. I blinked my eyes quickly to break eye contact. Hopefully he hadn't noticed anything.

He looked at me rather curiously, with his beautiful eyes, the full and soft lips and generally with the face that robbed me of my mind!

"Kelly came suddenly when you got the drinks, she just pulled me out," I explained guiltily.

"Oh," he muttered. The mood in the room was more than tense. My face seemed to glow.

'Strange coincidence, I just want to fill up quickly and meet you!' He changed the subject again. The club must have kept reminding him of things that he had better not think about.

"Hmm yes," I simply replied. I'm just busy with his face! I tried to memorize it somehow in case I never saw him again afterwards, except on TV, of course.

> You have to tell me about the bikini again at some point!
His face was printed right on my left chest, the more I thought about it, the more embarrassing it got. It would have been awfully embarrassing in front of a normal boy, but before, I-stick-on-your-chest, in person, it was unimaginably embarrassing.

"Yes, maybe someday," I pushed around. Maybe never?

> How about dinner at six tomorrow night? I'll pick you up from the hotel room! 'I stared at him, surprised.

> Should I ...? What ... should I?
Justin wrote something on a piece of paper and gave it to me.

Go out with me!

Yes No Maybe?

If I hadn't been so horrible, scared, I could have laughed at the note, but something was constricting all my organs. This also included the trachea and stomach. The dull feeling in it prevented me from getting a word out of my lips.

Going out with a superstar ... pf .. I did clack every day! Yes, just keep talking to you yo!

I swallowed hard. The lump seemed as big as the Westroads Mall in Omaha ...

> Why do you want to go out to dinner with me?
> The question is not why I want it, but whether you want it! <,

Some thoughts quickly passed my brain. Paparazzi, hatred, my life would change drastically ... Damn nonsense, he just wants to go out to eat, don't marry you right away Jo ...

'May I think about it?' I asked anyway. How crazy was I actually ... ?? I expected a shocked, need-to-think-about look, but he smiled apparently satisfied.

"Strange, I almost expected the answer," he admitted, looking inconspicuously at his wrist watch.

> I will give you my cell phone number and you will just report when you have decided! <, He suggested. I nodded in surprise.

"Where do you have your cell phone?" He asked further and I was looking in the room when I saw my backpack on a stool right next to me. I quickly turned and rummaged for my cell phone that I then gave him. He tapped it and then handed it back to me. There was a cell phone number and the abbreviation “JDB” underneath, I smiled unconsciously.

I took his little piece of paper and ticked "Maybe", then I wrote my cell phone number underneath and gave him the piece of paper back. When he looked at it, he smiled a little, which made my heart pound again.

"What hotel are you in?" He suddenly asked me. I looked at him in amazement.

'How do you know we're staying at the hotel?' I asked back. He pointed to the door and I suspected that he meant Kelly. I could have guessed it right away. I nodded briefly, understanding.

> Best Western. In the city center, "I explained.

"Ah yes, I know that!" He said and looked at his watch again.

"If you still have to go somewhere, I won't stop you," I told him. I didn't want him to get in any more trouble because of me. But somehow I didn't want him to go either.

"Yes, I should have been on my way a long time ago, but I don't want to," he admitted and smiled again. It took me a few minutes to get what he meant. His mischievous grin told me. He didn't want to leave because of me?

"What do you really have to do?" I asked him curiously.

"Actually for a meeting about the promotional tour, my album," he explained. A meeting, somehow inconceivable. He looked so young and yet he was so busy. The only thing I did was go to school and take part in swimming championships, but that just seemed so unimportant and tiny in relation to what he had to do every day ...

"I don't want you in trouble because of me!" I admitted, giving him a sympathetic look. He smiled relaxed at me.

> I'm not getting into any trouble, but I should really go slowly!
He smiled again and motioned for me to call him about the decision before he actually disappeared through the door. Even after he was gone, I only relaxed slowly, but what happens very, very quickly was the crippling feeling of longing and loneliness. I wasn't really in love with him, was I? Even when Kelly came back in with her "I-told-you-you-look", I didn't feel any better. Even my best friend couldn't take my feelings away, not even those of loneliness.

> You bad finger you! We have just been in L.A. for half a day and you're about to make out with Mister-Superstar par excellence, "she laughed after sitting on the same stool Justin was sitting on. I took my cell phone and quickly looked for the abbreviation "JDB" in the contacts, I knew that she got it because she knew almost everything about every celebrity. When I gave her the phone, she almost freaked out.

'Oh my GODTTT, you bitch,' she shouted almost hysterically.

"Man Kelly be quiet," I warned her, looking around the room as if there were some people standing there watching us.

"And what happens now?" She asked curiously, staring at me so hard that I had the impression that her eyes would pop out of their sockets at any moment.

"He ... he invited me to dinner," I admitted.

> FUCK, oh my ... and you accepted,
'Not that straightforward?' I admitted.

> How now? Are you crazy? We're talking about Justin Bieber girl, 'she almost shouted again.

> Yes exactly, that's why yes! Do you know what it means to date a superstar? Paparazzi who could catch us. Imagine the headline! Superstar meets country man! <, I mumbled sadly and disappointed. Disappointed that I had to meet a superstar, of all people, who would never work out anyway. Kelly looked at me sympathetically.

"You only go out to eat, that doesn't necessarily mean anything," she tried to reassure me.

> Yeah sure, Justin Bieber is dating a girl and that doesn't mean anything. Explain that to the paparazzi and, above all, to his fans. At the thought of his fans I had to choke very hard down the Westroads Mall again ...

> But you can't just let this opportunity slip by! When does a normal girl like us get lucky? 'She asked me.

> You call it luck, I call it ... bad luck. Why can't he be normal like us? 'I asked unhappily.

'You like him', she stated unnecessarily: 'Otherwise you wouldn't worry so much now',

"I fell for him when we were at the club!" I admitted and sighed.

> Stop thinking about “what if” or “why isn't it”! Completely unnecessary, because he's Justin Bieber. Go out with him and if it sucks, you'll never meet again! It's that simple

"It's not that simple," I countered.

'You're worrying too much again',

'Doesn't he actually have a girlfriend?' I asked her as it occurred to me.

> You just don't educate yourself. He hasn't been dating Selena Gomez for a few months! You're just looking for excuses not to go out with him.

"As if it had something to do with education!" I countered, which is why my friend stuck out her tongue. Yes friend, "best", was deleted! Let's see when I would delete the "girlfriend" ...

> I love you like a sister to my little JoJo mouse, but if you don't take this chance, we have been best friends, <, she pouted now. Ditto, I thought! I hated it when she pouted ...

> I hate you! I swear, as soon as something nasty about me appears in the news or in any magazines, I'll make you cold! Kelly grinned instantly with satisfaction.

"When should it take place?" Was already starting to plan, I sighed.

'Tomorrow evening, six o'clock!' I told her reluctantly.
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