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As of November 16, 2020
The main results
The GDP in 2019 was CHF 727 billion (1995: CHF 418 billion), the gross value added CHF 707 billion (1995: CHF 405 billion). Looking at the development of the economic sectors (share of gross value added) over the period between 1995 and 2019 shows the steady increase in the service sector from 68.5% (1995) to 73.8% (2019). During the same period, the share of the industrial sector decreased from 30.0% to 25.5%, although this sector did not shrink in absolute terms, but only grew more slowly than the tertiary sector. The primary sector, on the other hand, suffered a noticeable decline, its share of value added falling from 1.4% (1995) to 0.7% (2019).

An analysis of the structure of the production account according to institutional sectors is also interesting. From this it can be seen for 2019 that the output of the sectors “non-financial corporations and private households” accounts for a good 78% of gross value added, while the value added of the two sectors “financial corporations” and “general government” account for around 10% each. The share of private non-profit organizations is slightly less than 2%.
If one analyzes the contributions of the individual sectors to macroeconomic GDP growth in 2019, it is manufacturing, health and social services as well as real estate and housing that made the strongest contributions to growth. On the other hand, it was retail and the arts, entertainment and recreation sectors that made a negative contribution to growth in 2019.

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