How does YouTube make suggestions

Against stupid videos: reset YouTube video recommendations

Smartphone, tablet, notebook, TV: YouTube is everywhere and anyone who has personalized their YouTube account on all devices will receive video recommendations based on videos they have already seen, liked or commented on and on channels they have subscribed to. Sometimes, however, strange recommendations emerge after a while that do not correspond to your own taste at all. We show how you can reset the recommendations and get more relevant suggestions again.

First, you open YouTube in your web browser and log in with your account data.

Then you open the history. There you delete all unwanted videos in the playback history. However, it is better to delete the entire history in order to receive completely new recommendations afterwards.

Apparently, YouTube also takes into account videos that have already been searched. Therefore you should also delete the search history.

After that, YouTube starts almost from scratch again, because channels that have already been subscribed to, and videos that have been liked or commented on remain the basis for YouTube video recommendations. If the recommendations get off track again after a while, the playback and search history are deleted again.

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