How to design a ceramic bowl

Fair ceramics

Last spring, Helvetas, a Swiss development organization, launched a design collection for the first time. After the textile designer Sonnhild Kestler and the jewelry designer Ma Schellenberg, Giulia Maria Beretta is now designing a fair ceramic set. The fashion designer Eliane Ceschi has been working as a product manager for the organization for four years: "Friends told me they'd like to shop with us, but they couldn't always find something to their liking." Due to previous contacts, she hired the textile designer Sonnhild Kestler. In doing so, she laid the foundation for two editions a year with Swiss designers. Beretta's ceramics are fair not only because of the income that Helvetas puts back into aid projects, but also because of the conditions of production: a family business in Vietnam specializing in ceramics produces the collection. Helvetas has been working with producers for ten years and guarantees them permanent employment with fair wages and further training. There are two sets: “Kitty” and “Jock”, each consisting of three hand-painted ceramic bowls with lids. The four bowls, "Mustache", "Lip", "Ear" and "Eye", which make up the sets, are also available individually. Giulia Maria Beretta sent her watercolor drawings to Vietnam, which were then converted into products in close cooperation with her, poured by hand, fired, painted and glazed. Available now in the Helvetas Fairshop on Weinbergstrasse in Zurich or here.