What is the Artemis Virus on McAfee

McAfee False Positive: Security versus Security

An error in the signature database of the McAfee virus scanner recently ensured that users received a virus warning when installing the well-known WinPatrol security tool. The installer is said to have contained the "Artemis! 4FAE1D776481" Trojan - a misjudgment that WinPatrol developer Bill Pytlovany reported to McAfee shortly afterwards. First of all, the antivirus manufacturer replied in the form of an automatic e-mail that the setup file did not contain any known malware, but that it might be a new threat.

The case was passed on to the virus laboratory in Bangalore, India, where the file was examined more closely. Pytlovany meanwhile practiced damage control and replaced the installer component of his software with another product that was not affected by the false positives. Last Sunday, McAfee finally reacted and put the program on the whitelist of its cloud services, which means that the version that has since been replaced did not receive any false positives.

The misjudgment apparently arose from the publication of WinPatrol 19 on October 1st of this year, which made it difficult for many users to install or switch to the new version. Pytlovany fears that the incident could damage the reputation of its software in the long term. Overzealous virus scanners hit again and again when installing harmless software or visiting popular websites. Only recently, the DE-Cleaner developed by Norton mistakenly considered the CAD software Target 3001 to be malicious. AntiVir recently found what it was looking for on Twitter.com. (rei)

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