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The 5 best games with auto-tuning options

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Tuning cars has long since become a reality in racing games too. Here we introduce you to 5 games in which you can do this with a particularly eye for detail.

Assetto Corsa

A huge selection of racing vehicles as well as variously constructed race tracks are available at Assetto Corsa. This game is also one of the best ways to personalize your vehicle. An experience that is definitely very realistic for a video game. Racing slots in the online casino are not quite as realistic, but with an equally high fun factor. However, there you can hardly modify the cars.

Richard Burns rally

Richard Burns was a legendary rally driver. For a few years now there have also been video games with the name of Richard Burns. Richard Burns Rally was a game that was released in 2004. Basically this is a very old game, but in terms of realism this game is probably unique. Great physics and racetracks that let the adrenaline run into your blood immediately know how to inspire you. Tuning the rally car is also one of the big challenges that must be overcome to do well in this game. Definitely a tip for all nostalgic people.


iRacing is a racing simulation that places great emphasis on attention to detail. However, racing is extremely difficult in this game. Other games are quite forgiving of driving errors - but this is not the case with iRacing. So if you are looking for a particularly big challenge, then this game is the right choice. iRacing offers a variety of vehicles that can be customized down to the last detail. From the choice of tires to the engine mapping and the gearbox, almost everything can be fine-tuned down to the smallest detail. A top variant for all people who are looking for particularly realistic games.

F1 2019

You are on the trail of the best Formula 1 drivers when you play F1 2019. This game is probably one of the best Formula 1 simulations currently available for game consoles or PC. In this game you can choose a Formula 1 driver and embody him from the very beginning of his career to become a world champion. The set-up of the vehicle is just as important here in order to have a chance of victories as the right courage and the choice of the best line that you have to find on the respective route.

The great thing about this game: You can drive with the realistic racing teams from the 2019 season. These include Mercedes Boliden, or those from Ferrari, McLaren or Renault. The respective drivers can also be selected and differ from one another depending on their skills. All-round a great gaming experience that makes you want more. And you can also learn a lot about Formula 1 itself in this simulation.

Grans Turismo 6

Gran Turismo is one of those games that has delighted players of all ages for many years. A huge selection of racetracks and even more vehicles can be used here in a wide variety of modes and used in a wide variety of competitions. The way the vehicles are matched to the respective racetrack and the requirements of the respective race are very different everywhere. This is how you can become a real racing expert if you regularly play Gran Turismo and its realistic car races. Overall, a top choice among realistic racing driver simulations.

Car racing is a fascinating thing. It is no coincidence that car races have been inspiring many millions of people for decades. There are also many fans of racing games in the video game sector. It is not only a matter of driving behavior and the gaming experience during racing itself, but also of the vehicle's tuning options. Players love to adapt their cars to the respective conditions in order to have the most advantageous conditions possible for a successful race. The games listed here impressively show how such simulations can be implemented realistically. Many of these games are highly recommended, and it's really fun to tune the cars.

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