What does God want me to do

Philo-Sophie (1)

"God wants us to be fine"

Sophie explains herself and, if someone listens to her, explains the world to others: “God likes it when we are fine and when we do something beautiful. And we can ask him for help, ”she tells me.

"Aha," I nod. "And how do you know that?"

“He once helped a blind man. I don't remember what it was called. But that God helped him, that's for sure. ”Sophie looks at me with great concentration and conviction. And when I asked, he confirms: Yes, he still wants that today.

Sophie likes conversations like that. When I listen to her intently, want to know what she is thinking, what images she has in her head. She feels that I take her statements seriously and that they concern me. I also love to be on the questioning side with her, not to quickly reveal my adult “expertise”, but to hold back.

What would I have answered myself to this question: Who is that, God? Probably the usual: that nobody knows exactly, but that his son Jesus told us about him. That he wants us to fight against injustice, maybe also wants a certain religious practice from us. For a moment I am tempted to lead Sophie to this belief by asking specific questions. But I brake myself.

Suffice it for today: It is important to God that I enjoy what he has created and given me! That I feel good. A strong statement from Sophie that has an impact on me. Because it surprises me, astonishes me and opens up a perspective: How good it is to be able to sit back and relax with this certainty!

Often I don't know what it really is like myself: Where was I before I was born? What does god look like? Where is grandpa now after he died? When do I say someone is really my girlfriend? What do I do if I find someone really stupid but have to get along with him or her? To formulate this as my own questions, to weigh up different answers with Sophie, to challenge her “expertise” and “wisdom” and, yes, to take a position myself - I experience that as a liberating broadening of my own horizons. And I feel gifted and grateful from our conversations.

Elisabeth Amrhein

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