Can renewable energies meet global energy needs?

study Green electricity can meet global needs

In 2050, we could meet 86 percent of the world's energy needs from renewable energies. This is the result of a study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which was published on April 9, 2019 in Berlin. Electricity would then be the central energy source with 50 percent. Of these, a billion e-cars would be moved, but many heating systems would also run on green electricity. A study by the Technical University of Munich had already calculated that this makes sense.

Hydrogen for planes and ships

According to the study, hydrogen would then replace kerosene and oil in air and shipping traffic. With the accelerated use of wind or solar power, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by around 75 percent by 2050. This would also enable our climate targets to be achieved. "Renewable energies are the most effective and easily available solution to reverse the trend of increasing CO2 emissions," said IRENA Director General Francesco La Camera at the presentation of the study.

The race for a climate-secure future has entered a decisive phase.

Francesco La CameraIRENA

In order to achieve these goals, however, the energy sector must now be transformed around the world. According to estimates by IRENA, this will require investments of $ 15 trillion. However, this is already less than estimated in previous studies, since wind and solar power are becoming cheaper and cheaper. With a faster energy transition, every dollar would pay off up to sevenfold through avoided damage from climate change and reduced health costs.