How do I make money with Java

Learn an important programming language as a Java programmer and earn a lot of money


Technology is becoming more and more important in our society. So it is hardly surprising that there is increasing demand for programmers. However, not every programmer can find a job. Many cannot find a job or fail in an attempt to earn a living on their own. Therefore, it is advisable to specialize. A good way to do this is to take the SGD Java programmer course. If you complete this successfully and have the necessary motivation, you can be sure that you will not lack work and that you also earn really well.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Acquire the necessary basic PC skills
  2. Enroll in the Java programmer course
  3. Receive learning materials and study them extensively
  4. Pass the seminar exam to become a Java programmer
  5. Earn an SGD diploma and an SGD certificate
  6. Apply for a well-paid job
  7. Gain experience in the company and save money
  8. Dare to take the plunge into self-employment
  9. Earn money with orders and your own projects



Why actually Java and no other programming language?

Java is an object-oriented programming language that can be used universally and can write programs that are independent of hardware and operating systems. Ultimately, this saves time and money, which of course makes the programming language very interesting for companies. Java can be used for all kinds of innovative tasks and is very promising. In addition, the programming language is robust and dynamic. The only reason to prefer another programming language to Java would be that its applications are not always the fastest. It is currently the case, for example, that somewhat faster applications are possible with C ++. Due to the popularity of Java, however, it can be assumed that this may change in the future and that the programming language will be continuously developed.

In addition, Java is well structured and therefore not too difficult to learn. Another advantage results from the fact that Java programs can be verified before they are executed. This enables web browsers to determine whether they contain viruses. In terms of safety, this is of course very commendable. In general, Java largely stands out from the other programming languages. Only C ++ currently seems to be able to keep up. Therefore, the chances for Java programmers to go looking for a job after completing the course are quite good. Many potential employers attach great importance to good use of Java. Other programming languages ​​are not even necessary in many cases. Even as a self-employed person you have many options. The modern course is therefore a good chance if you wanted to work in the IT area anyway.


Requirements for participating in the SGD course to become a Java programmer

You don't have to be a computer professional to take this course. However, you should definitely have a certain basic PC knowledge. You should also be very interested in computers and programming. So if you are not a technology grouch, you should not register. Because during the learning process, you will certainly have to take some setbacks. After all, especially at the beginning, a lot of things will not work out as you imagine. It is therefore important to keep a cool head and keep going. Internet and HTML knowledge should also be given. At least the basic stuff. It is also necessary to have a good command of written and spoken English. You should also bring a modern PC and internet connection. Only the necessary software is provided.

Since this is a distance learning course, you also have to have the necessary initiative and discipline. However, if all these requirements are met, you can apply with a clear conscience. In theory, this is possible even without a school leaving certificate. To register for the course, however, you have to pay a fee of € 1988.00. However, only if you complete the course within the standard period of study. If you also want to acquire the SGD certificate and attend the necessary seminars (which is advisable to everyone), an additional 14.00 euros per hour are added. That's a lot of money, of course. In terms of what you get, it should definitely be worth it.


Procedure, content and duration of the course to become a Java programmer

The course to become a certified Java programmer usually lasts 14 months. However, if you need more time, that's not a problem. The SGD offers a care service of 21 months. This is already included in the tuition fees. If you learn quickly and want to complete the course as quickly as possible, that is of course also open to you. During the course you will of course learn the Java programming language. This includes, among other things, object-oriented programming with Java, the development tool Eclipse, SQL and querying server architectures. In addition to this specific specialist knowledge, you are also specifically prepared for the tasks that arise as a later Java programmer. Even the development of sophisticated software is taught during the course. Incidentally, it is a state-approved qualification. Thus, of course, the job opportunities are much better.