What is the hardest job in the world

If your job is too strenuous for you, you should consider the following professions, because the work of these people is really no picnic! Every penny they get in their demanding, dangerous and sometimes rather bizarre job, they truly deserve. We have a selection of the 5 toughest jobs met that are certainly not commonplace! This time we disregarded the classically difficult jobs in mines, the fire brigade or a soldier and concentrated on the rare pearls from all regions of the world. So, let's go!


Without them, nothing works in the Himalayas: the Sherpas! They lead the (extreme) mountaineers and tourists safely over the life-threatening paths up to the top of the world, the famous Mount Everest. As if it weren't enough to move your own weight at a height of over 8 kilometers in icy temperatures and poor visibility! No, Sherpas also have to ensure the safety of the entire group and carry the equipment and provisions of the hiking team with them.

Statistically, every tenth Sherpa does not come back from a trip to the Himalayas. A sad fact of these brave mountain heroes from Nepal.

Underwater lumberjack

Brazil. Home of the largest tropical rainforest around the Amazon River that gives it its name. The diversity of nature in this area cannot be measured, just like the beauty of the ancient trees growing there. Lately, they have been getting more and more on the collar, because a number of luxury companies are paying astronomical sums for such high-quality and unique wood, which in turn is transformed into expensive beds, living room furniture and furnishings. In order to get the best material, lumberjacks are employed, who also carry out their work deep under water with special saws and construction machines. It is not uncommon for the mostly inexperienced divers to find themselves in threatening situations in the turbulent, cloudy water of the Amazon.

Roadkill Eliminator

A job for people who are ready for anything and whose stomachs are not upset. Deer, kangaroos, rabbits and other animals, despite all precautions, can unfortunately never be kept completely away from traffic. "Roadkills" is the name given to the animals that have died in (car) accidents on the road, for which there is a separate professional group in the USA and Australia that takes care of the cleaning and removal of the accident site. It goes without saying that people in this job have to be prepared for every sight and therefore cannot spend a normal working day without new horror scenarios.

Cormorant fisherman

A centuries-old tradition in China is fishing with cormorants. These heavy seabirds, which look like oversized ravens, hunt for fish even underwater. Simple Chinese fishermen use the enormous speed and agility of these birds to fill their baskets to the brim with sea creatures. In doing so, they tie the necks of their elaborately trained animals so that they can breathe easily, but cannot devour fish. In order to keep the motivation of the cormorants upright, they are occasionally given a smaller fish and at the same time they are driven back into the water by loud singing and hectic movements. The working day of these fishermen is anything but comfortable and only ends when the birds can no longer catch anything in the darkness of the water. Lanterns on the boat show the fisherman the way home until he is drawn to the market in the morning and then back out to sea.

Himalayan honey collectors

We are again guests in the largest mountain range in the world. Also in Nepal this time, no Sherpas, but male mountain farmers in groups are looking for one of the best types of honey in the world in order to sell it lucratively. For many of these people, it is the only way to make some money so they can buy the bare minimums. What you have to do for that? Hike for days through the steep mountain slopes looking for beehives. When the men have spotted you, they climb unsecured in temporary hanging ladders down to the largest type of honeybees, the so-called rock bees (whose sting is extremely painful), temporarily stun the insects with the smoke of a lighted bale of straw and try to get as much nectar as possible as quickly as possible . A real tough job for fearless contemporaries.

Here are the five toughest jobs at a glance:

  • Sherpas
  • Underwater lumberjack
  • Roadkill Eliminator
  • Cormorant fisherman
  • Himalayan honey collector

So next time you complain about your job again, just remember - there are worse... much worse! If you are looking for a job, you are sure to find the right job on hokify

As of February 2020