Why do ants feel attracted to my underwear

Animals in the bathroom - where do moths, ants, etc. come from?

Bugs in the bathroom are not only unpleasant, but in the case of silverfish, they can also indicate that the humidity in the apartment is too high. Before fighting the uninvited guests, you should therefore research the cause of the vermin infestation. Otherwise it can happen that the crawly animals settle in the bathroom again and again and you cannot get the plague under control.

Silver fish feel good in the bathroom

Silverfish come from the Lepismatidae family and can be recognized by their silver-colored, narrow body. The wingless insects are usually only visible in the dark and disappear immediately when the light comes on, in cracks and behind cupboards. As a result, the silverfish usually go unnoticed for a long time and an infestation is not immediately recognizable. The small insects look for food in the dark and prefer to eat food that is starchy. These include dander, hair, mold and dust mites. Because of this, silverfish in the bathroom don't necessarily count as pests, but can also be beneficial. However, paper, cotton and various fibers are also on their menu. This can lead to damage to textiles in the event of an infestation. If silverfish occasionally appear in the bathroom, there is not necessarily a need for action. The insects do not transmit any diseases and therefore do not pose a threat to humans. Nevertheless, one should get to the bottom of the cause of the infestation, because this indicates a high level of humidity and possible mold growth.


Fight silverfish effectively

Silverfish feel particularly comfortable in bathrooms without windows, as the humidity is usually higher here. At the same time as combating insects, you should therefore also lower the humidity in the bathroom. This can be achieved either with an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier. In addition, if possible, laundry should not be dried in the bathroom and damp towels and bath rugs should be hung up outside the bathroom to dry. Silverfish often hide in open joints, cracks or crevices. These places of retreat should be closed.

At the same time, sticky traps can be covered with fragrances to catch the remaining silverfish. Depending on which trap you choose, the pests are attracted by feeding attractants or pheromones and then stick to the trap.


Ants in the bathroom

In the garden, ants are considered useful helpers in the ecosystem. However, if there is an ant trail running through the bathroom, then that shouldn't create enthusiasm. It is true that ants do not pose a threat to humans in living spaces, but once they have found their way to the pantry or the pantry, it is difficult to get rid of them. Ants can be found in almost every garden. Here they settle under stone slabs, for example, and build a very elaborate system of corridors for the entire ant colony. In summer, the ants find their way into the living space in search of food. Insects are particularly attracted to foods that contain protein and sugar. For this reason, open food should always be kept in an airtight can, even in the kitchen cupboard. But not only food, also animal feed that remains in the bowl can attract the small animals into the house. If ants can be seen in the bathroom, you should therefore immediately look for the cause before the insects have spread throughout the apartment. Food that has already been infested by the ants should be disposed of immediately for health reasons, as the insects can also transmit germs and bacteria. Since the ants do not have their nests in the living rooms, it is also important to find the place where the animals entered the house. Open windows, for example in the bathroom, leaky doors or other cracks come into question for this.


This is how to stop the plague of ants

It is not always clear how the ants found their way into the bathroom. In this case, the insects should be prevented from entering in another way. Ants form so-called ant trails, which they follow to the food source. The insects are guided by scent markings that the animals place. In order to distract the ants from their destination, this road has to be interrupted. An interruption can be achieved, for example, with a line of chalk that is drawn on the ground at one point on the road.

The ants do not cross this barrier and can therefore no longer find their way into the house. For a long-term effect, the line should be redrawn regularly. Herbs such as thyme, juniper, chervil or lemon herb are also effective remedies against ants. The essential oils contained therein overlap the scent markings and thus disturb the orientation of the annoying pests. To divert the ants, the herbs are placed in different places on the ant route. The herbs also prove to be effective in the kitchen when they are used to wash the kitchen cabinets. Lavender flowers, vinegar, cinnamon and lemon also have the same effect. If you want to not only deflect the ants but destroy them, you can sprinkle a mixture of staghorn salt and sugar. The animals are attracted by the sugar and ingest the bait. The staghorn salt releases ammonia, which poisons and kills the ants. In addition, you can find various poison baits in stores that the ants pick up and carry into their nest. This usually kills the entire population. These poison baits are effective, but they also pose health hazards for humans. Such baits should not be used, especially in households with children.


Light sources attract moths

Another guest in the bathroom are moths. These are attracted by light sources and enter the house through the open window. In contrast to ants and silverfish, the moths are easy to get rid of. Since they are active at night, it is best to go hunting in the evening hours. The animals are attracted by a light source. The moths can be scared off with a flashlight and then caught. To prevent the animals from entering the bathroom in the dark, you should close the window when you turn on the light.

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