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Best Emoji App for iPhone and iPad in 2021 - Make Chatting Fun!

We all love using emojis while chatting. This makes communication fun and easier. These illustrations convey our emotions with others, regardless of age group. However, it could get boring using the same old emojis. Here is the best emoji app for iPhone and iPad in 2021.

Bitmoji emoji app for iPhone and iPad

Bitmoji, one of the most famous avatars making emoji apps, is very popular these days. This way, you can create your own avatar however you want and share it with others. You can customize your features, hair, makeup, and even outfits. Some companies that sponsor Bitmoji also give you the option for designer cloakroom options. Bitmoji allows you to really express your personal feelings: create an avatar of yourself; That avatar will then take the form of thousands of different emoji. Bitmoji is your ready-to-use emoji app for iPhone and iPad.

SMS rage faces

Almost all of us are familiar with the meme of the rage face, which was a trending topic a few years ago. And since then, the meme has become the universal symbol of irritation. But now you can express that irritation and much more with SMS Rage Faces. Express yourself with hundreds of fun stickers in the app that you can copy and paste into any text box. Whether you're mixing up Adventure Time with Troll or just want to quickly access hundreds of memes, you can tell someone exactly how you feel without using words.

To use an angry face, tap a sticker to copy it, then tap the word bubble in the top right corner of the screen to go straight to your iMessage app. If you want to express your feelings more clearly, SMS Rage Face is the perfect option for you.

Emoji Keyboard by LINE - Emoji App for iPhone and iPad

If you want to add something cute to your emoji collection, LINE's emoji app is for you. LINE is a messaging app that combines cuteness with social networks. Line's emoji keyboard can be used on all network sites. Some of the characters from LINE are pretty famous. If you have purchased sticker packs through LINE, they will not be displayed on this keyboard. You can express yourself with hundreds of sugar-sweet emotions.


Who remembers the old emojis we used decades ago? Kaomoji lets you live those good old days. There are 10,000 different Japanese emoticons to choose from, which are categorized to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. You can add emojis to your favorites list and use them quickly in the future. Once you've chosen one, just tap on it to see how you'd like to share it (right in iMessage or a copy).

If you select iMessage while sending, the Messages app will open with the Kaomoji already pasted into the text box. You can then enter a recipient and send. If you copy it, you can paste it anywhere by tapping a text box and selecting the paste function.

Moji Edit-Emoji App for iPhone and iPad

Even with Moji Edit, you can create your own avatar and share it with your friends. You can either copy and paste your new Moji or add it to your personalization on your keyboard. Plus, you get a wide variety of hairstyles and options to customize your features, makeup, and even clothing options. Plus, you can choose from a variety of expressions for your avatar on Moji and even some fancy background options.

For $ 50 a year, you have full access to everything in the app, including exclusive accessories, new emotions and stickers, and much more.

Guess the emoji

This app gives you a completely different experience with a fun little word game. It uses iconic emoji symbols instead of pictures to create a pictogram that you can solve. It's okay if you don't know your emoji that well. All you have to do is remember pop culture references. For every correct puzzle you solve, you will be given coins that you can use if you get stuck on a puzzle. In this game you can use a lifeline to expose a letter, remove unusable letters from the list, or completely solve the puzzle. It's a fun game to play anytime, anywhere.


If you want to try out avatars to express your feelings, you can use Bitmoji. You can customize your features, hair, makeup and even outfits and then share them with friends in chat. If you are a meme lover and want to make your texts interesting with the rage face, you can use the SMS rage faces. If you are an old school person, you can use the kaomoji to use the old emojis in the chats and remember the old days.

What's your favorite emoji app for iPhone and iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

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