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The first name Antonia is often combined with other first names, more than every fourth name holder of Antonia has other first names.

Name variants in which Antonia is at the front are balanced with the variants as the second or third name (47.09% to 52.91%).

In the following list you will find the most popular first name combinations with Antonia:

Antonia Maria (84 x)
Antonia Marie (68 x)
Antonia Sophie (53 x)
Maria Antonia (44 x)
Antonia Elisabeth (28 x)
Mia Antonia (22 x)
Emma Antonia (19 x)
Anna Antonia (18 x)
Antonia Katharina (18 x)
Antonia Sophia (17 x)
Laura Antonia (14 x)
Leonie Antonia (13 x)
Antonia Theresa (12 x)
Antonia Luise (12 x)
Marie Antonia (12 x)
Leni Antonia (12 x)
Antonia Charlotte (12 x)
Antonia Magdalena (12 x)
Luisa Antonia (12 x)
Antonia Anna (12 x)
Sophia Antonia (11 x)
Antonia Leonie (11 x)
Johanna Antonia (11 x)
Lena Antonia (11 x)
Antonia Luisa (11 x)
Antonia Johanna (11 x)
Antonia Louisa (10 x)
Elisabeth Antonia (10 x)
Sophie Antonia (10 x)
Clara Antonia (10 x)
Pia Antonia (9 x)
Julia Antonia (8 x)
Lina Antonia (8 x)
Antonia Helene (8 x)
Greta Antonia (8 x)
Antonia Elisa (8 x)
Frieda Antonia (7 x)
Antonia Franziska (7 x)
Louisa Antonia (7 x)
Mila Antonia (7 x)
Hannah Antonia (7 x)
Maja Antonia (7 x)
Romy Antonia (7 x)
Lisa Antonia (7 x)
Paula Antonia (7 x)
Antonia-Maria (7 x)
Jana Antonia (6 x)
Charlotte Antonia (6 x)
Sara Antonia (6 x)
Lotta Antonia (6 x)
Antonia Pauline (6 x)
Lilly Antonia (6 x)
Antonia Martha (6 x)
Antonia Josefine (6 x)
Ida Antonia (6 x)
Rosa Antonia (6 x)
Nele Antonia (6 x)
Carla Antonia (6 x)
Antonia Carolina (5 x)
Mara Antonia (5 x)
Antonia Rosa (5 x)
Antonia Emilia (5 x)
Klara Antonia (5 x)
Antonia Lucia (5 x)
Martha Antonia (5 x)
Antonia Isabella (5 x)
Sarah Antonia (5 x)
Isabella Antonia (5 x)
Ella Antonia (5 x)
Lia Antonia (4 x)
Franziska Antonia (4 x)
Antonia Eva (4 x)
Antonia Valentina (4 x)
Antonia Theresia (4 x)
Lara Antonia (4 x)
Emilia Antonia (4 x)
Antonia Josefa (4 x)
Antonia Sofie (4 x)
Stella Antonia (4 x)
Marlene Antonia (4 x)
Amelie Antonia (4 x)
Antonia Theodora (4 x)
Lilli Antonia (4 x)
Sofia Antonia (4 x)
Antonia Sofia (4 x)
Nina Antonia (4 x)
Antonia-Stefania (4 x)
Karla Antonia (4 x)
Antonia Philippa (4 x)
Antonia Victoria (4 x)
Hanna Antonia (4 x)
Antonia-Sophie (4 x)
Antonia (Toni) (4 x)
Nora Antonia (4 x)
Melina Antonia (4 x)
Antonia Isabel (4 x)
Antonia Carina (4 x)
Lucia Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Christine (3 x)
Antonia Christina (3 x)
Antonia Isabell (3 x)
Helena Antonia (3 x)
Carolina Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Gabriele (3 x)
Carolin Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Laura (3 x)
Giulia Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Lena (3 x)
Antonia Clara (3 x)
Antonia Rosalie (3 x)
Theresa Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Viktoria (3 x)
Maria Antonia Elisabeth (3 x)
Elena Antonia (3 x)
Pauline Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Julia (3 x)
Antonia Margareta (3 x)
Antonia Fiona (3 x)
Valerie Antonia (3 x)
Luise Antonia (3 x)
Amalia Antonia (3 x)
Kim Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Carlotta (3 x)
Antonia Henriette (3 x)
Hermione Antonia (3 x)
Lea Antonia (3 x)
Emmi Antonia (3 x)
Elisa Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Leni (3 x)
Antonia Marlene (3 x)
Maya Antonia (3 x)
Marlena Antonia (3 x)
Luna Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Rose (3 x)
Antonia Josephine (3 x)
Thea Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Ella (3 x)
Felicitas Antonia (3 x)
Magdalena Antonia (3 x)
Antonia Bernardina (3 x)
Antonia Annie (2 x)
Antonia Verena (2 x)
Lani Antonia (2 x)
Sophie-Antonia (2 x)
Tilda Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Elena (2 x)
Liah Antonia (x2)
Antonia Elisa Marie (2 x)
Antonia Mia (2 x)
Marleen Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Mathilda (2 x)
Antonia Ava (2 x)
Isabel Antonia (2 x)
Antonia-Franka (2 x)
Antonia Hermine (2 x)
Kaja Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Christa (2 x)
Anne Antonia (2 x)
Emily Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Agnes (2 x)
Amy Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Marina (2 x)
Hedwig Antonia (2 x)
Maria-Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Elise (2 x)
Antonia Aurora (2 x)
Madeleine Antonia (2 x)
Frida Antonia (2 x)
Livia Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Lisa (2 x)
Antonia Lina (2 x)
Antonia Pia (2 x)
Antonia Matilda (2 x)
Antonia Petra (2 x)
Antonia Greta (2 x)
Antonia Jutta (2 x)
Antonia Kristin (2 x)
Isabelle Antonia (2 x)
Christel Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Bernhardine (2 x)
Antonia-Luisa (2 x)
Antonia Thea (2 x)
Antonia Stefania (2 x)
Anna Maria Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Lia (2 x)
Antonia Agatha (2 x)
Antonia Antonia (2 x)
Melissa Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Helena (2 x)
Lydia Antonia (2 x)
Mia-Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Alexandra (2 x)
Lucie Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Cecilia (2 x)
Jessica Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Wilhelmine (2 x)
Herta Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Ioana (2 x)
Antonia Hanna (2 x)
Antonia Barbara (2 x)
Emely Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Summer (2 x)
Antonia Bella (2 x)
Merle Antonia (2 x)
Mira Antonia (2 x)
Gertrud Antonia (2 x)
Rosalie Antonia (2 x)
Eva Antonia (2 x)
Miriam Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Lara (2 x)
Zoe Antonia (2 x)
Helen Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Emma (2 x)
Erika Antonia (2 x)
Mathilda Antonia (2 x)
Vanessa Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Klara (2 x)
Agnes Antonia (2 x)
Chiara Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Noemi (2 x)
Antonia Louise (2 x)
Ionela Antonia (2 x)
Juna-Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Regina (2 x)
Antonia Philomena (2 x)
Aurelia Antonia (2 x)
Ellena Antonia (2 x)
Ava Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Henrika (2 x)
Antonia Catharina (2 x)
Valentina Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Roberta (2 x)
Antonia Hedwig (2 x)
Sofie Antonia (2 x)
Josefine Antonia (2 x)
Antonia Elisabeth Maria (1 x)
Maria Ida Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Celine (x1)
Maxima Antonia Olivia (x1)
Evelyn Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Leona (1 x)
Marit Antonia (x1)
Marla Antonia (x1)
Vida Antonia Ludowika (1 x)
Hannelore Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Sandra (1 x)
Julika Frieda Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Alva (1 x)
Antonia Garcia (x1)
Antonia Teres (x1)
Antonia Fuh (1 x)
Antonia Irene (1 x)
Angela Johanna Antonia Wilhelmina (1 x)
Emily Leia Antonia (x1)
Maria Gisela Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Miriam (1 x)
Antonia Lina Höpke (1 x)
Malu Antonia (x1)
Vilma Antonia (1 x)
Ellen Antonia (1 x)
Mathilde Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Sabrina (1 x)
Gertrud Antonia Friederike (1 x)
Antonia Juliana Sophie (1 x)
Emelie Antonia (x1)
Jule Antonia (x1)
Victoria Antonia (x1)
Elfriede Antonia (1 x)
Leefke Antonia (x1)
Antonia Isabelle Sophie (1 x)
Leoni Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Marlie (x1)
Antonia Allagonna Elizabeth (1 x)
Anouk Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Margrethe Isabell (1 x)
Bernardina Antonia (1 x)
Amalie Antonia Maria (1 x)
Antonia Karolina (1 x)
Antonia Rebekka (1 x)
Edith Antonia (1 x)
Ileyna Antonia (x1)
Roxana Antonia (1 x)
Felicia Antonia (x1)
Antonia Inge (1 x)
Ursula Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Hellwig (1 x)
Antonia Tamina (1 x)
Adriana Gerarda Antonia Maria (1 x)
Freya Antonia (x1)
Dahlia Antonia (x1)
Kiara Antonia (x1)
Antonia Ruth (1 x)
Antonia Maria Felicitas (1 x)
Wilhelmine Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Amelie (1 x)
Miruna Antonia (x1)
Antonia Frida (1 x)
Antonia Sofi (x1)
Leah Antonia (x1)
Antonia Adele (1 x)
Antonia Stiebler (1 x)
Antonia Rosalia (1 x)
Antonia Vada (x1)
Antonia Elfe (1 x)
Antonia Juliana (1 x)
Antonia Ottilie Kerstin (1 x)
Antonia Paula (1 x)
Luisa Antonia Hedy (1 x)
Malou Antonia (x1)
Sabine Antonia Luise (1 x)
Antonia Renate (1 x)
Janka Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Dieterle (1 x)
Maria Antonia Christina (1 x)
Antonia Emilia Hanna (1 x)
Antonia Lilly (1 x)
Johanna Antonia Bernhardina (1 x)
Antonia Toni (1 x)
Lina Clara Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Stefanie (1 x)
Melina-Antonia (x1)
Antonia Elea (1 x)
Antonia Peppa Catharina (1 x)
Lucie Christiane Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Helga (1 x)
Antonia Evelyne (1 x)
Antonia Maximiliana (1 x)
Antonia Lana (x1)
Bella Antonia Cardoso Xavier (x1)
Clara Anna Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Lucia Alexandra (1 x)
Vievien Antonia (1 x)
Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Angela (1 x)
Cornelia Antonia (1 x)
Josephine Alexandra Antonia (1 x)
Lia Antonia Merle (1 x)
Ingrid Antonia (1 x)
Gisela Antonia Cäcilie (1 x)
Fenia Antonia (x1)
Antonia Marie Summa (1 x)
Antonia-Johanna (1 x)
Lida Antonia (x1)
Rosalie Antonia Viktoria (1 x)
Antonia Jasmin (1 x)
Elina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Pia Elise (1 x)
Antonia Francesca Maria (1 x)
Christina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Magareta (x1)
Antonia Mattea (x1)
Finnja Antonia (1 x)
Darlyn Antonia (x1)
Antonia Nikola (1 x)
Antonia Luise Sophie (1 x)
Sibelline Antonia (1 x)
Rita Antonia (x1)
Kinga Antonia (x1)
Tjalda Antonia (x1)
Antonia Sabine Alexandra (1 x)
Antonia Monika (1 x)
Antonia Kathrin (1 x)
Apollonia Antonia (x1)
Antonia Sara (1 x)
Antonia Bettina (1 x)
Irmgard Antonia (x1)
Kaya Gina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Nele (1 x)
Raika Antonia (x1)
Henni Antonia (1 x)
Ramona Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Franziska Hedwig (1 x)
Antonia Burghardt (1 x)
Antonia Ariane (1 x)
Manuela Antonia Maria (1 x)
Florence Antonia (x1)
Antonia Genoveva (1 x)
Philippa Antonia (1 x)
Alina Antonia (x1)
Alegra Lucía Antonia (1 x)
Carmen Antonia (1 x)
Mia Antonia Sophie (1 x)
Antonia Betty (1 x)
Feodora Antonia Lisbeth (1 x)
Dr. Antonia Baroness (1 x)
Karolina Antonia (1 x)
Rebecca Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Franceska Georgia (1 x)
Walburga Antonia (1 x)
Agnes Maria Antonia (1 x)
Juliana Antonia (1 x)
Bernhardine Antonia (1 x)
Malia Antonia (x1)
Leticia Antonia Maria (1 x)
Hilda Antonia (x1)
Antonia Valerie (x1)
Maria Isabella Antonia (1 x)
Friederike Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Lillian (1 x)
Antonia Sophie Barbara (1 x)
Jovita Antonia (1 x)
Maria Theresia Antonia (1 x)
Alwine Antonia (1 x)
Tessa Antonia (x1)
Antonia Luiza (1 x)
Antonia Valentin (1 x)
Antonia Natalie (1 x)
Denise Antonia (1 x)
Waltraute Antonia (1 x)
Johanna Catharina Antonia (1 x)
Marlis Elisabeth Antonia (1 x)
Isabella Antonia Maria (1 x)
Antonia Cornelia (1 x)
Margarete Maria Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Morisco (x1)
Amélie Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Mathilde (1 x)
Rosalie Marie Antonia (1 x)
Lian Antonia (x1)
Annalie Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Marta (1 x)
Maria Antonia Pietra (1 x)
Antonia Melina (1 x)
Antonia Anna Maria (1 x)
Aaliyah Antonia (x1)
Antonia Melissa (1 x)
Lina Antonia Jensen (1 x)
Antonia Anna Katharina (1 x)
Irma Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Wiegand (1 x)
Angela Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Marie Luise (1 x)
Ecaterina Antonia (1 x)
Naya Antonia (x1)
Amelia Antonia Josepha (1 x)
Antonia Letizia (1 x)
Ingeborg Antonia Klara (1 x)
Ariana Antonia (x1)
Karola Antonia (1 x)
Constance Tatjana Antonia (1 x)
Kyra Antonia (x1)
Pia Antonia Maria (1 x)
Jasmine Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Rosario (x1)
Antonia Lenivel (x1)
Antonia Tamar (x1)
Antonia Teodora (1 x)
Gertrudis Antonia (1 x)
Lotta Antonia (x1)
Ida Antonia Margot (1 x)
Chiara-Antonia (x1)
Antonia Lena Marie (1 x)
Antonia Mercedes (x1)
Moira Antonia (x1)
Antonia Agnetha (1 x)
Eleni Antonia (1 x)
Valentina Antonia Katharina (1 x)
Lotta-Sophie Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Sophia Sylvia (1 x)
Leni Wilhelmine Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Chantal (1 x)
Antonia Carroll (x1)
Theresia Catharina Maria Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Annabell (1 x)
Mia Katharina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Ramal (x1)
Antonia Konstantina (1 x)
Antonia Stella (1 x)
Antonia-Josephine (1 x)
Antonia Karolina Helene (1 x)
Antonia Jessica (1 x)
Antonia Alessandra (1 x)
Marianne Antonia (1 x)
Catharina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Anna Gertrud (1 x)
Lilli-Mia-Antonia (x1)
Antonia Althoff née Schulze (1 x)
Maria Antonia Anna (1 x)
Edingna Antonia (1 x)
Maria Elisabeth Antonia (1 x)
Jella Antonia (x1)
Antonia Margarethe (1 x)
Jutta Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Tamira (1 x)
Antonia Elora (x1)
Nele Marie Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Lilli (1 x)
Zoe-Marie Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Olivia (x1)
Janne Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Margeaux (x1)
Antonia Anna Monika (1 x)
Marie-Antonia (x1)
Lillith Antonia (x1)
Antonia Martina Egidea (1 x)
Alma Antonia (1 x)
Stella-Elisa Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Ingrid (1 x)
Antonia Amalia (1 x)
Antonia Emilie (1 x)
Antonia Abigail (x1)
Antonia Timea (x1)
Antonia Lea (x1)
Martina Maria Anna Antonia Bartels-de (1 x)
Antonia Ciara (x1)
Antonia Felicitas (1 x)
Antonia Florentine (1 x)
Kathrin Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Marie Josephine (1 x)
Phine Antonia (x1)
Antonia Margaretha (1 x)
Pia Cecilia Antonia (1 x)
Antonia-Charlott (x1)
Christin Antonia Maria (1 x)
Anais Antonia (1 x)
Selina Antonia (1 x)
Phyllis Antonia (x1)
Patricia Antonia (1 x)
Mathilda Antonia Viola (1 x)
Sigrun Antonia (1 x)
Ronja Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Magherita (x1)
Gudrun Antonia (1 x)
Vivien Michelle Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Gaspar (1 x)
Antonia Elenor (1 x)
María Antonia Sánchez (1 x)
Bettina Antonia (1 x)
Celina Antonia (x1)
Antonia Fabienne (1 x)
Antonia Trinh Nguyen (1 x)
Antonia Marion (1 x)
Antonia Erika (1 x)
Nea Antonia (x1)
Antonia Dharma (x1)
Bella Antonia (x1)
Paula Agnes Antonia Elisabeth (1 x)
Inés Antonia (1 x)
Sophia Antonia Maria Anna (1 x)
Antonia Waltraud (1 x)
Antonia Jolien (1 x)
Alessia Antonia (x1)
Verena Antonia (1 x)
Jelena Antonia (1 x)
Brigitte Juliane Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Fenja-Philine (1 x)
Nicole Antonia (1 x)
Mayla Antonia (x1)
Antonia Marlies (1 x)
Anna Auguste Antonia (1 x)
Mina Antonia (1 x)
Annalena Antonia (1 x)
Maya Antonia Uta (1 x)
Antonia Elisabeta (1 x)
Antonia Leana (x1)
Antonia Maria Bulakh (1 x)
Angelina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Davina Romana (1 x)
Maya Antonia (x1)
Mila Antonia Arndt (1 x)
Lina Antonia Fee (1 x)
Auguste Antonia (x1)
Antonia-Sofie (x1)
Antonia Birgit (1 x)
Antonia Jana (1 x)
Bernardine Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Katharina Eline (1 x)
Antonia Adelheid (1 x)
Antonia Hannah (1 x)
Lina Marie Antonia (1 x)
Delia Antonia (x1)
Josefa Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Hensmann née Lütke (1 x)
Melia Antonia (x1)
Antonia Real (x1)
Antonia Natalia (1 x)
Antonia Denise (1 x)
Antonia Anita (1 x)
Maria Anna Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Sophia Jasmin (1 x)
Änne Maria Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Elvedina (1 x)
Antonia Maria Carolin (1 x)
Antonia Helena Anna (1 x)
Antonia Sigrid (1 x)
Elisabeth Maria Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Di (x1)
Antonia Eva Marie (1 x)
Henny Antonia (x1)
Antonia Palina (1 x)
Antonia-Athina (1 x)
Greta Liv Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Melanie (1 x)
Francesca Antonia (1 x)
Alissia Maria Antonia (1 x)
Doris Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Christina Johanna (1 x)
Antonia Krystyna (1 x)
Erta Antonia (x1)
Antonia Josephina (1 x)
Antonia Gregor (1 x)
Serafina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Clarissa (1 x)
Kara Antonia (x1)
Merit Antonia (x1)
Antonia Ronja (1 x)
Laurena Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Carolin (1 x)
Lieselotte antonia (1 x)
Felina Antonia (x1)
Kalila Antonia (x1)
Antonia Marie Dorothee (1 x)
Antonia Carola (1 x)
Emilie Carla Antonia (1 x)
Maira Antonia (x1)
Rhea Antonia (x1)
Antonia Simone (1 x)
Elsa Antonia (x1)
Rut Antonia Karoline (1 x)
Antonia Juliane (1 x)
Antonia Martha Emilia (1 x)
Diana Antonia (x1)
Antonia Hannelore Sophie (1 x)
Tilda Ruth Antonia (1 x)
Helen Claire Antonia (1 x)
Ciara Antonia (x1)
Antonia Erna (1 x)
Antonia Castillo (x1)
Antonia Danielle (1 x)
Antonia Emilie Greta (1 x)
Antonia Cara (x1)
Maileen Antonia (x1)
Antonia Inés (1 x)
Daria Antonia (x1)
Bernardine Wilhelmine Antonia (1 x)
Larissa Antonia (1 x)
Zoé Antonia Franz (1 x)
Antonia Elena Ignat (1 x)
Zita Antonia (1 x)
Leeann Antonia (x1)
Antonia Liv (x1)
Maria Antonia Munoz (1 x)
Antonia Romina Marie (1 x)
Antonia Isabela (x1)
Christel Maria Antonia Arnolda (1 x)
Erika Antonia Elisabeth (1 x)
Antonia Alina (x1)
Gina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Estelle (x1)
Antonia Mey (x1)
Antonia Gabriela (1 x)
Gerda Antonia (1 x)
Aysun Antonia (x1)
Emma Antonia Ida Christina (1 x)
Antonia Felicia Veit (1 x)
Melisa Antonia (x1)
Mailin Antonia (x1)
Antonia Violeta (1 x)
Antonia Paula Mina (1 x)
Melanie Antonia (1 x)
Aurelie Antonia (x1)
Antonia Rike (1 x)
Nicola Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Friederike (1 x)
Fenella Antonia (x1)
Mariella Antonia (1 x)
Floriane Antonia (x1)
Antonia Kalinda (1 x)
Sofia Antonia Dumitru (1 x)
Hilde Antonia Remigia (1 x)
Maresa Antonia (x1)
Antonia Rudolf (1 x)
Antonia Michaela (1 x)
Anika Antonia Marie (1 x)
Änne Antonia (x1)
Andrea Antonia (1 x)
Dorita Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Maria Elisabeth 'Marly' (1 x)
Antonia Madita (x1)
Antonia Margarete (1 x)
Antonia Filippa (x1)
Antonia Fernandez (1 x)
Antonia Milena (1 x)
Antonia Norma Stefania (1 x)
Antonia Patricia (1 x)
Antonia Annelie (1 x)
Antonia Larisa (1 x)
Antonia Gertrud (1 x)
Antonia Marigona (1 x)
Mailine Antonia Sophie (1 x)
Antonia Alma (1 x)
Antonia Tanja (1 x)
Acelya Antonia (x1)
Elisabeth Antonia (Elsa) (1 x)
Teresa Antonia (1 x)
Christel Franziska Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Josefin (1 x)
Lena-Antonia (x1)
Antonia Elise Charlotte (1 x)
Elisa Antonia Margarete (1 x)
Antonia Carmela (1 x)
Joyce Antonia (x1)
Antonia Rupprecht (1 x)
Petra Antonia Maria (1 x)
Antonia Elisabeth Henriette (1 x)
Antonia Mara (x1)
Antonia Franziska Maria (1 x)
Maria Antonia Muoz (1 x)
Antonia Paulina (1 x)
Berta Antonia Rodríguez (1 x)
Judith Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Anja (1 x)
Antonia Isabelle (x1)
Antonia Meißner (1 x)
Annelie Antonia (1 x)
Camilla Elise Antonia (1 x)
Romina Antonia (1 x)
Raya Antonia (x1)
Antonia Julie (1 x)
Maura Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Bernadina (1 x)
Jascha Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Zarsa (1 x)
Katharina Maria Antonia (1 x)
Antonia-Malia (x1)
Delina Antonia (x1)
Antonia Leyla (1 x)
Antonia Sabina (1 x)
Annabella Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Martina Marina (1 x)
Alexis Antonia (1 x)
Maya Antonia Jana Maria (1 x)
Antonia Enya Luise (1 x)
Antonia Lou (x1)
Cosima Antonia Charlotte (1 x)
Malin Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Sebastiana (1 x)
Marie Antonia Valentina (1 x)
Elisabeth Anna Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Aurelia (x1)
Antonia Marley (x1)
Antonia Charlotta (1 x)
Ilse Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Guerrero (x1)
Laura Martina Antonia (1 x)
Ruth Antonia (1 x)
Fabienne Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Gabriele Henriette (1 x)
Antonia Charlie (1 x)
Juna Antonia (x1)
Thale Antonia (x1)
María Antonia (1 x)
Cătălina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Ludwig (1 x)
Antonia Theresa Marie (1 x)
Lara-Antonia (x1)
Antonia Amanda (x1)
Antonia-Joleen (x1)
Marlies Antonia (1 x)
Josephine Alba Antonia (1 x)
Emmy Antonia (1 x)
Laila Antonia (x1)
Antonia Mireille (1 x)
Lilia Antonia (x1)
Irmgard-Antonia (x1)
Lotte Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Christin (1 x)
Jette Antonia (x1)
Antonia Tea (1 x)
Antonia Valentina Romeo (1 x)
Dr. med. Antonia (x1)
Reni Antonia (x1)
Sister Antonia (x1)
Antonia Alberta (x1)
Maite Antonia (x1)
Antonia Zoe (1 x)
Marta Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Benan (1 x)
Elina-Antonia (x1)
Antonia Auguste (1 x)
Antonia Konrad (1 x)
Antonia Louise Sophie (1 x)
Antonia Pia Anna (1 x)
Antonia Michelle (1 x)
Antonia Angenietje (1 x)
Samyra Antonia Marilena Buic (1 x)
Carlotta Alma Antonia Marie (1 x)
Antonia Madeleine (1 x)
Henriette Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Rosemarie (1 x)
Anna Bernardina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Julia Caroline (1 x)
Antonia Maria Eva (1 x)
Raphaela Antonia Jessica (1 x)
Antonia Mila (1 x)
Flora Antonia (x1)
Antonia Stephanie (1 x)
Antonia Giulietta (x1)
Antonia Lucia Magarete (1 x)
Marleen Janine Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Bernardina Elisabeth (1 x)
Natalie Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Edeltraud (1 x)
Maria Antonia Scalera (1 x)
Stella Antonia Madleen (1 x)
Jara Antonia (x1)
Antonia Marlena (1 x)
Anna-Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Lauren (x1)
Antonia Maria Wilhelmine (1 x)
Antonia Täuber (1 x)
Antonia Niamh Elisabeth (1 x)
Antonia (Tona) (1 x)
Maria Luise Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Ullrich (1 x)
Josina Regina Adriana Antonia Maria (1 x)
Antonia Nora (1 x)
Antonia Rosemaria (1 x)
July Antonia Grete (1 x)
Paulina Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Michele (1 x)
Antonia Eleonora (1 x)
Fiona Antonia Johanna (1 x)
Antonia Janina (1 x)
Paula Josefine Antonia (1 x)
Serena Antonia (x1)
Antonia Hendrikje Marianna (1 x)
Antonia Anett (1 x)
Antonia-Schirin (1 x)
Jaqueline Antonia (x1)
Antonia Mariella (1 x)
Nella Antonia (x1)
Karin Antonia (1 x)
Antonia Marli (1 x)
Nelli Antonia (x1)
Antonia Karlotta (1 x)
Jolie Antonia (1 x)
Constanze Antonia Elisabeth (1 x)
Antonia Nova Lyann (1 x)
Antonia Veronika (1 x)
Marie-Sophie Antonia (1 x)
Cassandra Antonia (x1)
Michelle Antonia (1 x)