Which sales books would people recommend?

CORRECTION: Acquisition: The best-rated sales books

Hundreds of sales guides are on the market - but which books are the readers most convinced of? Cash.Online has put together a top ten with the best-rated sales guides for customer acquisition on the online retail portal Amazon.

CORRECTION: In the original list, an error has crept in due to a mix-up in the publication dates (the first edition 2011 is decisive) of the books. This means: Andreas Buhr is in third place and Martin Limbeck falls out of the list with “Das neue Hardselling” (originally third place) because the First edition from 2005 is. Please excuse the mistake.

First place in the top ten goes to sales expert Martin Limbeck.

Limbeck and Taxis on top

In particular, the high number of customer reviews of his guide (235 for "He hasn't bought: This is how top sellers think") in combination with very good overall ratings put Limbeck at the top.

Cold calling expert Tim Taxis came in second and fourth with his advice on “Hot for cold calling: How to multiply your success rate on the phone” and “Hot for cold calling in 45 minutes: How to conquer the anteroom and win the decision maker”. Taxis also benefit from a high number of very good reviews (157 and 72).

Third place goes to Andreas Buhr with "Sales is different today: How you inspire customer 3.0".

In fifth place is "Snails don't jump: Successful new customers win with a system" by Holger Bröer. Behind it, recommendation marketing expert Anne M. Schüller places herself with “Touchpoints: In close contact with today's customers. Management strategies for our new business world ”.

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