Is it difficult to learn breakdancing

Breakdancing is only for strong guys

Schwaigern - Right foot crosses forwards, jump back to the left and hop together. Doesn't sound that difficult at all. So again. Right foot, crap, that was on the left. But that will be fine, just keep practicing. Right foot ... With this sequence of movements, the breakdance course began yesterday only for boys as part of the Schwaigern children's holiday program in the Frizhalle.

"It all looks so great and fast on television, but they don't have to think as much as we do," reassures dance teacher Nicole Eyke. For the first time, the employee of the Lauffen dance school Birkel offered such a breakdance course. Hip-hop was still popular for the past two years. Only: there were almost no boys. "They generally don't jump into the dance theme, so we thought we'd try something different and only for the boys."

Admittedly, both she and the holiday program organizer Andrea Haberkern feared that the course would be canceled due to a lack of interest. But on the contrary, he was one of the most sought-after.

As is well known, before the freestyle comes the sweaty work. The 21 boys between the ages of eight and 13 are also learning that today. "The elements that we are learning today need strength and body tension, you won't get very far with Larifari", Nicole Eyke warns the children who have been given sports clothes as a precaution. That's why there are now a few warm-up exercises for hip-hop music. During the squats, everyone is still full of energy and laughing. With the push-ups, it goes by some. Heavy breathing can be heard as the music stops. "The strength in the arms is very important for many elements in breakdancing," says the teacher and explains the correct push-up technique again.

But then it finally starts with real dancing. The first move is a proper dance step, as explained above. Everyone practices for themselves to the music and Nicole Eyke makes suggestions for improvement.

Compared to the following sixstep, the previous one looks really simple. As the name suggests, this element consists of six actions. With your legs apart, your left arm on the floor in front of you, you start. After six movements, everyone ends up doing push-ups again, and it starts all over again.

The crouching position in the middle is a relief for everyone, they briefly shake out the painful wrists. “It's really a show of strength now, they really fight,” says the dance trainer. Another reason why the course is only offered to boys. "Girls give up quicker with things like that."

Slowly the sequence of movements becomes more and more fluid. Michael finds this element the easiest. “I will definitely continue to practice this at home,” the 13-year-old from Schwaigern is certain. Of course, he's seen breakdancers on television before. But then he couldn't imagine something like that for himself.

The professionals then also spin on their backs, for example, this is the so-called backspin. The boys learn that at the end. Left leg stretched out, the right one bent while sitting, all swing with the right swing, bring the left leg in and end with bent legs on the back. But the whining is great: “Ouch, that hurts”, it sounds from everywhere, and yet they bravely continue to “polish” the floor.

In the end, everyone is pretty broken. “That was really exhausting, but it was fun,” says Jan (11) from Massenbach. Buddy Nils (10) feels the same way. "It was a bit difficult."