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Tywin Lannister

Do you know what legacy means? That is what you pass on to your children and grandchildren, what is left of you when you are dead.

Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister (in the original: Tywin Lannister) is a main character in the second, third, and fourth seasons of game of Thrones. Before that, he was a supporting character in the first season and first appeared in the seventh episode. He is embodied by Charles Dance.

Tywin Lannister is the head of the mighty House of Lannister, the wealthiest house in Westeros. He is the Lord of Casterlystein, Guardian of the West and hand of the King to King Joffrey and Tommen Baratheon, his grandsons. Through intelligence and unscrupulousness, Tywin became one of the most powerful men in the empire and wants to secure this inheritance for his descendants. He is a widower and has three children: Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion.

In the series


Tywin Lannister is the eldest son of Titos Lannister. He has a younger brother, Kevan Lannister. He is the head of House Lannister, which rules the Westlands.[2] In contrast to him, his father was considered prudent and kind-hearted. However, he was a weak ruler and almost destroyed House Lannister.[3] The House of Regn saw in the weakness of the Lannister leader his opportunity to rebel against his rule in order to usurp power in the western lands. Since Titos felt unable to counter this rebellion, the young Tywin took command of the Lannister troops. Tywin was able to put down the rebellion. To restore power to his house, Tywin set an example by having Castamaer burn the ancestral home of House Regn.[4] This new self-confidence of the House of Lannister, which emanated from Tywin's uncompromising action against the Regns, is taken up in the song "Die Regen von Castamaer", which spread over the years among soldiers all over Westeros and is commonly considered the song of the House of Lannister.[5]

After the death of his father, Tywin became head of the House of Lannister and Lord of Casterlystein. Tywin married his cousin Joanna Lannister, who bore him three children: the twins Cersei and Jaime, and Tyrion, whose birth led to the death of Joanna. Due to his short stature and the death of Joanna, Tywin despised his second son deeply, which he often made him feel.[6] Tyrion's first assignment, as his father's son, was to renew the sewer system at Casterlystein.[5] As a father, Tywin was generally very strict. So he forced Jaime to practice reading and writing with the maester for 4 hours every day when the maester had difficulty doing so until he could. Jaime hated him for a long time.[3]Aerys II called Tywin to the king's hand. Tywin's skill in power politics at court was so pronounced that it was said behind closed doors that it was not Aerys who ruled the empire, but Tywin. When Tywin's Captain Ser Ilyn Payn repeated this once near Aerys, Aerys pulled his tongue out. [7] As madness increasingly took hold of the king, the two fell apart, so Tywin was deposed after 20 years and was forced to return to Casterlystein, humiliated. Previously, King Aerys had refused a marriage between Tywin's daughter Cersei and his son Rhaegar and appointed Jaime Lannister as a member of his Kingsguard, thereby robbing Tywin of his heir.

During Robert's rebellion, Tywin initially behaved neutrally and lingered with his troops in Casterlystein. After the battle of the Trident, Tywin saw the opportunity to mobilize some troops and he marched to King's Landing. Thanks to Grandmaester Pycelle, who spied for him, the mad king allowed entry through the city gates. Once in King's Landing, Tywin ordered the city to be sacked.[8]Elia Martell and her two children were murdered, the order was given to Tywin's executor Ser Gregor Clegane.[9] The Lannisters have not forgotten these atrocities against the residents of the capital and Rhaegars wife and children for a long time. After Jaime murdered the Mad King, Robert Baratheon took his place on the Iron Throne. The Lannister had proven their loyalty to the new king and Robert agreed to a marriage with Cersei on the advice of his hand Jon Arryn, which was concluded for purely political reasons.[10] The marriage between Cersei and Robert has three children: Joffrey Baratheon, the heir to the throne, and Myrcella and Tommen Baratheon. Tywin believed that he had achieved his goal, because one of his grandchildren would rule over Westeros. Tywin dismisses the fact that the three actually come from the incestuous relationship of his twins, even if Cersei suspects that he always suspected the truth, but denies it to himself. [11]

season 1

Tyrion was charged with the attempted murder of Bran Stark and captured by Catelyn Stark. Despite their mutual dislike, Tywin had to act. Tyrion's kidnapping was an insult that House Lannisters could not accept in order to continue to be feared and respected. When Jaime Eddard Stark wounded and killed his Stark guardsmen, he escaped from King's Landing and came to his father. By this time Tywin had raised an army of sixty thousand men and led it to the borders of the riverlands. He puts Jaime in command of half of the troops in order to besiege Schnellwasser, the Tully family seat from which Catelyn was descended. Tywin was amazed to learn that Jaime didn't kill Eddard just because it wasn't a fair fight. With Robert's death, seriously injured by a wild boar in a hunting accident, Joffrey claimed the Iron Throne as his heir. Eddard publicly contradicted Joffrey's legitimacy and was arrested for high treason.[12]

Tywin commanded the other half of the force and led them along the Trident. Tyrion, who had regained his freedom through a ruse, met his father in the camp. Tyrion was accompanied by mountain peoples whose loyalty he had bought with money. Tywin agrees to form an alliance with them, even when they demand that Tyrion fight by their side. The army is forced to leave in a hurry when it is revealed that Robb Stark is marching towards them.[2]

Tywin is already confident of victory and believes he will meet an inexperienced general. Tyrion warns him not to underestimate Robb, who is acting smarter than it looks. Tyrion and his tribal warriors are then placed on the front lines by Tywin to form the vanguard. Tyrion is furious and accuses his father of wanting to kill him, but he submits and survives the battle. The Lannisters win because their enemy was significantly weaker than the scouts reported. Robb had previously split his powers and distracted Tywin long enough that he could stab Jaime in the back with the bulk of his army and even take him prisoner. At the same time, King Joffrey ordered Eddard to be executed in King's Landing.[13]

Jaime's defeat and capture was a heavy loss for Lannisters, but especially for Tywin. Kevan Lannister also reports that Robert's brothers Stannis and Renly Baratheon are also claiming the throne. Kevan recommends Tywin to negotiate a truce with the Starks, but Tyrion impresses his father when he reveals that Joffrey's act destroyed a possible peace between the Starks and Lannisters. Tywin then sent every one of his advisors away except Tyrion. Tywin orders Tyrion to go to King's Landing and become the king's hand as his representative. Tywin grants him far-reaching powers, which he should use against Joffrey and, if need be, Cersei to secure the throne. Tyrion submits to his father again, but not when he orders that Tyrion should leave his whore Shae, whom he secretly takes with him to King's Landing.[14]

season 2

Tywin stops at Harrenhal when Gendry is about to be tortured. He stops this process. He also orders that the prisoners should not be killed but should be used according to their abilities. Gendry is supposed to work as a blacksmith. He takes Arya Stark as his personal cupbearer.[15] Since then she has always been with him and also talks to him, about herself and about her. He quickly finds out that she is from the north.[16] He is dissatisfied with the lords of his council of war. One of them accidentally sent a letter to a Starks henchman because he cannot read. He notices that Arya can read and is intelligent. He likes this. Lord Petyr Baelish appears. After Renly Baratheon's death, he makes the proposal to win the House of Tyrell over to the Lannisters and to conduct the negotiations himself. He also recognizes Arya Stark, but does not reveal anything. He has plans of his own.

Some time later, Tywin was talking to Arya. He tells how he made sure that his son Jaime learns to write. It was very difficult for him. Arya claims her father was a stonemason. She asks about his father. Tywin relates that this was his good but weak man. He almost destroyed the house and name. Arya steals a letter with information about her brother Robb Stark. Amory Lorch from the war council catches her with the letter, but cannot read it. Arya reaches Jaqen H'ghar just in time. This kills him at the last moment before he reaches Tywin.[3] Some time later he tells Arya that this war will decide what will remain of him as a legacy. He notices that Arya is not of ordinary origin, but of noble descent. Whether he also knows who Arya really is remains to be seen. At least he doesn't say anything about it.[17]