Time is running backwards in other universes

NASA finds a parallel universe - time is supposed to run backwards there

There are supposed to be people who sometimes wish that time would run backwards. However, this wish will probably never come true on our earth. For that you would have to live in a parallel universe. And indeed! NASA researchers now want to have discovered just such a thing - in which time really runs backwards.

Of course, this is a very bizarre and strange-seeming idea that you only really know from science fiction films. But the latest evaluations of balloon measurements in Antarctica suggest the conclusion. "The Sun" reports on it, among others.

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Peter Gorham from the University of Hawaii and his NASA colleagues took a very close look at the results of the measurements in 2016 and 2017. Now they are on the trail of a very big discovery.

In the Antarctic, the team equipped balloons with antennas and used this to collect data. The cold, clear air and the lack of civilization in the region of the South Pole make it possible to carry out sensitive measurements with the high and far-flying aerial device - without any background noise falsifying them.

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At first, the researchers were unable to properly assign the strange signals they captured. After two balloon rides, they believed that this was acoustic waste. Only after the third, when they reappeared, did they evaluate the data. The result: These are high-energy particles that were created during the Big Bang.

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There is one special feature here. These particles should not have hit Earth from space, but rather triggered in the opposite direction on Earth and from there into space. This is what "New Scientist" writes.

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The researchers therefore believe that they have found a parallel universe that could, so to speak, be the mirror image of our earth. It is said to have developed negatively after the Big Bang, which is why time should also run backwards.

Like any other thesis, this one is now being eagerly discussed in science. And of course there have also been critics who contradict the theory. Time will tell whether they are right or whether there is really some truth to them.