Is yoga a pseudoscience?

Viniyoga: Yoga as an open way

Our understanding of yoga draws from one of the great yoga traditions of India, which has managed to creatively adapt to the needs of today without losing the connection to the roots of yoga, free from acrobatics, religious references or esotericism.

We teach yoga as an open way to more health, freedom, greater serenity and better coping with life, transparently and questionable.

The focus is on the individual, their concerns and their experiences. According to his abilities and respecting his possibilities, the yoga exercises suitable for him are selected and conveyed in meaningful steps. So yoga practice can be designed appropriately for everyone. Only this selection and the competent communication of the exercise sequences create the conditions for a healthy and effective yoga practice. This approach to yoga is called Viniyoga.

Viniyoga is not a special yoga style, but the art of individually adapted, competent and creative instructing yoga exercises.

Acrobatic postures do not play a role. For us, excessive mobility or perfect body control do not represent progress in yoga.

Such an understanding of yoga cannot be taken for granted. Contrary to all experience, spectacular postures are still ascribed very special effects, often explained with the help of pseudoscience rather than on the basis of current knowledge. In the garb of yoga there is also Hindu worship of saints, religious indoctrination, the dormer of magic and plenty of esotericism. On the other hand, we rely on common sense, well-founded knowledge with the claim to transparency, questionability and reference to a humanistically shaped image of man.

The concepts of Viniyoga shape our entire work, be it in the area of ​​body, breathing or relaxation exercises, be it for teaching concentration or meditation.

This is how you recognize such a lesson

In this way, the great old tradition of yoga does justice to the changed and diverse demands of our modern society. We owe this approach to the renowned yoga teacher T.K.V. Desikachar (Chennai, South India), who for over fifty years made the innovative yoga approach of his teacher and father T. Krishnamacharya (1898-1989) known worldwide. Today T. Krishnamacharya is considered to be one of the founders of modern yoga, who had a lasting impact on the development of yoga in both India and the West in the 20th century.

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