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The revolution after 3,000 years of acupuncture

And now the incredible sensation:

Bioenergetic tests have shown that all structures (tissue and metabolism) are in order in the areas around the acupuncture points, in other words, all foreign structures can no longer stay there, i.e. environmental toxins, parasites, bacteria, borrelia, viruses, molds. Nothing can be there that does not belong in it. This is groundbreaking!

The effect is gentle, because with daily use the structures of the body are ordered for a while, which leads to that all pathogenic stress cannot remain within these structures, as they do not belong to this structure (analogous to the Chladny figures), this creates a deep and thorough cleansing and detoxification of the whole body. The structure of the tissue regains its crystalline, ordered structure: that's why I christened it “Crystal Zapper”.

Case studies:

  1. Case: I let the crystal zapper run off yesterday evening and then woke up at night with a bit of a headache and a feeling as if the whole body was fighting off an upcoming infection. Then couldn't sleep for two hours. In the morning I woke up and felt totally fit.

This is one of the most typical reactions and applications of the crystal zapper to get deep stresses out of the tissue structures and to allow them to heal.

2 case: Ever since I started using the Crystal Zapper, I had the impression that I was reliving many of my old ailments backwards, as is known from homeopathy. It then felt as if these complaints flared up briefly and then healed completely.

  1. Case: Woman with flatulence and vaginal candida infection:

She used the Crystal Zapper for a day and didn't notice any change. The next day she ran the program again and noticed a significant improvement on the third day. She resolved to continue using it.

4 case: Woman with many allergic loads. After a few Crystal Zapper applications, she temporarily experienced very strong detoxification reactions and symptoms that she had in the past for a very short time.

The strange thing about the Crystal Zapper is:

the longer you use it, the healthier you get.

Explanatory model of the mode of action:

Bioenergetic tests have repeatedly shown that all loads, if they are retested 24 hours after use, are always reduced by around 10 percent compared to the value of the previous day. This process seems to go on for a very long time. In other words, the longer it is used, the deeper the effect goes.


Every day or every second to third day that this zapper or this program is used, brings a further and deeper cleansing of the body.

It has been shown that after the grossest loads in the body can no longer be tested, for example bacteria, are generally no longer to be found because the general structure of the body has regulated itself, the next hidden places where these loads are stop, be achieved. This is called a herd.

Typical places are the intestinal pockets under the layers of feces, the paranasal sinuses, appendix, tonsils, teeth, middle ears, lymph nodes, articular cartilage (which have little blood supply). Now that the outer layers of the tissue have been arranged, it's time to turn to the deeper layers.

In a world in which the pollution and environmental toxins are increasing daily and without ceasing, we should definitely put the structures of our body back in order and promote detoxification on a daily basis.

We need to detoxify and cleanse the body all the time. The Crystal Zapper program is an ideal method for detoxifying and structuring the body deeper and deeper from within.

Let's get back to our topic of acupuncture without needles: