How can I open a massage school

How do I open my own massage studio?

Premises and purchases

If you have met the legal requirements and have acquired the appropriate massage skills, you can start your own massage studio. Of course, this requires suitable premises and professional equipment, which is associated with some costs.

With these rooms, the question arises as to whether you have the appropriate options at home or whether you have to rent a practice somewhere. Of course, this also incurs costs. It is important to get one in advance budget to be determined - necessary purchases already planned.

The internet offers numerous possibilities when it comes to finding a room. Alternatively, you can ask around at friends who work in the wellness area.

Once the right room has been found, it goes to the furnishings.

  • A basic requirement for a good massage studio is a professional massage table that can be adjusted and on which all kinds of hand movements and movements can be carried out.
  • You should also be able to offer classic full and partial body massages as well as lymphatic drainage or aromatic massages.
  • Also the ambience of the studio, for example subtle light and pleasant scents is important to give the client a cozy feel-good atmosphere to convey, because after all, the guest should come back.
  • Relaxing music is part of a massage studio - here you should find out about the fees from GEMA; Alternatively, you can go to a provider where you pay a monthly fee GEMA-free certificate paid and can play royalty-free music.

You can find more detailed information on the necessary equipment for a massage studio here, for example.