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"What influence do colors have in online marketing?"

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"Online Marketing Contribution: Colors"

Information as of March 6, 2021

Colors arouse different associations.
Depending on the country and culture, the colors are assigned a different meaning. Anyone who has to do with colors needs suitable online tools from time to time.

Source: Oberholster Venita on Pixabay


"Table of contents: colors"

"Important terms"

Yellow, red and blue are those Primary colors.

When you mix the primary colors together, the Secondary colors.

When you mix a primary color with a secondary color, arise Tertiary colors.

The CMYK color model stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key.

The RGB color model was developed for digital displays. RGB stands for the colors red, green and blue.

"The colors in detail"

In our culture the following values ​​can be assigned to the colors:

  • blue
    serious, spiritual, calming, rational, stable, divine, harmonious, calm, but also cold, excessively virtuous, factual, annoying, obscure. Relaxation, trust, calm and loyalty
  • red
    driving, strong, passionate, heating, impulsive, stimulating, active, warm, dynamic, but also strong, warning and aggressive.
  • orange
    happy, active, enjoyable, uplifting, youthful, health-promoting, vital, joyful, warm, energetic, sociable, but also cheap, intrusive and loud. Optimism, trust, but also excessive demands and physical suffering.
  • violet
    dignified, liberating, magical, creative, feminine, imaginative, selfless, sensitive, intuitive, extraordinary, but also spirituality, vanity, loneliness, arrogant, immature.
  • Bordeaux
    positive, self-confident, strong, determined, exciting, optimistic, but also dominating, aggressive, domineering, threatening.
  • pink
    approachable, gentle, approachable, not at all threatening, but also pitiful, overly cautious.
  • green
    Balancing, harmonious, fresh, closeness to nature, new beginning, hope, trust, freshness, relaxation and calm, but also inexperience and envy.
  • yellow
    Ease, bright, cheerful, warm, strengthening, cheering, optimistic, autumn, comfort, wisdom, maturity, but also cowardice, illness, egoism, betrayal and envy.
  • Gray
    serious, neutral, balanced, discreet, reserved, but also misery, desolation, non-binding, indefinite.
  • White
    serious, pure, clear, fresh, futuristic, peaceful, sincere, free, neutral, festive, but also sober, cold. Innocence and truth
  • black
    solemn, refined, idiosyncratic, sensual, straightforward, mysterious, individual, strong, dramatic, neutral, serious, but also gloomy, reserved, strict, hard, sadness, strength and death.
  • brown
    Adjustment, serenity, experience and comfort, but also the heaviness.

"How to choose colors based on a photo!"

  • Extract colors
    This tool extracts a color palette from a photo. HEX codes are written right away. JPG, PNG and GIF files are allowed as formats. The tool also creates an ASE file for Photoshop and a CSS file with the colors.
  • Generate color scheme
    A scheme of a photo can be created here, which must already be on the Internet.
    degraeve.com/color- Palette/

"Are there any useful online tools for choosing colors?"

  • Colorsystem
    There is a lot of useful color hints on this site. For example color systems in art and science, colors and cultures as well as the virtually accessible color space.
  • Design guide
    You can find further useful information at designguide.at. Priorities:
    ➤ Colors introduction
    ➤ Light / body colors
    ➤ Color systems
    ➤ Color measurement
  • Color pulses
    Farbimpulse, the online magazine for colors in science and practice, has dedicated itself entirely to the topic of colors.
  • Web color trainer
    Learn how to determine web colors and how the individual web color systems relate to each other.
  • HEX 2 RGBA Color Calculator (E)
    Here you get a very practical tool for converting the color codes.
  • Hixle (E)
    This server offers tons of color and design inspiration.
  • More tools
    all about colors and fonts.

Color gradient => gradient

  • Gradient generator
    To create a color gradient, you can either set the desired colors with the sliders, select them with a mouse click or enter them directly as a hex value.
  • Two-tone
    You may want to use the same color tone for all of the images on your website. This online tool is suitable for this.
  • Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator (E)
    Create your own color gradients with the sophisticated CSS generator. You will receive the CSS code for your website.
  • CSS Gradient (E)
    CSS Gradient is a small website and free tool that you can use to create a gradient background for websites. In addition to the fact that it is a CSS gradient generator, the website is also packed full of colorful content, from gradients from technical articles to real gradient examples like Stripe and Instagram.

"More tips"

  • Less is more
    Don't use too many colors; work with color palettes. The use of too many colors makes a design restless and confusing.
  • contrast
    Make sure there is good contrast between the text and the background. If you want to sell something, the clear legibility of the text is the first priority.

"The video"

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