Can i make my own balloons

Shape are socially, ecologically environmentally conscious, professional in XXL photo printing, experienced in advertising printing and individual like you!

  • Social: With us you buy and print balloons with social responsibility, because we are a recognized workshop for people with disabilities (WfbM).
  • Environmentally friendly: Our balloons are made of 100% natural latex and are 100% biodegradable.
  • Professional: We offer the best print quality - precise and perfectly fitting.
  • Experienced: We have had expertise in balloon printing for over 40 years.
  • Excellent: The consumer protection agency Niedersachsen e.V. has awarded our shop with the grade "very good".
  • Strong communication skills: Balloons are the ideal advertising medium with a luck factor.
  • Individually: Do you want it to be particularly personal? Simply design your own balloons online with your logo or individual print in our print designer!
  • Checked: Our balloons are nitrosamine-free and Intertek-approved.
  • Fair quality:Our balloons come from EU production or are FSC® and Fair Rubber certified

Whether as professional advertising for companies, as a suitable decoration for marriage proposals, engagement parties and weddings or birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations in the annual cycle such as New Year's Eve and Halloween - with individually designed balloons the decoration is always appropriate to the occasion. You can easily create and buy your own personal balloon online in the balloon printer's balloon shop, whether you only need individual versions or even an entire balloon set.

Balloon advertising - a well-rounded affair

The balloon printers belong to the non-profit Westeifel Werke GmbH, a state-approved workshop for people with disabilities. In the balloon printing shop with an attached balloon shop, where you can buy balloons online, we have been producing, among other things, for over 40 years. professionally printed balloons for advertising. If you buy balloons in the balloon printer for advertising purposes, you can be sure that your logos and lettering are perfectly positioned. Thanks to their effectiveness, balloon advertising becomes child's play. Individual balloons or advertising balloons, heart balloons, balloon invitations etc. are printed precisely by our balloon printing company using specially developed printing machines. In the balloon printer's balloon shop, in addition to the balloons, you can also buy the matching balloon accessories, such as air pumps in various designs, LED lamps and holding rods for balloons or balloon strings.

Since we are a non-profit organization and people with disabilities print the balloons for us, only the reduced VAT rate applies for advertising balloons etc. from our balloon shop. Before you buy balloons in the balloon printer, you can find out more about the colorful world of balloons, such as B. heart balloons, foil balloons, giant balloons, balloons for special occasions etc. and professional printing (for example in relation to balloon advertising). In addition to advertising balloons, you can also get a heart balloon as a gift or several heart balloons in a set for decoration for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, marriage proposals or the like. to buy. All balloons that we print and offer in the balloon shop of our balloon printer (heart balloon, foil balloon, etc.) are of high quality and made in Europe. In our balloon shop you always buy balloons of the best balloon printer quality.

The contact persons at our balloon printing shop will be happy to help you choose the right balloons that you would like to have printed - whether heart balloon, standard balloon, advertising balloon, balloons for carnival or much more.

The history of the balloon

The balloons are round and colorful and fascinate young and old. The history of balloons shows that balloons have a long tradition: Long before the invention of the balloon, the Incas knew about the use of rubber for everyday use. They tapped the latex trees and let the sap flow into hollowed-out pumpkins - from which people later make balloons. The latex sealed the pumpkins, and articles of daily use for the transport of beverages and other liquids were created. The children discovered very quickly that one could also play wonderfully with the dried latex covers, which already had the first resemblance to the balloons. This is how the forerunners of the balloons as we know them today came about. The development of the balloons continued. With the beginning of the industrial age in England, Professor Michael Farraday at the Royal Institute in London made the first latex balloons in 1824, which he used for experiments with hydrogen. J.G. Ingram first produced vulcanized balloons in London in 1847, which were more heat-resistant and dimensionally stable - the prototypes of modern balloons. Today the balloon is not only used as a toy, it has also developed into a popular and inexpensive advertising medium.

With balloons, the right product for every occasion

Discover the colorful variety of balloons and thus the right product for every occasion! Balloons have a very special effect. Regardless of whether you have advertising balloons with your own personal print or unprinted balloons, heart balloons, red, yellow, blue, green, metallic, crystal-colored balloons, balloons for weddings, balloons for birthdays, balloons for anniversaries, New Year's parties or Halloween Celebration balloons for all occasions as well as festivals in the annual cycle and much more m., with us you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. In our balloon shop you can order the items you want online immediately. The multitude of possible payment methods transforms your purchase in our Westeifel Werke balloon shop into a comfortable experience. With our balloon designer, you are able to place your own ideas, graphics and advertising directly on the balloon, so that you can immediately see what your finished dream balloon will look like. You can design your balloon yourself completely freely and conveniently online. With us you will find individually printed advertising balloons at a low price! Give your advertising that special touch and hand in your business card. Advertising balloons will delight your small and large customers. Wherever there are balloons, attention is guaranteed. You can achieve the optimal effect with little effort! Balloons are a sympathetic advertising medium for young and old. There is probably no one who can escape the magic of the round, colorful balloons. You can get latex balloons in more than 80 colors from 10 cm to 90 cm in diameter. We supply the following three qualities: standard balloons - crystal balloons - metallic balloons

The product: Our balloons are made of 100% natural latex. The latex for the balloons is obtained from the rubber tree and is a purely natural product that is vulcanized by adding less than 0.1% sulfur. The dyes used for balloon production are food safe. Balloons are biodegradable just by developing heat and sunlight.

We print balloons

Many people are amazed to learn that every single balloon is inflated before it is printed. In the past, we have impressively demonstrated our capabilities when it comes to balloon printing. Example: balloons for the company Ratiopharm. The Westeifel Werke has been supplying the balloons for various campaigns for several years. For the German Pharmacy Day, a 3 million edition of balloons was required, which was distributed to 1,800 pharmacies across Germany.

The challenge: We only had 3 weeks from placing the order for the balloons to delivering the balloons. The timing: From the procurement of the raw materials for the balloons to the repro work to the balloon print sample and the series, the balloon printers only needed 16 working days. In addition to the printing, our disabled employees in production also carried out the individual packaging service carefully and quickly. The conclusion: Despite tight timing, it was a great success for us and our customers. One more reason to face such challenges with balloon printing again in the future. Everything conceivable is also feasible (Albert Einstein).

The non-profit Westeifel Werke are your partner for unusual advertising ideas. Can you imagine almost anything about balloons? We can make almost any of your ideas about balloons come true. The Westeifel Werke are your partner when it comes to responding to your extraordinary wishes. Competent, reliable and with the experience of over 30 years of balloon printing technology. As a medium-sized company for which the term "service" has a real meaning.

With us you count on

  • Flexibility - for lively balloon advertising that is convincing.
  • Speed ​​- for orders that arrive on time.
  • Innovations - for balloon ideas that simply surprise.
  • Competence - for every desired order volume
  • Customer proximity - for personal and comprehensive advice

We know - balloons in screen printing

With screen printing, the color is transferred to the balloons through a fine mesh made of metal, silk or plastic. The mesh openings of the fabric are open at the printing points and thus color permeable. At the non-printing areas they are closed and so color-impermeable. The printing process of the balloons consists in that the printing ink is pressed with a squeegee through the openings of the screen into the balloons below.

Precisely fitting pressure on balloons: Perfection is required in order to optimally stage your balloon advertising. Did you know that we can print your logos on the balloons in multiple colors, almost exactly? As a specialist in multi-color printing, we look forward to challenges. Our balloon printing center in Hermesdorf is located in the middle of the beautiful Eifel landscape near Bitburg. The most modern printing systems for screen printing are located in our factory on an area of ​​several thousand square meters.

In our balloon shop you will find balloons in more than 80 colors and 15 sizes, as well as accessories. The balloons can be ordered immediately with your individual imprint. You can select the balloon colors and sizes directly, upload your desired imprint and complete your order immediately.

In addition to the balloons, you will find numerous great game ideas, decorations, decoration sets and handicraft ideas with balloons in our balloon shop. Ideal for the birthday or children's party. Balloons - inexpensive, easy and quick. Do you have any questions, suggestions or ideas about balloons? Send us an email. You are also welcome to send us photos of your balloon event.

We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to gas-filled balloons. You can also get fixed fasteners with a strap from us. This means that the gas-filled balloon can be closed with a single movement.

Origin, production and storage

Balloons that are printed at the Westeifel Werke are made of natural rubber, come exclusively from European production and comply with the strictest guidelines. The colors used for the print are food colors. However, balloons should be kept away from small children, as there is a risk that they will swallow a balloon or parts of a burst balloon. Children under the age of 8 could choke on inflated or burst balloons. Adult supervision is required in all cases. In general, balloons should be kept away from the eyes. We therefore recommend using a balloon pump to inflate the balloons.

Storage: Balloons should be stored in a cool, dry place. In summer they should be protected from excessive heat (> 50 ° C) and direct sunlight. In winter, frozen balloons may need to be warmed to room temperature before use.