Where do restaurants buy their products


There are two main reasons for the trend towards convenience products: On the one hand, convenience items are becoming more and more valuable, and on the other hand, the pressure on costs and efficiency is increasing in the catering kitchens. Our claim: A high-quality convenience product must be at least as good as it is homemade.


Schnitzel & Co

Schnitzeln and cordon bleus are the classics of Austrian cuisine and are therefore fixed stars on most of the country's menus. With our Sonntag brand we have set new quality standards, because our Sonntag schnitzel and cordon bleus look and taste like they were homemade.


Meat & poultry specialties

Whether burger patties, spare ribs, beef roulade or fully cooked turkey schnitzel: We have tested and tasted all convenience specialties several times. This gives you the security of knowing that only high-quality products are served to your guests.


Vegetarian specialties

Healthy cuisine and convenience go hand in hand, we provide the proof. In our convenience range you will find a wide variety of vegetable strudel and vegetable patty made from different, tasty recipes. Your guests will appreciate the variety. The baked cheeses are not particularly healthy, but extremely delicious.


Dumpling specialties

Whether savory filled dumplings, dumplings as a side dish or sweet dumplings - we have them in our program. So if you like to serve your guests dumplings, you are in the best of hands with us.


Pasta specialties

Tortelloni, ravioli, lasagna, cheese noodles, gnocchi, spaetzle, potato noodles or pre-cooked pasta - KRÖSWANG brings them all. Like all items, our pasta specialties for the catering industry are strictly quality-tested. In addition to the standard range, we offer particularly high-quality pasta under the KRÖSWANG Royal brand. These articles have all the characteristics of a handcrafted product: seductive look and overwhelming taste.


Potato specialties

We not only offer french fries in all variations, you can do a lot more with potatoes. For example croquettes in different variations, crispy hash browns, high-quality potato gratins or spicy potato pockets. Or as an innovative alternative to classic fries, spicy grid fries or curly fries.