How does the harvest of geothermal energy work

How does hydrothermal geothermal energy work?

Many experts believe that the age of fossil fuels is slowly but surely drawing to a close. With hydrothermal geothermal energy, however, there is an alternative in which you can make use of the warmth of the earth. The temperature of the water at depths of 2,000 to 4,000 kilometers is used for this purpose. It can be used either to generate electricity or to heat heating water. Ideally, it is a closed circuit.

Advantages that hydrothermal geothermal energy offers

The main advantages of hydrothermal geothermal energy are sustainability. Regardless of whether you use thermal water fields or hydrothermal hot and dry steam deposits, the energy is always taken from the interior of the earth. In the case of a thermal water field, the water is always returned to the same layer from which it was taken. This form of hydrothermal geothermal energy is the most common variant among geothermal heat pumps in Germany to generate electricity or energy for heating.

How to use hydrothermal geothermal energy for electricity and heating

If you want to use hydrothermal geothermal energy, two holes are necessary. One of the wells pumps the thermal water, which is between 40 and 100 degrees Celsius, out of the earth. A heat exchanger ensures that heat for generating electricity or heating is extracted from the constantly circulating water. Cooled in this way, it is conducted back into the earth's interior. Forecasts assume that in Germany alone all of the energy required for electricity and heating could easily be obtained from hydrothermal geothermal energy.