Why is the Apple HomePod so expensive

Apple: Repairing the Homepod Mini is almost as expensive as buying a new one

There may be many areas in which Apple has a dominant role, but the smart speaker category is not one of them. Or at least: not yet. With the Homepod Mini, Apple now wants to gain a foothold in this sector, and thus become a real competitor for Amazon and Google.


Whether this will be successful remains to be seen, but one thing is already clear: repairing such a device hardly pays off for customers - at least after the warranty has expired. As can be seen from a support document, Apple estimates it 90.60 euros. Given a new purchase price of around 100 euros, this is a very limited and tempting option.


The Homepod Mini is the first smart loudspeaker from Apple that is in a price range similar to that of the competition. Functionally, however, it is considerably more limited than the comparable Amazon Echo and Nest Audio. It can only be used in conjunction with an iPhone or iPad, while the two top dogs try to reach the broadest possible target audience.

Initial tests of the Homepod Mini were rather mixed. While some see this as the ideal choice for Apple users, others complain about the weaker sound compared to the competition and the fact that Siri can neither keep up with Alexa nor with the Google Assistant. For Austrian users, this is all rather theoretical anyway, as the loudspeaker is not officially sold in this country. (red, 11/13/2020)