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Kim Kardashian is a billionaire thanks to underwear labels

Even Corona and the (filed) divorce from Kanye West have so far done little to the Kim Kardashian empire. The net worth of the social media star, who became known with the TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", has exceeded the billion mark, according to Forbes, and Kim Kardashian's net worth was $ 780 million last fall. The 40-year-old ranks 2,674 on the list of the world's wealthiest people. Rank. The American woman's rapid success is mainly due to her cosmetics company KKW Beauty, founded in 2017, and the underwear label Skims, which was launched in 2019.

Last year, the US cosmetics group Coty got involved in the social media star's beauty company and acquired 20 percent of KKW Beauty for $ 200 million. The Skims label, on the other hand, demonstrated flexibility during the Corona crisis: Kardashian and her business partner Jens Grede have expanded the shapewear range to include comfortable loungewear in recent months. This decision seems to have been worth it. In the crisis year 2020, Kim Kardashian's company had a turnover of 145 million dollars.

The label had responded to the changing needs of consumers from the start. Skims focuses on a diverse female clientele: the minimalist underwear is available in nine colors (skin tones) and nine sizes. The figurehead of the underwear label, in whose orientation Kanye West was also involved at the beginning, is Kim Kardashian. With her curved body, she has significantly shaped the ideal of beauty for many women.

Kim Kardashian is not the first member of the Kardashian clan to be declared a billionaire by Forbes. In 2019, the magazine listed Kim's half-sister Kylie Jenner as a billionaire, last year "Forbes" withdrew the ranking: The cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics was "significantly smaller and less profitable" than previously communicated.

In the case of Kim Kardashian's company, on the other hand, there seems to be no end to growth in sight for the time being. Although the reality series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", which made the Kardashians and their family rich and famous, runs out after 20 seasons this year, the next show is already in the starting blocks: in 2021, the clan will get one at the streaming provider Hulu new show. (red, April 12th, 2021)