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Witcher mentality in real life - effect?

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Well Geralt is not really emotionless, if he were he would not have pity on various monsters, and would just kill them, and if he had no feelings, the fates, his friends and those of his enemies would not matter to him!

he would not get upset about the war of Foltest he is waging because of his children, but kill the soldiers, knights and Arian, but Geralt is not a terminator nor a machine!

Do you know the movie Equelebrium ?, in a gloomy future after the Third World War, emotions are forbidden and a drug called "Quelebrium" is injected into people so that they have no emotions, everyone has an identical life, except for a handful of hippies In spite of the fact that their emotions are alive they are mercilessly hunted and burned!


Equilibrium, an elaborate science fiction thriller in a classic guise, is a successful reminder of moralistic fables such as Fahrenheit 451. In the context of the story, humanity is in a state of severe emotional oppression after the Third World War: if nobody feels anything, neither is anyone influenced by dark passions that drive him to attack his neighbor.

Director and author Kurt Wimmer's monochromatic cityscape, inspired by Metropolis, provides an ideal background for the difficult missions of John Preston (Christian Bale), an excellent police officer who dives into "emotional criminals" and weed out sentimental, sensual and artistic relics of a bygone era. Predictably, Preston develops a fascination for his victims and those things for whose worship they are willing to die. He refrains from taking his obligatory mind numbing drug and also feels drawn to a convicted prison inmate (Emily Watson).

Wimmer's twisted scenes of martial arts and shootouts seem downright silly (although fighting over a puppy isn't exactly helpful), but Equilibrium should be watched for Bale's moving portrayal of a man suddenly faced with human emotions again. --Tom Keogh
Geralt could never suppress or control his emotions like that!
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