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German WhatsApp group: Join 1000 WhatsApp groups in 2021

German WhatsApp group: Hi folks, Welcome back to WP kaka. This time we're back again with a number of WhatsApp groups where you can find all of the WhatsApp groups related to the German language.

If you are from Germany and speak the German language, join these groups by simply clicking on the group link below.

This will redirect you to your WhatsApp messenger and you can share your WhatsApp groups with us using the comment box below and we will add your group to our list.

Before joining any of these groups, make sure you have read the group rules.

WhatsApp German group rules:

  • Only join these groups if you are from Germany
  • give respect and take respect from group members
  • Do not send personal messages to group members without their permission
  • Stay active in these German groups
  • Do not keep sharing repeated messages in these groups.
  • Do not send personal messages to members of the group without their permission
  • No dissemination of content for adults in these German groups
  • Don't spam these groups with unnecessary messages
  • For further rules for these groups, please contact the group administrator after you have joined them

How do I join these WhatsApp groups

I've seen a lot of people who don't know how to join a WhatsApp group with the help of the WhatsApp group invite link and they ask others to join them with their phone number.

Sometimes some people take this number and send them messages. So I explain below how you can join these WhatsApp groups without revealing your phone number. You can register using the list of links below.

  • First, select the WhatsApp group you want to join from the group list below.
  • After selecting the groups, simply click on the group link and you will be taken to your WhatsApp Messenger.
  • In WhatsApp Messenger you will be presented with two options:
    • to join a group
    • Cancel
  • Just click on the Join Group option and you are in the group.
  • When the group is full, it says the group is full and you cannot join the group
  • If the group admin changed their group's group invite link, it will show that the group invite link has been revoked

So check:

German WhatsApp group

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