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What press work means for founders and what it does well

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Information overload: This is how today's journalist works

Twitter, Facebook, newsfeeds - while journalists used to get their information almost exclusively from news agencies and press releases, today the opportunities for information access and press work are significantly greater. In the so-called "flood of information", it is often no longer possible for journalists to read all e-mails and keep track of all press releases. For press work, this means: follow up, draw attention and not get on your nerves. Everything together makes for good press work out.

It is therefore important to put yourself in the shoes of a journalist when doing press work and ask yourself:

  • What is really relevant?
  • How do I package my information in an exciting way?
  • And how do I present my content clearly?
  • How do I get to the heart of the facts?
  • What additional information (photos, product samples, etc.) does the journalist need to know everything important about my news?

So-called news factors can be helpful for good press work. They are scientifically researched factors that identify what makes a report newsworthy for journalists. For the press work of start-ups and founders, these can be, for example, the factors curiosity, benefit or proximity. This means that news value is already given with a particularly creative product or a new store opening. For regional media, for example, the "proximity" factor is only present because there is a new company in the region.

"Personalization" and "Identification" are also important factors. That means if you have a certain name in the region or in a scene, or if you offer something that many people can identify with, you have already fulfilled a news value. Before you communicate information through press work, therefore always consider: What is the news value and who do you want to address with your message?

Possibilities and instruments for press work

The classic tool of press work is the press release, i.e. written information that is sent to various media representatives. A press release as a means of press work is always suitable when a large target group is to be reached via a press distribution list. The news therefore appeals to a large number of people. In the case of large events, it is also advisable to organize a press conference as part of press work. This is conceivable, for example, at a production opening or a product presentation, where the journalists not only need information, but can also see, smell or touch something. During a tour of the new production facility, you can take your own photos and collect impressions - this brings diversity to the press work on the relevant topic.

For good press work, however, it is not only important to have a wide range of topics, but also to maintain individual contacts. Through exclusive interviews, background discussions with individual journalists, visits to the editorial staff or networking at events, you can build up a personal relationship with journalists and benefit from the contacts for your press work in the long term. Press work can also be expanded through media cooperation. This includes, for example, editorial guest articles or reciprocal links on the homepage to thematically appropriate pages.

Use our guidelines on press relations to communicate professionally with journalists. There we clarify the 21 most important questions about PR at a glance.

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Which aspects make a good press kit

Regardless of whether you have invited press representatives yourself or are going to a trade fair or event where you can meet press representatives - this is where the press kit comes into play as a component of press work. The purpose of press kits is to provide press representatives with information as simply and clearly as possible. A press kit consists of printed facts with digital attachments (CD or USB stick). Always make sure that the documents in your press work have a clear and, above all, uniform appearance.

A press kit contains various documents that support your press work. When you open it, it is important to first offer a table of contents so that the journalist can get an overview and, if necessary, skip content that is not relevant. Immediately after the table of contents - in descending order - press releases should follow. Depending on the topic, a press release is of course sufficient, as always with press work: less is more.

In any case, your press kit should also provide a clear document with general information about your company. Especially with start-ups it is relevant that the media representatives can get an idea:

  • When did you start your company?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • What is the basic idea of ​​the company?

As a means of press work, question-and-answer sheets may also be useful in order to make this information clear.

Additional material in the press kit for good press work

In addition to the content-related documents, a press kit also includes images and additional material. You can enclose pictures of employees, products or the company building on a CD or USB stick. When doing press work, make sure that the names are meaningful and, if necessary, include the images twice: once in printable quality and once in preview quality.

Additional material can be, for example, an interview with the managing director or the person responsible / developer of a new product. Quotations, biographies, statistics or fact sheets on products can also be included as an element of the press work. Last but not least, your contact details or those of the press relations representative should of course not be missing - ideally in the form of a classic business card that is clipped to the folder.

What is important for press work on the website

The figurehead for your press work is your website. The same applies here as in all areas of public relations: Make it as easy as possible for journalists. Set up your own "Press" subpage where journalists can find all the information about your company. In addition to all press releases (sorted chronologically in descending order), this also includes a section with high-resolution photos that journalists can download.

Show your face - introduce the contact person (s) for press work with a photo and contact details on your side. Also provide an overview of general facts about the company.

The press release is an important tool in press work. In order to write a press release in a media-friendly and efficient manner, you should know a few basic rules. For example, you should start the press release with the W questions. Avoid technical terms and try to formulate sentences that are as simple as possible.

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The basics of press work

We have put together basic elements for your press work in further chapters:

Press work as part of public relations

After you have learned how good public relations work, you can read more about other public relations tools here.

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