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"Play high - win flat": This district league lookalike makes heads buzz

The instruction "play with your head" was probably not meant by the coaches of Birmingham City and FC Barnsley from the English Championship as literally as they put their players on the field in this crazy scene. See for yourself and be amazed how the kickers of the two teams carry the pill through the air for what feels like an eternity.

Knew how!Birmingham and Barnsley with tactical finesse

Every amateur kicker has a heartbeat in this game. 22 men chase after a ball that is constantly flying back and forth. You maneuver the ball awkwardly - but unerringly - always to the opposing team, only to get it back immediately. Ball control is a foreign word, as is precision. A couple of guys from the second team are shouting at the edge with a beer in each hand the well-known district league phrases.Ok, caught. We wrote the last point about it. But in relation to the almost one-minute spectacle on the lawn Little separates the players of Birmingham and Barnsley from the heroes of amateur football on the muddy ground of the district sports facility.

What emerges from a tee shot by Barnsley FC quickly turns into absolute chaos. After thirty ball losses and countless headers - even Barnsley keeper Collins works his header game into the scene - the hustle and bustle ends exactly where it started. But enough of the words, lean back and watch the masterpiece in full length.

By the way: It is particularly bitter for Birmingham. Without a single shot on goal - yes, the tackle-free kick at the end of the video is one of the most dangerous finishes - the "Blues" have to lose the game 0: 1 and are only in 21st place ten games before the end of the season.

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