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Use substitute forms for the subjunctive I.

Laura passes on what Melanie has told her to her friend Marie. However, it is using the wrong form.

If verbatim speech is reproduced, one must use the indirect speech to use. In Laura's case, however, it is not possible to tell which shape it is. You would therefore have to choose one of the Choices decide.

How would you decide in Melanie's position?

Substitute form with the subjunctive II

If you need to replace the subjunctive, your first choice should always be the Future fall.
While the subjunctive I is derived from the indicative present tense (normal form in the present), you have to use the Derive subjunctive II from the indicative past tense (Normal form in the simple past).

Here is a small overview of the different endings in the subjunctive II:

Infinitive: come

Indicative past tense Future
I came I came
you came you would come
he came he would come
we came we would come
you came you would come
they came they would come

Indicative:Patrick says: "You are welcome to come to us."
Subjunctive I: Patrick says they like to come to you.

Indicative and subjunctive are the same and cannot be distinguished.

Substitute form with subjunctive II:Patrick says they'd love to come to you.

Substitute form with "would"

Sometimes subjunctive forms sound very dated and probably very weird to you.

Then you can Substitute form with "would" to use.

Here is a brief overview of the conjugation of "would":

Conjugation of "would"
I would
you would
he would
we would
you would
they would

Indicative:Patrick says: "You like to bake cookies."
Subjunctive I:Patrick says they bake cookies.

Indicative and subjunctive are the same and cannot be distinguished.

Possibility Number 1:
Substitute form with subjunctive II:

Patrick says they like to make cookies.

This form is no longer used and sounds weird.

Option 2:
Substitute form with "would":

Patrick says they'd like to bake cookies.

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If subjunctive I = indicative, then:
1. Substitute form with Future
2. Substitute form with "would"
This applies above all to the verb forms in the subjunctive I for:
“I”, “we”, “they (plural)”.

You can also find all information about the subjunctive in the following video: