How was your first day in ISRO

Tarek Müller from About You: "In the long term, e-commerce will make up 50% of the fashion market"

As the founding team, however, before the company was founded, we invested a great deal of time in negotiating “rules of the game” with the Otto Group. I think it was time well spent. We enjoy a great deal of freedom, but at the same time the Otto Group can be sure that a certain framework will be adhered to. In addition, we invested quite a large amount ourselves, so we are also shareholders of ABOUT YOU ourselves and are therefore very entrepreneurially incentivized. This applies in both directions, by the way - we not only win when things go well, but we could also have lost a lot of money if things had gone wrong. So we founders were always in the same boat, also financially. I think that helps. In addition, there are countless other factors. To list everything would go beyond the scope. In the end, however, it certainly always depends on the people you deal with. We were very lucky with our advisory board. Rainer Hillebrand, Deputy CEO of the Otto Group, has been our contact person and advisory board chairman since day 1. He always supported us, advised us and had our backs when the headwind in the group got too big. That was very important, especially at the beginning. Also on our advisory board are Florian Heinemann (Project A) and Christian Leybold (eVentures). I couldn't think of a better combination for a startup like ABOUT YOU.