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Advantages and disadvantages of a pool cover

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Pool roofing - for and against

Guest article by Nina von Alukov. Pool enclosures are usually made of aluminum. Lightweight and durable pool enclosures can have many useful benefits. This will depend on the preferences of each homeowner as canopies are not necessarily the best idea for all swimming pools. This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of a pool enclosure, as well as the costs.

Advantages of a pool enclosure

When most people think about a pool enclosure, one of the first reasons they want a pool enclosure is often: "It keeps the bugs and leaves out". This reason alone is one of the main advantages of a roof. But there are many more reasons how a pool enclosure can improve your swimming and outdoor experience. Let's take a look at some of these benefits.

Child safety: Helps to better protect children and keep them in sight.
More shade: The glass of the pool roof lets in a lot of sunlight and still prevents direct sunlight. This light filter quality is not only healthier than being in the sun, it is also more comfortable.
Leaves and the like: Another big advantage. No leaves!
the atmosphere: Creates a sense of privacy or personal space.
Insects and other rodents: The roof provides excellent protection against bugs, mice, insects and most other pests.

What is to be considered?

While the benefits of pool enclosures are very tempting, there are other factors that need to be considered. This includes landscape / terrace configuration, location, costs and personal preferences.

Landscape and terrace configuration: What is the size of the general pool area and the area to be enclosed?
Location: Significance of the location, extensive open space or are there many deciduous trees?
Personal preferences: Many people enjoy the open tropical paradise of a pool. Others prefer a demarcation or protection that surrounds the swimming area.
costs: The costs vary depending on the contractor, size and design. This can be between 5 and 15 euros per square meter of material. The average costs are between 6,000 and 12,000 euros for a roof of average to medium size. Both prefabricated constructions and custom-made construction options are available.

Disadvantages of a pool cover

Pool canopies are not always suitable. They can require frequent maintenance. Here are some examples:

Damaged or broken canopies: The glass needs to be replaced. The elevations are located directly above the pool. The glass over the pool may be difficult to replace and may require scaffolding over the pool.
It is a kind of "cage": Although the benefit of canopy is a feeling of privacy, someone might feel like they are "locked in". But there are also pool canopies with sliding doors so that this feeling can be remedied if necessary.

Wind and weather resistance of an aluminum roof

The frame of the aluminum structure is almost not stressed by strong wind. When properly secured and anchored, the frame will absorb a lot of wind before damage or failure occurs.

The panels rarely need to be replaced due to cracks or cracks in the panes or the evaporation of pool chemicals. The pre-painted aluminum will last for years before it has to be repainted.

Made-to-measure pool cover

A few reasons were given in favor of pool enclosures. Most pool covers can also be made to measure and are therefore perfectly tailored to your pool. There are also different designs from flat to high in a wide variety of structures and shapes in order to find an optimal solution for every customer. Thus, depending on the weather and temperature, the pool can remain closed, fully or partially opened.


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