What are some major sins

The seven deadly sins

According to a commentary on the first season DVD, some of the main characters are based on the seven deadly sins. In fact, this is true of at least some aspects of the characters' personalities.

The seven "roots" of deadly sins are:

  • pride (Arrogance, vanity, lust for fame)
  • Avarice (Greed, greed)
  • envy (Resentment, jealousy)
  • anger (Anger, retribution, vengeance)
  • Lust (Unchastity, lustfulness)
  • gluttony (Gluttony, intemperance, excess, selfishness)
  • inertia of the heart / mind (laziness)

Arrogance (Sandy)

Sandy is portrayed as a tough extreme athlete in several episodes:

  • In the episode Just Dreamed, SpongeBob catches her daring a risky parachute jump from 35,000 meters in her dream.
  • In the episode Up to Exhaustion, Sandy wants to do a lot of extreme sports before starting winter sports.
  • In the episode Squirrel Records, she tries to break as many records as possible.

Sandy is also very convinced of her scientific skills and karate skills.

However, Squidward is also very convinced of his artistic, musical and dancing talent.

Plankton also repeatedly develops malicious plans, which ultimately all fail.

  • Sandy's dangerous fall from a height of 35,000 meters

  • Sandy is not afraid of extreme sports

  • Sandy wants to break risky records

Avarice (Mr. Krabs)

Avarice applies fully to Mr. Krabs. He loves money and is always trying to protect it. In the episode Krabs vs. Plankton, he can't watch a $ 1 bill being destroyed by a blender. In the episode The Sixteenth Birthday, he is initially too stingy to buy a "real" present for his daughter Perla. In the episode Stingy Remains Stingy, he even sells SpongeBob, "his best burger roast", for 62 cents. In the episode The Ghosts of Bikini Bottom, he can't watch a $ 1 bill being burned. In the accident, he almost bursts into tears when he has to pay Squidward a dollar in damages.

  • Mr. Krabs trades SpongeBob for 62 cents

  • Mr. Krabs is trying to save the $ 1 bill

Envy (plankton)

Envy or jealousy applies to plankton. He only tries to get the Krabby Patty formula because he is jealous of Mr. Krabs ’success.

More rarely, this deadly sin can be found in Mr. Krabs whenever a competitor is one step ahead of him.

Thaddäus ’relationship with his rival Siegbert Schnösel is also worth mentioning.

Anger (squidward)

The grumpy squid can easily be enraged. Most of all his neighbors SpongeBob and Patrick get on his nerves, who often drive him to outbursts of anger. It is astonishing that Squidward could not do without them. In the episode Das Tentakel-Paradies he finally lives in a place according to his ideas, but he quickly gets bored there and he wants to go again.

He doesn't like it at all if the people of Bikini Bottom don't appreciate his talent. In the episode Culture Shock, he is upset that everyone applauds SpongeBob, but not him.

  • Squidward shows SpongeBob how to explode

  • Squidward is mad at his neighbors

Lust ("SpongeBob")

Lust is most likely to apply to SpongeBob, but since SpongeBob SquarePants is a series suitable for children and therefore contains no or hardly any elements and sexual references that are harmful to minors, this is as good as impossible.
There is an article here on the question of whether SpongeBob is homosexual.

Gluttony (Gary)

Contrary to the obvious theory that Patrick is primarily attributed to this mortal sin, in reality it is more true of SpongeBob's pet, Gary. In fact, the snail goblet devours large amounts of food in a short period of time in several episodes. All examples are listed below:

  • In the episode The Essay, SpongeBob needs a ladder to fill Gary's bowl with a huge serving of snail food. Even though Gary said he wasn't hungry, he still eats it all up in one bite.
  • In the episode Did You See That Snail? Gary is fattened by an elderly lady without even realizing it. When he realized it, he got so fat that the belt around his stomach burst open and a pile of fat broke through his shell.
  • In the episode Itchy, Gary frees all of Bikini Bottom's residents from scabies by eating them up.
  • In the episode WasBob WoKopf? Desperately looking for SpongeBob, SpongeBob leaves Gary with an annual ration of snail food and leaves town. When Sandy and Patrick search for SpongeBob, they find a huge Gary who has eaten everything and has put on so much weight that he is unable to move and makes tortured noises. Proof that his voracity seems to know no bounds.

An episode that shows how much Gary likes snail food is provided by Schneckerlis. There he shows SpongeBob a lot of spectacular tricks to get another of the coveted snail bites. When the package is finally empty, he meows incessantly and slowly drives his master crazy.

In addition, it is often mentioned that SpongeBob has to go to feed his snail. If that doesn't happen, Gary may simply eat the sofa, as happens in the episode Moby Muschel.

  • If Gary can't find food, the sofa will serve

  • Gary put on weight significantly

  • Gary ate an annual ration of snail food

Indolence (patrick)

This is Patrick's mortal sin. He is mostly portrayed as either stupid or lazy. In the episode Fat, Pink and Stupid, he wins the prize for doing nothing. He also doesn't think much of order in the house, since in the episode souvenirs you can see how full his house is.

The starfish can also be seen several times as it sleeps and almost nothing can wake it up. This happens in the episode The Secret Box and the second SpongeBob movie.

But SpongeBob is not infallible here either. In the episode The Essay, he avoids an important task and passes the time with other things.

  • Patrick happily holds his trophy in his hands while doing nothing

  • Although Patrick collects souvenirs, he doesn't think much of spring cleaning

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